Surya Namaskar Part-2 Breath Awareness

Surya Namaskar Part-2 Breath Awareness

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Hi, Welcome to Yoga & You My name is Divya Rolla we are at 136.1 Yoga Studio In the last episode I taught you how to do the Surya Namaskar with proper alignment this episode I’m going to teach you how to do the Surya Namaskar with Breath Awareness A very simple rule to remember is in the surya namaskar during all the back ward bends when your chest is open, your lungs can expand to the maximum capacity always inhale in all the forward bends when your chest contracts and your abdomen contracts, you exhale so, adding breath to the Surya Namaskar you inhale and as you exhale, you bring both palms together Now, as you inhale… stretch the arms up and arch back and exhale… lengthen forward and come all the way down inhale… take the right leg back chin up hold the breath. take the other leg back in to a straight line exhale… drop the knees down chest down, chin down. inhale… slide the chest forward chest is nice and open exhale… come in to an inverted ‘V’ inhale… bring the right leg all the way forward exhale… bring the other leg forward stretching down completely inhale… lengthen forward, chest open & arch and exhale… release. on the left side, inhale & exhale (prayer pose) inhale and arch exhale… stretch forward and down inhale… taking the left leg back retain the breath… plank exhale… knees down, chest, chin down inhale… slide the chest forward exhale… coming in to an inverted ‘V’ inhale… bringing that left leg all the way forward exhale… the other leg forward inhale… lengthen forward and then arch back and exhale… release. The Surya Namaskar is not just 12 random postures that have been strung together i always tell my sudents that The Surya Namaskara is like a dance and your breath is like the music so the music & the dance have to go together in a very choreographed flow your movement can not be faster than the music or slower than the music so, the breath is a very integral part of the Surya Namaskara and you cannot separate the movement & breath so as you breathe, so shall you move

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  1. Namaste, I am really pleased with your clear explanation of Surya Namaskar, I was unsure of breathing until I saw this video. My partner is Indian and is helping me learn yoga. Thank you kindly.

  2. Your video tutorials are amazing!! However, I think you should probably do them at 0.75x.. It's a little tough to understand at first..

  3. Thank you Divya! This is a kind service to the community. When the leg goes back and the chin up, it feels easier when the fingers support the floor instead of a flat hand. Regardless, great, clear teacher!

  4. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for this. Loved the flute background. Mind sharing it 😉

  5. thanks for the informative video! can i ask, how many times should one repeat this or is it just once on the right and then left?

  6. Hi Divya..Thanks a lot..😊.I hv gone through several videos …this the best one I hv seen..Thank.You..

  7. please turn off the awful flute in the back. your words are priceless. but they are jarring to me as i have phonophobia

  8. after watching about 10 videos on Surya Namaskar.. found the right one finally. Thanks for sharing with breathing details.

  9. m roz Surya namaskar is video to dekh kr rhi hu…… thnku for this video….. aur m Janna chahti hu ki kya yoga se weight bh gain Kia ja skta hai…… if yes…. then kon kon se yogasana useful honge

  10. Can we do yoga in mensuration for women I have pcod problem thanks for your guidance also tell best exercise for uterus and hormons

  11. that fluet voice is helping to be pure , natural in daily life………..i feel so………… is taking us away from all the tensions, technology , to purity of nature………….

  12. Thanks madam,very clearly explained the steps. Can we do Surya namaskar without warming up? Your reply awaited.With regards.

  13. Hey.. need to ask one thing.. whether we have to hold our breath when we are in a pose or just breath normally.. aur this inhale exhale thing goes only while changing the position??

  14. On what criteria is the breathing based, I mean why is one told to exhale at certain points and inhale at the others?

  15. This is one of the best videos on Surya Namaskar. Thank you so much Divya for this video. I personally feel that doing this regulary especially in the morning time makes your day very active and blissful.

  16. Wow mam thnku so much for this awesome explanation 🙏🙏..I was looking for this a long time..
    Mam plz do tell me that how much round should to do for a beginner??

  17. Thank you:-) This was very important. I was eager to know about breathing while doing SuryaNamaskar. Thank you once again.

  18. Thank you for doing this… I practicing for almost a week now and can feel the difference if I do it along with correct breathing…

  19. I just wanted to increase my height but was not successful for I was not doing the respiration part properly.but after watching this video I am cheered up again and l feel that I can do it.well I am also a fat girl.and along with the increase in my height l even want to loose 5 kgs weight

  20. 4 years I have been learning yoga but this teaching and coaching simple and clear is nonpareil.many thanks.Not everybody can teach however good (or even the best )the person is ..thanks.

  21. very helpful….i love to do surya namaskar early morning…. i am trying to gain more weight …. pls make videos on gaining …which yoga postures r good for that…bcuz there r already a lot of weight loss videos

  22. I had wanted to do this everyday for a long time and there were so many variations I found on the web. However, your routine was the easiest and best to follow – especially the coordination of the breath. So, thank you. I am trying to do three reps every morning (even though I'm not always successful…) in the hope that it will help with my lower back pain and my general lack of flexibility!

  23. Thanks madam very useful actually where is your yoga fitness centre
    I am from chennai.
    Can you post the address of your branch in Chennai.
    Thanks 🙏🏻

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