( @TakkiSeries 1 | #تكي ١ )

( @TakkiSeries 1 | #تكي ١ )

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Aren’t you done yet? I’m about to.. Sit. You look so beautiful, mashallah! I know that! Aw, I like confident people! God bless you. You will come in.. With the tablett in your hands. Okay. Aha. You will sit alone. Aha. Okay.. You shall keep looking on the ground. Okay. Okay..You hand him the cup of tea and sit. Don’t sit cross legged, or the way you used to in university. Just sit. (Laugh) And when he starts talking to you, Answer him in a very sweet and kind way. The way I talk to Dad when I ask him for money? Yes exactly the way you talk to your Dad. Yes, exactly. that’s it. So are you ready? Yes. Listen to me.. Ten days of the vacation have already passed, And we still did nothing. I don’t want it to be like the last vacation. I’ve got an idea. Say it. Why don’t we go to Dubai by car? Good Idea! Seriously.. We’ll go to cinema, malls, and we’ll have much fun out there.. Forget about it. But.. No, forget about it, I’m broke now.. We’re all broke. Anyways, it won’t work.. Niether Bandar nor Abadi are coming. Even Majed won’t come because of you. Seriously, why don’t you reconcile with Majed? And talk to him the way you used to? Listen, we were close friends, But he chose to end our friendship. It is up to him. Com on my dear, do not worry. Sit with your back straight. May God choose the best for you. Say Bismillah. How are you doing? Thank God I’m fine. How are you doing? I’m fine, how is everything? I’m good, how is everything? I’m fine as long as you are. Thank you. Hey guys…. I’ve got a crazy idea. Say it. Umm… let us go for barbecue! What an idea! that is so cool! What do you think? I’m so excited! Barbecue and dolphins! Also diving, we can do diving. Are you serious? (laugh) Okay. Who will arrange it? We need someone to rely on. Who do you mean? Ruwayyed. (singing) Ruwayyed…Ruwayyed. Ruwayyed…Ruwayyed. Ruwayyed…Ruwayyed. Takki Episode 1 Where are you going today? Some people have been calling me, for a week. They want me to do shooting for them. They say I’m talented. I’m not that good Mom. But… pray for me. May God bless you my dear. God be with you. Amen. Amen. Dear Malek.. someone sent you this in the morning. Set the GV PAL system. JV PAL, aha. Yes. Make sure the sound is okay. Okay. Let’s zoom the camera. Okay? Okay. Bayan, do you remember what you have to say? Yes. But, where shall I look? At the camera or where? Where do people usuallay look? Of course at the camera! Okay. 5 4 3 2 Action The weather is awesome. Would you like me to drive you? I don’t know. But I talked to Mom. She is coming with our driver. They are nearby, so no need. Come on, come with me. You know, the course Will start after ten minutes. I know, I know I really thank you dear! They are nearby. Is that all because now You are my cousin’s fiancé? No, no of course not! but thank you. How stubborn! I love you. Bye Bye Excuse me Miss. Would you like me to drive you? Oh my God, you startled me! I can drive you. It is not far away. No, thank you the driver is… Hello, yes.. where are you? Are you kidding me? Where is Mom? let me talk to her. I can hear her voice, let me talk to her. Mom, what are you saying? I’m standing alone in the street. But..But.. Mom please come. The mobile is about switch off. The battery is low. Please hurry up! Yes.. Mom.. Hello! .. Hello! Oh my God! Where do you want to go? Al Malek road. It is near my house. I can drive you. No, I think I will take a taxi. Thank you. Thanks alot. No need. You won’t find a taxi here. Many boys also might come and flirt with you. Exactly like what you are doing now?! (laugh) No, you got me wrong! If I was flirting with you I would have given you my number. Have some mercy on me, Tom Cruise! (laugh) Please go. It is inappropriate to stand by me in the street. Please go. I’m sorry to say that. Okay .. okay.. Sorry for disturbing you. Okay.. hey pretty.. Would you like a drive? Hey you prestige.. Come for a quick drive or anything.. Get lost.. you and these bunch of idiots with you. No.. No.. What a shame.. How would you let a girl shout at you? What a shame! Go and teach her a lesson. Why don’t you come, it is only a ride…. Oh!! Hey, what’s wtong with you.. leave him.. leave him alone. Or will call someone to come and teach you a lesson. Leave him and go away! Could you please tell me why you hit him? I didn’t ask for your help.. I don’t even know you. I would’ve managed it on my own. You didn’t have to…. Can you calm down……. Bayan.. my name is Bayan. Anyway, the presenter. Can you please calm down or we will have an accident. Don’t tell me what to do. How filthy your car is.. How come that you put all these things in your car? Because I enjoy being a filthy person, and I am proud of that. It’s good that you know! this is really good! Could you please hand me the tissues in the back. Do you read books? No.. no.. I read newspapers.. pamphlets.. and Micky magazine. (laugh) I heard that this book is really interesting. I followed the writer on twitter. And will buy it as soon as it is available in Saudi. Did you get it from inside Saudi? No, I bought it form the rockets market. They auctioned it off, and I bought it. (laugh) No, seriously, from where did you get it? You yourself said it is not available in Saudi, Okay So of course I got it from outside it. Anyways thanks for the ride. You are welcome. You may take the book by the way. Umm, no thank you for your kindness. This is too much for me. I read the book, you may take it. Was it good? It was good.. But bring it back to me. Okay thanks. You are welcome. ‘Assalamu ‘Alaikum. Wa’alaikum ‘Assalam. How are you Ali? how is everything? I’m fine. Here is the hard disk with all the shooting of yesterday. Okay this the hard disk! are you sure everything is here? Yes, everything is here. Very good. Are you going to shoot for more films? I have an idea in my mind, I’m working on it. Films don’t make enough money. No, no.. i’m sure it does. My dream is to participate in Abu Dhabi..Dubai. In big film festivals. Where producers might like my films and buy them. Would they buy such films? Have you heard about “Super Size Me” ? No, I didn’t. It is a documentary about the harms of fast food. It participated in one of the big film festivals. Okay. Do you know how much the producer paid for it? How much? One million dollars! (laugh) It makes much money! Very good wallah! I believe I can make it. Tell me if you needed any help. In production or cameras or anything. Thank you a lot dear Ali. You are welcome. ‘Assalamu ‘Alaikum. Wa’alaikum ‘Assalam. That’s all. This is what happened. (laugh) Bader.. Abdullah.. Stop laughing or I will leave. Look at your face! All colors! What was her name? Bayan Will you see her again? Say Inshallah Listen.. no one shall know about it. Neither her family, nor her friends or any body else. What are you saying? What was the wrong thing we did? Listen to me.. Our society perceives it in a very different way. For us, it is okay to see a girl And drive her, Even if you don’t know her. But her family might not accept it. Listen, she is a girl, who was waiting for the driver to pick her Then a group of guys flirted with her. So I drove her. This is unacceptable. Believe me. Did you drink Al Saudiya Milk! (laugh) How funny of you! Believe me, It is unacceptable. what if people saw you together? What would they say? I don’t care what they would say.. Each person has his own view. ‘Assalamu ‘Alaikmun. Oh Majed, how are you doing? ‘Assalamu ‘Alaikum. How are you? I’m fine. How are? How is everything? Where have you been? I have been so busy There was a lot to do. Malek, can I have you for a second. You want to talk to Me? okay. I actually thought a lot about the fight we had. And found out that it was not worth it. To fight and ruin our friendship. You know we’ve been Together for three years and a half! Yes since we applied at the university. Yes, exactly.. yes. So, it is not worth it.. you know. We should forget about it.. And not let it ruin our friendship. I’m sorry! I’m sorry too Majed! Majed.. where are you? I’ve been trying to call you Our parents are waiting upstairs! Oops, my mobile is set to silent. I’m coming. Oh.. this is Bayan, my fiancé. Your fiancé?! have you got engaged?! Yes I did, two days ago. Hasn’t anyone told you? No, no one told me! Congratulations! And she is… Yes.. Bayan.. Bayan. Congratulations Majed, I wish you happiness. Thank you. May you get engaged soon. Amen. What happened to your eye? I fell off the motorcycle. (laugh) Didn’t you wear the belt? Yes, I didn’t. (laugh) We all make mistakes. Hey. And sometimes we forget what’s right and what’s wrong. Malek What? Are there any dolphins? No I see nothing. Hey Bader, show us some enthusiasm! Sometimes we do something with good intentions. But people perceive it the wrong way. I think it is something normal. Because we, the teenagers do mistakes. learn from them and correct them. I feel dizzy. I want to ask you something. Of course you do.. Because you do not sleep or eat well. What is this? This is for seasickness, To get your energy back! Oh thanks. What are you shooting? I wanted to shoot dolphins But there aren’t any! May I have a look? Yes you may. Can I look from the beginning? Yes its okay. During this age, we learn from our experiences. We make mistakes, and learn from them. Malek! Have you deleted Bayan’s photos from the camera? No! How smart of you! To learn more about ourselves. Why? no.. no..what are you doing?..no..no. Go get the camera!! Who drove you yesterday? What has he done? Come .. come. The first time we go together And look what happened! Wait.. wait a minute.. Because the person’s personality isn’t made up out of his achievements, It is not working! it is made up out of his mistakes. I’m Bayan.. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. English Subtitles by: Muzna Hasnawi

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