Tai Chi Concepts & Principles : Tai Chi Breathing Patterns

Tai Chi Concepts & Principles : Tai Chi Breathing Patterns

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In this segment, I am going to touch on the
idea of breathing patterns. Breathing is by far the most important idea in everything
we do. No breath, no life. Most important thing. So, the idea is, is that the mind leads
the breath, and the breath leads the body. So as I inhale, instead of moving my body
and then all of a sudden inhaling into my chest, sinking my body, then all of sudden
exhaling from my chest, what I want to do is to bring my mind into my belly as if it
is like a vacuum cleaner. Drawing in my breath. So, I use my mind. I inhale into my belly
and my body follows the movement. And then, from my belly, I use my mind to expand outward
and exhale and let my body follow. The general rules of thumb are this. When you are rising,
you inhale. When you are sinking, you exhale. When you are moving forward, you are exhaling.
When you are drawing back, you are inhaling. Sometimes when we open, we inhale. Sometimes
when we close, we exhale. But, that can be opposite. I can be exhaling open. I can be
inhaling closing. So, close and open are their own ideas. General rule of thumb, rise inhale,
sink exhale. Forward, exhale. Back, inhale.

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  1. Hi Rich,
    When we open and inhale, close and exhale, we call this "La Chi" (拉氣) ("pulling" or "stretching" chi). Kinda like pulling taffy, it helps to strengthen chi.

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