Super healthy papaya smoothie for improved digestion and stomach health

Super healthy papaya smoothie for improved digestion and stomach health

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hello viewers and welcome back to RM
cookbook today I’m going to show you how to make a banana and papaya smoothie
it’s an extremely delicious recipe and it’s also very good for digestion so it
could be a and it’s very healthy and very refreshing so it does it it’s a
very quick recipe also so it doesn’t take more than minute or two to prepare
the whole thing only thing you need from fruits point of view is just a good
ripe papaya and some ripe banana and in this recipe I will just show you how you
add all these things to make this delicious smoothie so first of all to
prepare this delicious smoothie you will need a good enough powerful blender in
my case my blender has ice crushing capability so it’s quite powerful but
you don’t you don’t need to have ice crossing capability on this otherwise
you are actually willing to add ice to it it’s also a good idea to arise if you
wanted to make it cold very nice smoothie but in my case I’m not adding
any ice so any old brand blender would do as long as it can blend foods
together so in that blender I’m going to add a ripe banana the reason you see I
was adding two ripe banana over here is because it has more sugar content so
this way the sweetness of the banana would essentially mean that you don’t
have to add any kind of extra sugar or extra honey in this recipe I would be
adding honey later on I’ll show you and after you have added the banana as we
add will add the papaya because you say the papaya itself was quite large when
we actually bought it so we just take a quarter of that papaya and leave the
rest for later either you can actually have papaya on its own you don’t
actually have to make smoothie but just leave the rest of it and use the quarter
of the papaya for this movie before you have the
you need to de-seed the papaya it provides very easy to take the seeds out
all you have to do is take a tablespoon or teaspoon and just very gently scrape
the seeds out from the top the reason gently if you are putting too
much pressure you might actually end up taking the flesh of the papaya also and
then in order to put the flesh of the profile all you have to do is again take
that tablespoon and very gently scrape all the papaya flesh out making sure
that you don’t break into this papaya skin so then what’s going to happen is
you’re going to take the skin of the papaya with the flesh also you don’t
want to do that because skin is also quite bitter tasting and it’s quite
fleshy skin so avoid taking the skin off but make sure you scrape all the papaya
out for this recipe as we have done over here now in that mixture you have to add
some bio yoghurt in my case we’re using organic bile you Girt and amount of it
is no more than 2 to 3 tbsp of yogurt should be enough and again yogurt is
full of healthy bacteria if it is it’s actually our organic and bio yoghurt
that means the bacterias are active in it and also that is very good for your
digestion system now in that mixture as I said previously we are using a very
ripe banana and the papaya itself is quite sweet so in this case you don’t
have to have that much of honey but we are going to add teaspoon of raw honey
purely because the health benefit of raw honey is far superior than any fully
pasteurized honey because the honey essentially contains a lot of bee pollen
and bee pollen has lots of protein and amino acid and through pasteurization
process these things gets taken out because at high temperature of the
pasteurization process the proteins and amino acid gets destroyed so if you want
to get the full benefit of the honey consider using raw honey I have another
video in the channel which shows how I make the banana
smoothie click on the link at the top in that video I talked a bit more details
about the benefit of raw honey so in this mixture next you have to add
a half a cup of drinking water and that’s basically it and also you can
vary the amount of drinking water you add if you want in your smoothie to be
sticky you can add less than half a cup of drinking water if you want you’re
doing it smoothly to be thinner more juice like you can increase the amount
of drinking water so you can vary the drinking water amount more than half a
cup or less than half a cup based on your taste so then you just blend the
whole thing and in less than a minute or a minute you should have the banana and
papaya smoothie ready and sufficient for serving two people in our cases just for
us so this is how we prepare the banana and papaya smoothie I really hope that
you would also try this recipe and give it a try it’s extremely suited for its
good digestion capabilities after-dinner food the reason it is good for digestion
is because papaya contain a enzyme which is called papain and this is good for
digestion also this same enzyme could be used for as a meat tenderizer so if you
are ever cooking something with meat and you wanted to tenderize the meat for a
while at this you know mash papaya or the papaya skin
just blend it and rub it on top of your meat it would tenderize your meat very
good so it’s far better than buying all those chemical tenderizer and this is
fully natural fully organic but anyway that’s enough about me tenderizing but
we are talking about smoothie so as you see this is how you prepare your banana
and papaya smoothie and it is enough for serving two people I hope you like this
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64 thoughts on “Super healthy papaya smoothie for improved digestion and stomach health”

  1. Papaya is a super food. This fruit is so underrated. Id put in banana and soymilk with it with a teaspoon of light peanut butter. My pre workout!

  2. Too much information..and too long for such simple method..make it shorter pls..also give the recipe in the description or comment.. Thanks

  3. I blend my papaya with the seeds. It kills parasites and has other healing properties. My smoothies are also 100% fruits and veggies. No yogurt, no honey.

  4. Those dumbheads complaining that video is too long should just look for other vids. this video is long simply because its not just a recipe but with additions of info about the benefits of the fruit being featured.

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