Symptoms of liver failure | 7 warning signs that your liver is full of toxins

Symptoms of liver failure | 7 warning signs that your liver is full of toxins

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7 warning signs that your liver is full of
toxins. The reactions of the organism when our liver
is intoxicated can manifest at different levels, since, not being able to purify properly,
the waste tends to accumulate and cause complications. The liver is one of the organs that participate
in the cleansing process of the organism, filtering and removing the toxins that travel
through the blood. Its good functioning is key to enjoy a good
quality of life, since, among other things, it also interferes with the metabolism and
the production of some hormones. The problem is that, due to bad habits of
life and exposure to contaminated environments, your health tends to deteriorate, and triggers
different conditions. As a result, their ability to detoxify the
body is reduced and, little by little, several symptoms are generated that warn that their
health is not quite right. Most worrisome is that many ignore the situation
and, given that they confuse it with other diseases, they do not address the problem
in time. For this reason, below we want to reveal 7
warning signs that indicate failures in the functioning of this organ. Do not overlook them! 1. Unexplained weight gain. The excessive accumulation of toxins in the
liver interferes with its ability to help digest fats and, therefore, affects the processes
that help to remove them from the body. This condition prevents maintaining a healthy
weight, even when a controlled calorie diet is followed. The body stores fat cells full of toxins that,
not being processed in the liver, are deposited in various parts of the body. 2. Chronic fatigue. A constant feeling of tiredness, or, experiencing
the symptoms of chronic fatigue , also indicates that the liver is overloaded with toxins. This set of reactions are derived from the
metabolic difficulties that are produced by the faults of this organ. Its lack of control produces pain, inflammation
and other discomforts that reduce the ability to perform several of the daily tasks. 3. Sweating and body odor. Although many of us ignore it, liver functions
are also related to temperature and body odor. The difficulties that result from the retention
of toxins can cause excessive sweating and unpleasant odors. This is because the body seeks to regulate
the temperature, since the body overheats in its fight against toxic agents and bacteria. 4. Cystic acne. The sudden appearance of acne pimples can
indicate a hormonal problem or failures in the liver system. If the grains are large, inflamed and tend
to leave scars on the skin , it is likely that their origin has to do with the malfunction
of this organ. In general, those who suffer from this skin
problem due to the retention of toxins tend to have difficulties in their control. It is necessary to have access to a method
of liver detoxification to be able to alleviate it completely. 5. Allergies. Since toxins reduce the ability of the liver
to purify, an autoimmune response occurs that leads to allergic reactions. The antibodies that are created in this part
of the body manage to detect that something is not right and, immediately, they attack
the allergens that affect the health. When this function is compromised due to failures
in this organ, too much histamine accumulates in the body and nuisances are generated, such
as: Sensation of inflammation;
Itching throughout the body; Headaches;
Nasal congestion. 6. Gastroesophageal reflux. While gastroesophageal reflux is a common
reaction of indigestion and stomach problems, its presence could also indicate that the
liver is full of toxins. After compromising the functions of this excretory
organ, the pH of the blood is altered and causes excess acidity. Its lack of control irritates the lining of
the stomach and weakens the sphincter that prevents the passage of acidic juices. 7. Bad breath. When bad breath becomes a persistent symptom,
despite having good oral hygiene habits, it is likely that the liver is having difficulty
processing the toxins it filters out of the blood. As their functions slow down, waste builds
up in their tissues and, in many patients, they produce an unpleasant mouth odor. Even if it suffers from heavy metal accumulation
, it causes a slight metallic taste in the mouth. Are you experiencing the symptoms mentioned?
If so, consult the doctor to determine if you are having any difficulty in the liver. Also, improve your eating habits and try to
drink drinks and foods that help stimulate the detoxification process.

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