Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury: My TBI Symptoms 5 Years Later

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury: My TBI Symptoms 5 Years Later

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Yo, it’s Super Bowl Sunday, where we gonna watch the game honey? – At home. – With the volume on zero. Reminds me a lot of my symptoms: loud sound sensitivity, light sensitivity, anxiety… large crowds give me anxiety, I’ll tell you that. From my TBI I am… …Multi symptomatic! We’ll talk about that coming up. – Hey guys, it’s Mish. – It’s Kim – From, where we try to raise TBI awareness one post at a time. Today we’re going to be talking about being multi symptomatic. Now what exactly do we mean when we say
multi-symptomatic in regards to traumatic brain injury? Somebody who suffers a TBI such as Kim, he had a severe TBI five years ago… you get a plethora of symptoms from the minute you sustained the brain injury to forever. We’re five years out for his brain injury. And he still goes through a myriad of symptoms.
– I mean your brain is your CPU It affects and it controls your whole body so if that’s kind of jacked up everything kind of follows after that. I have a list of symptoms that I deal with on a daily basis, and I’m trying and hoping that those symptoms will go away… – Sorry… I complete burped. – [jokingly] You know gas is one of my symptoms… – Sorry So being that it is Super Bowl Sunday. We do have a couple of errands to run. We are celebrating at home because it’s just easier for us and there’s less craziness for his head to have to deal with so we’re just going to have you tag along. Yo, we are at the Premium Outlets… about 30 degrees outside, the kind of weather, I prefer. I have a issue with heat My internal temperature regulator is off. I can’t take the heat like I used to so I prefer cold environments. You can always add layers of clothing, but when you’re hot It’s tough to rip off your skin.
Fall and winter are my favorite months of the year or seasons of the year. It’s nice and cold today, 30 degrees not a problem, right? – The caramel is really good.
– I know, I can’t put any in my mouth now. I need some help.
Somebody put a popcorn in my mouth. Okay, we are back home. Those aren’t even all my symptoms I still deal with sound sensitivity. We did an ear plug review, link above. Anxiety. Sleep issues. Gut. Digestion issues. Overall fatigue. Shorter fuse, of course. sex drive lack of endurance/energy. Allergies. Skin rashes. Skin allergies. That’s a new one this past eight months. Vision. Binocular dysfunction. I have vision issues. My eyes don’t work at the same time. Neck and back issues… and focus, overall focus.
– I think what we’ll do is maybe cover just a couple We won’t hit them all especially the “sex drive” one.
We’ll just… I’ll cover that one. What we’ll do is cover a couple of the topics Just so you understand from his perspective what he has to go through So which one you want to talk about first? Let’s talk about Lack of endurance lack of energy ever since the the TBI My energy has been low and my endurance has been low since. Been trying to build it up, but it’s kind of tough. It’s kind of a balancing act where I don’t want to exercise too much, and I kind of hit a wall And I’m out for like a week, but then again You don’t want to exercise too little where you’re not getting any oxygen to your brain, and you’re not improving The goal is to improve Slowly…
– Without without overdoing it. – Right. – Otherwise, He will pay for it later in some sense meaning that he will overdo himself and Have a hard time at work the next day.
A topic that I want to actually talk about and discuss is Moodiness.
– I’m always happy. What I should say is this… with the kind of injury that he had there was coup contrecoup, meaning that the brain basically shook in His skull… that means that he had Contusions not only from the point where he had hit his head, which is back here and his occipital lobe, he also had Injury and Contusions up in his frontal lobe This area right here, that is where your filter is. So his filter basically Disappeared. his filter was frickin gone. That came with just how he talked to me how he talked to other people… – I was not a nice person.
– No. So moodiness was a factor it still is affected today. We do a lot of management By just making sure that he gets his rest and that he doesn’t overdo himself every day but that moodiness is something… that short fuse is something that I will call him out on on those times where he’s In my face.
– Because I was typically a patient person Yeah, not anymore.
– The minute that his brain is like “I’m tired”, all of a sudden it’s like all bets are off. – yeah, I’ll let you know
– and he’s a pain in my… – You get what I’m sayin.
– Another one of my symptoms: sleep issues. I’ve been dealing with this since the accident It’s tough to sleep when your neck and your back hurt I think most of my sleep issues is from my neck and my back… just the fatigue of the everyday Grind of life and it translates from the back to the neck to the eyes and it just keeps me up at night. I do not like taking medicine for it, but occasionally, I’ll take a Pain reliever here and there just to get throughout the night.
– In the hospital I think his muscles in his neck and his upper back seized up Almost trying to like support his head. So everything tightened up, and there was a point in time in the ICU where he was grabbing or trying to grab at his neck because of the pain that he was feeling and it Has still Lingered on with him to up until today.
– And the neck and back issues could come from my binocular dysfunction, too I think there may be a link there, so When we explore that try to therapy that we’ll see how that goes yeah step one was the glasses step two is the vision therapy so hope to start that and Let you guys know how that goes in the next hopefully near future. By the way, so it was a vision therapist That helped him determine that he had binocular dysfunction Yeah my cicadas are off. I read like a second grader. My eye cicadas. – Is that what it’s called?
– They track my eye movement.
– Is it cadence or cicadas? cicadas are bugs We’ll figure out what that word is Okay moving on.
– My eye bugs are not moving correctly.
– [whispers] Moving on. – Okay
– You wanna talk about gut?
– Gut and digestion issues. They say your gut is your second brain It’s a much bigger topic. There is [are] issues there. We’re trying to figure that one out In the meantime, I’m trying to trying to clean up what I eat and stuff like that… trying to be on a more Natural diet. Whole Foods diet that has helped, but yeah, that’s it. That’s another topic, another video. I actually look forward to elaborating on that because I don’t think a lot of people realize when they say you are what you eat it’s, I think, really true. When you think about all the The processed foods that you may consume. Sugar, all the sugars And how it could inadvertently affect your body.
– .. preservatives, all that jazz.
– Another thing about this big massive list of symptoms that That we’ve mentioned that Kim goes through is all of it sort of points into one direction which is fatigue So when he has one symptom That he’s going through, it’s already tiring to begin with. When he has 5 billion of them attacking him at the same time It’s like game over You know and he’s out like a light for a little while. Management is always key in trying to get through these crazy Symptoms. So we covered, actually, we listed I guess I should say we listed a ton of different symptoms that Kim experiences And that kind of gives you an idea that Again what we always say is no 2 TBIs are alike the symptoms that he feels and goes through may not necessarily be the same as another person who has traumatic brain injury But the essence I guess is what what we’re trying to get at is that there are a ton of symptoms that most People who have gone through some sort of brain injury endure. What our whole goal for this video is, is just to really remind people that, one: Be aware of it and know that you know if you know somebody that you love that has a traumatic brain injury Understand that they do have a lot that they’re going through A lot that they’re trying to learn to manage… and the next thing is that they’re probably looking for somebody that can be a strong support system for them To help them get through it.
– And remember you are not alone As a TBI survivor we’re all going through all these symptoms and trying to manage our days, but you are not alone I know that that, you know, if you are a TBI survivor going through A lot of what Kim has gone through it can be very frustrating and overwhelming But don’t give up.
– Don’t be discouraged. – Don’t be discouraged and and know that there are people out there that can help also Remember that you are your best advocate, you are your best doctor. That sounds weird, but yes Go to your medical professionals, and use them as resources to help you get to where you need to go, but also Do your own do your homework? I know it feels like a second job, but you got it. You got to put in the work. You got to understand your body. You got to understand what’s happening to your body You are your best doctor.
– When it comes to Helping your family and friends understand. What’s going on with you? Educating yourself first is the first step so that you can educate them, so educate and be educated. And if this video can help in any way we would be Honored and grateful if you think that sharing this video to help them understand What it means to be somebody that has a TBI and what it’s like to have to go through symptoms letting them know that you are not alone and also know that there are resources that are available to you, be it online… you can go on We do have a Resource page and i’ll put a link in the description below, and then there’s also various facebook pages and groups Local area groups that you can go to that to help you understand What you may be going through but again if you go to your medical professional have them Talk to you you talk to them get that one-on-one and then remember that you are your own best Advocate.
– Are you multi symptomatic and if so what are your symptoms, and how do you deal with it? – Yeah I’d like to know.
– yeah, please comment below.
– We’re all about learning especially At this point in time which is every time and on that note Thanks for watching, and if you are new to our channel please consider subscribing And click on that bell icon to keep you notified of any of new posts that we have coming up We’ve been trying really hard to post weekly, and we’ve been on it, so Yeah, subscribe, like the video, comment say Hi. We’d love to hear from you Continue to learn continue to love, and we hope to see you in our next video Peace. It’s like elephant and… It’s like I’m pulling your hair off. The elephant in the room is yes. He’s shorter than me shorter on my Fatigue days.
– If it’s not already obvious Yes, I’m taller than my husband Peace out, homie.

15 thoughts on “Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury: My TBI Symptoms 5 Years Later”

  1. Are you multi-symptomatic like Kim? If so, how do you handle your symptoms?
    And if not, how do you manage 'organized chaos' or 'regular irregularites' that you might have occurring in your life? We try all kinds of things… like making lists… creating "plan b" escapes… and lots of naps/downtime… even meditation!

  2. You did a great job of explaining your symptoms. I started this channel to bring awareness as well. I struggle from tbi and ptsd. I hope this doesn't discourage you two, but I still have a lot of those symptoms after ten years (Ten Years After TBI was my first video). I have learned to "manage" enough to get out and do more.

  3. I am multi-symptomatic, but I haven't figured out how to cope well enough or even all my symptoms yet as I am about to hit the one year since the accident mark. I have issues with cold more than hot. I have a lot of these same symptoms especially insomnia, fatigue, and mood stuff.

  4. lol @ the burp Mish you're the best I'm sure it's hard to deal with it but you're sticking with him. You're awesome! Hope you're still doing well

  5. You ask if these videos help… just seeing you out and about spending time with your family gives me hope that I will find my balance in the future to do the same. Your symptoms are a spot on description of mine since my TBI 1.5 years ago. However 2019 is going to be my breakout year and going to win this battle.

  6. Omg I have same thing 3 years post it’s a living nightmare.. being around a lot people is dreadful heat also bother me n the headaches is my number one issue n dizziness

  7. Again, I have all very similar symptoms! Each video I watch of your guys' makes me more excited and encouraged. I go to visual therapy (neuro/behavioral optometrist) also, it has helped me immensely. My entire therapy and recovering came around together once I started VT, along with chiropractor/massage, and neuro PT. How has starting VT gone for you guys?

  8. I have Essential Tremors plus Brain Fog and Fatigued and I been asking my Doctor if I can see a Neurologist also I can notice the Brain Damage on myself and thunk you for sharing this.

  9. I had 2 TBI,s and I have been dealing with so much of these and a few more. I thought I was abnormal or crazy. I then came about these videos and it was good to hear that I am not crazy, it’s real and it’s ok for me to have these issues. I know I am not alone now, after 4 years of continuous issues. I had been working so hard to find my old me and it’s just not happening. Thank you so much for your information!

  10. Tick, tick, tick … soooooo many boxes… almost three years post injury – acceptance, understanding (for self and others is key) and strategies are all key… Thank you for sharing – both of you…

  11. Hi Kim 🙂 , I have GAD + Social anxiety + depression + PTSD + blur vision + Insomnia due to head injury accident in 2011. I spent 3 years in rehabilitation. Unable to talk and walk Currently traveling country to country.

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