THAYERS WITCH HAZEL TONER REVIEW 6 MONTHS UPDATE! 6개월동안 써본 세이어스 위치하젤 무알콜 토너 리뷰 (한글자막)

THAYERS WITCH HAZEL TONER REVIEW 6 MONTHS UPDATE! 6개월동안 써본 세이어스 위치하젤 무알콜 토너 리뷰 (한글자막)

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100 thoughts on “THAYERS WITCH HAZEL TONER REVIEW 6 MONTHS UPDATE! 6개월동안 써본 세이어스 위치하젤 무알콜 토너 리뷰 (한글자막)”

  1. I have an allergic reaction to this toner. I've used it a few times, and after each time I've had redness and nasty bumps (to the point where some were 'mini-cystic') to where I applied the product. It's a shame 🙁

  2. I love Thayers Witch Hazel toner.  In fact I have my husband use it too.  He looks really good after using it for a month.  I also use Coconut Oil. Thank you.

  3. can u help me…my face breakouts right skin so oily..can i apply witch hazel and then go to sleep?? do i need to apply any cream?

  4. First video I’ve watched of yours. You have me sold on this item I’ve been iffy on which one to buy. Now I have to purchase haha 🤗 thanks!

  5. A note on alcohol. Cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and cetearyl alcohol are considered generally safe for most people. These are what are called "fatty alcohols" and are hydrating. The ones you want to avoid are ethanol, SD alcohol 40, SD alcohol 30 and any other variant of the word 'alcohol' and a number as they will strip your skin. Thayers does use SD alcohol 40-b in their alcohol toners aka "astringents" which they say is a grain alcohol. I have sensitive skin so I stick to alcohol free toners but not all alcohols are 'bad'. Though if you have severe acne and/or oily skin and feel you need to use a toner with alcohol then do some research on what type of alcohol will be the best for you. Stripping your skin of its oils and disrupting the moisture barrier isn't going to do you any good in the long run.

  6. I bought my 2nd bottle of Lavender because of you! I haven't noticed any improvements because I stopped since the store ran out of stocks after finishing my first bottle… I love the scent of lavender!

  7. I just bought a bottle and today will be my first day trying it. Thank you for the video and helpful tips

  8. It has been a year when i started to suffer from acne. I tried almost everything, creams/gels/capsules/ soaps/ cleansers etc. But gosh this witch hazel is a bomb. I ordered it together tea tree oil and they work so well. Its only been 5 days when i used it and i already saw a difference. You should definitely try it.❤ hoping for a clearer skin everyone.

  9. Beautiful girl!compliment!your eyes is fantastic! I m use Thayers witch hazel every day.for after shave . I m Italian. Now I orderer thayers with lemon.

  10. Which one is best for oily skin with huge pores? I’m not sure what the difference if for the rose and cucumber and lavender is

  11. I just bought this one today but with rose water added, I got it at target, cant wait to try it when I get off work 😊

  12. Does it help with really dry skin and help to even out the skin. Also do you wash your face before or rafter the toner

  13. It didn't help with my acne it got worse. Anyone else? I want to know if it from the toner or something else 😩

  14. Just curious people who have used it does it work well? I might buy it to help my forehead acne.

  15. I know I might be late on this but there these compressed cotton face mask you should try. I bought some from wish and I looooove them they like 4$ for 100 mask

  16. DISCLAIMER: I’ve recently stumbled across many customers on this product saying that THE INGREDIENTS HAVE BEEN CHANGED, causing breakouts and allergic reactions! You can look it up, I saw some on the Amazon reviews ! Buy at your own risk!

  17. I bought rose petal mist. What's the difference between mist and non mist? Is mist better or using cotton is better?

  18. is this toner good for small bumps on the skin? i have textured skin and my face is oily and i will get acne most of the times.

  19. we have the same skin type! i have never had a skincare routine and i need one cause i have recently started breaking out more often

  20. guys which toner did she get?? hers is blue at the bottom and i wanna know which toner she uses because i know they have different kinds

  21. Can anyone tell me if there are fake Thayer’s witch hazel? In my country they’re selling it for about $25 – $30 so I’m surprised to see it online for $10. I prefer to buy it online but I just wanna make sure it’s legit

  22. I use the t.n. Dickinson's witch hazel. works wonders! I was struggling with cystic acne for a good couple of months and started using it on a whim. my skin cleared so much. now I only get small pimples. its amazing!

  23. Hi there, the different scents are actually added essential oils. They all help with different things. Example lavender…my personal fave, it helps calm skin reducing redness, smoothing and antibacterial which reaches + cleans when bacteria deep in pores. Also great for pets with anxiety for cards you want to dilute more than for dogs.. previous vet tech and essential oils rep. Hope this helps y'all 🤗🤗

  24. I went to the drug store and bought it…now U just realized that the one I bout has a very similar package but it'z called THE ROUSHEN and made in China🙃

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