That Very Breath that Breathes Me ~ I Am That !!! ~ Satsang with Mooji

That Very Breath that Breathes Me ~ I Am That !!! ~ Satsang with Mooji

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Fear. You want to expose everything. This is already a very great attitude. Its already a great attitude. There is something i wrote. You’ve got quite a lot of things in there huh? (Laughs) Om in silence. Eh. Om in silence, Om as one. I am the dance,when two is born from one. I need to hold one at a time, I’m shaking too much! I’ll hold it for you. Thankyou. No shake with this one, (laughs) When the body is dropped and the breath no longer inhales, there is a sense that i still exist. In completed silence, perceiving space, No form, indentity or face, no emotion, no state. The dance of breath is felt, eyes open. It seems i am back, although as completed silence, i had never left. Never meeting another, to forget,miss or remember, I could not be alone, as i had never been together. This ultimate breath that needs not to be breathed, is the force behind every moment of this dance expressed as me. Me the dance, me in duality, me recalling this to be. Me that ceases to exist without thee, the very I that, in return,sees me. Born from myself and brought to my knees, for the form does not drop but internally, i, remaining a servant of thee, that very breath, that breathes me. (Applause) What to say now? Never meeting another, to forget, miss or remember me. That ceases to exist, without thee, the very I that in return, sees me. So what to expose now? That which, in whose presence i say, the breath is moving, the senses are functioning, mind is perceiving, in this presence. But it is not doing anything, yet it’s the cause of all apparent doings, all expression. It is the womb of all these expressions but directly, it is not expressing. But,there is observation of the expression but no effort to observe. This thing you speak. And, must be, you are saying,I am this. Must be that you’re saying, I am that. That which has no birthday, has no other, has no me, even. Sometimes, there appears to be a fear and i’ve heard it said enough time, the fear of losing the sense of who I am. A fear of losing the sense and the role,hmm,of who i feel i am. That somehow in discovering, this deeper peace, that seems to be erasing all the ideas i have about myself. Seems to be dissolving in this space of being. And something wants to salvage something. Can we hold on to this a little bit longer,hmm? What it mean? Is the visible world,is it a curse? See all as the self, even the illusory, include it in the self and no fear will come. What you can say about this moment, from this instant,instant? Anything you can say? What you have to say always a past moment, or perhaps the next moment but this one,this,now,which is so fresh, there can never be a history of now. Nothing can live in it. Even if a moment is split into a million parts, it is still perceived in now. Is there anything inside to wring out, last little wring out? No (laughs) Very great.

35 thoughts on “That Very Breath that Breathes Me ~ I Am That !!! ~ Satsang with Mooji”

  1. This is profound! But the music is too loud and distracts from the music of Mooji's voice, the music of the poetry, and of the silence underneath these, which is the most beautiful music!

  2. Must it not be that You are distracted by the music….? No offense but the music is pure love…with pure words of love…so it blends beautifully.. 🙂 Namaste…

  3. It is indeed a wonderful poem! Although I think it needs no interpretation, what he says is very profound…

  4. OM, In Silence
    OM, as One
    I the dance when two is born from one
    When the body is dropped
    And the breath no longer inhales
    There is a sense that I still exist
    In completed silence
    Perceiving space
    No form, Identity or face
    No emotion, no state
    The dance of breath is felt
    Eyes open
    It seems I am back
    Although this completed silence I had never left
    Never meeting another to forget, miss or remember
    I could not be alone as I had never been together

  5. This autumn breath that needs not to be breathed
    Is the force behind every moment
    Of this dance expressed as me
    Me the dance, Me in duality
    Me recalling this to be
    Me that ceases to exist without thee
    The very I that in return sees me
    Born from myself I am brought to my knees
    For the form does not drop
    But internally I remaining a servant of thee
    That very breath that breathes me

  6. Everything about this video is beautiful — including the music, the poem, the film editing. It is so beautiful to watch an innocent mind melt into the openness of pure being. This is one of the most beautiful events I have ever been privileged to witness. My deep appreciation to everyone involved, from the rishis to Shankara, to Ramana, to Papaji, to Sri Mooji and to his devotees. Thank you.

  7. I can only imagine the amount of love that is in that room! which is also all around us if we choose to see and feel it….

  8. marvelous beautiful poem , marvelous beings , yet what most annoying background music , there is nothing better than the silence in between the sentences they speak ,that stillness is much better then the noise inserted in the background of this video. thank you so much for posting anyway , much peace 🙂

  9. What is the name of the girl who wrote the poem? I want to write it out and share, but would like to attribute these beautiful words to the author. I would also like to know if she has written other things and shared them. These are profoundly beautiful and insightful words. 

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