(SUB) ASMR 같이 전화하면서 잘래? :: 숨소리 Breathing Sounds | Korean male 한국어 남자asmr

(SUB) ASMR 같이 전화하면서 잘래? :: 숨소리 Breathing Sounds | Korean male 한국어 남자asmr

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Hello ? Hmm.. You took the call~ You still haven’t slept? What are you doing ? Trying to sleep? Me too. I laid down to sleep After lying in bed I wanted to hear your voice. I called you because I wanted to fall asleep while being on the phone with you~ I’m sleepy… Don’t end the call Let’s fall asleep while calling each other Hm.. Good night~

100 thoughts on “(SUB) ASMR 같이 전화하면서 잘래? :: 숨소리 Breathing Sounds | Korean male 한국어 남자asmr”

  1. (Sorry I don't know korean that well..) Ive been listening to this video for the past week and it's been helping me sleep. I'm used to my boyfriend sleeping with me but we broke up. This is helping a lot. You should do it again sometime. Thank you so much.

  2. Am I the only one who think’s he look’s like Jin from Bts?

    Note: lol, Idk why but he look’s a lot like Jin I don’t even know why but nice video

  3. Bro this actually knocked me tf out last night, and at some point i felt like someone was hugging me for some reason so it scared me so i woke up but immediately went back to sleep. 😂

  4. I fall for someone by voice. Ahh that's not good! No really, you must know, you have a beautiful and calm voice. Just call me one day okay? Haha nono just kidding. I used this video to fall asleep and it really helped. I slept deep for over 9 hours. How is this even possible just by following someones breathing haha. Thank you for doing it.

  5. Ever since I was little I’ve had a hard time falling asleep on my own. So, when I found like this a month ago, I’ve used it every single night to help me sleep. I fall asleep before the video even ends. So I thank you for making this

  6. My bf is busy we have different time zones he always is with me before I sleep sometimes nap with me but rn he’s busy so I thought this would help me sleep if I imagined him but it just made me cry it’s not the same he’s not my baby 😭😢

  7. I don't really like asmr
    Like when people make different sounds it bothers me but I really like this
    I'm also like if someone is speaking and have a natural soft, deep, and calming voice it's amazing

  8. So I have extremely bad migraines all the time that I have gotten do use to them and I just got one and decided to see if this will help and my migraine is easing out and I'm so happy
    Also it's 6:46 pm and this made me tired af so screw my usual sleep time (1 am) I'mma sleep now

  9. 어머나 너무 잘생겼어요 이렇게 어떻게 잘게요? ㅋㅋ 🤣
    How should I sleep like this I was just staring at him the whole 30mins kkk

  10. I FUCKIN CAN’T 💀 i was just trying to sleep and my mom walked in on me and thought that i was facetiming with my secret bf lol i wish i had one but i didn’t say much because saying that i watch a video on yt of a random korean guy sleeping that would make her more concerned about my mental health 😂 so i just told her we’re in a long distance relationship and that i don’t wanna talk about it

  11. I have anxiety and recently I was told I have insomnia and have not been able to sleep due to panic attacks and paranoia. This helps me try to sleep I usually have to listen on loop but I feel asleep easily with this video. Thank you for your video.

  12. Finally someone who sounds like a REAL sleeping person. All those other attemps from "asmr-lers" when they change between mouth breathing and nose breathing all the time, are getting on my nerves. NOBODY sleeps like that! But this video here sounds real. Thank you! Very soothing.

  13. 2:30 😂😍😴😳😳😳😳 I thought the ASMR would have been an "all-black-screen" the whole time. I wasn't expecting to see his face. But when I DID I was like "Oh wow he's cute". Then I started falling asleep (because I stayed up all night and it's 6:17AM). For some reason, I thought he was gonna fall asleep with his camera on a well but when I seen him open his eyes again, I got all shy and started laughing. It's not like he could see me but still..😳😂😂😂 I'm just tired and this helped

  14. 와 이 영상으로 시영님 알게 됐는데, 지금 이 영상이 조회수 1등이네요 !! 😊😊 뭔가 감동,, 빨리 바쁜 시간들이 지나가고 라이브 스트리밍이나 영상 업로드할 만한 여건이 되었으면 좋겠어요 🙏🙏

  15. i'm not the only who is answering him and actually talking to him right? I ALMOST DIED WHEN HE SHOWED HIS FAVE WTF I NEED A BOYFRIEND, I NEED HIM

  16. I just wanna say… Thank you. People may find it creepy that I listen to your breath while sleeping but it helps me so much. Your breath makes girls like me feel so warm and cozy and loved. Yes it's all an illusion and we wake up but nevertheless, we're allowed to dream of being loved, right? So thank you for giving me good dreams hehe

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