The 3 Things That Will Destroy Your Smile!

The 3 Things That Will Destroy Your Smile!

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  1. If bonding on one front tooth keeps chipping ~ dentist wants to put a crown on it ~ wonder if a veneer would be better? There is no cavity on this tooth.

  2. What's your opinion on gum flap surgery? Also, would you suggest a bridge for a patient looking to replace a tooth that had been missing for 10 years?

  3. Hey doc, badly need your thoughts regarding on my case. I just got extracted my broken teeth(lateral incisor below – and 1st in line from right side) a week ago. What type of bridge would i fit in? That will last years, and wont damage and involve my other teeth on the process.

    Appreciate your immediate reply. Thank you.

  4. Hey doc, badly need your thoughts regarding on my case. I just got extracted my broken teeth(lateral incisor below – and 1st in line from right side) a week ago. What type of bridge would i fit in? That will last years, and wont damage and involve my other teeth on the process.

    Appreciate your immediate reply. Thank you.

  5. Every since I was a kid I always had cavities even though I went to the dentist on the regular. I still have this issue

  6. Hi doc! Please answer my question, i really badly need your thoughts regarding my case. I had put a porcelain crown on my front tooth just last week because it's been broken in half, and now I developed dental abscess. My dentist prescribed me on some antibiotics and it made the abscess gone. Should I get a root canal on my front tooth or just extract it and get dental implants or denture.
    P.S. The front tooth that was just fitted by a crown was broken in half and wasnt fixed for 6 years.

  7. Hello I wish I could send u a picture what do you suggest I tell my dentist to do instead of a crown on my front teeth I’ve grinded them down almost to the nerve I really can’t afford crowns but I want my teeth fixed thank you for your help

  8. I will always have bad teeth I’m a single mom of 3 and my teeth have started well have been for 14 years to decay all cause when I was pregnant with my first child I threw up all 9 months could not even drink water every time I brush my teeth I threw up. I had dental insurance then but my dentist tried to get them to pay but they wouldn’t to try and save my teeth. So I eventually have given up on my teeth. Now my kids have wanted me to do something so I went to the dentist and paid to have there lil plan. Up to 50% off procedures free cleaning and X-rays for 40 a year. Ha they took xrays gave me a antibiotic and didn’t clean my teeth. Instead told me they wanted to do deep clean done in 4s at 138. Each and first go round 6,700. Something 1,000 per tooth! I left crying cause I can’t pay that I’m a single mom of a 15 yr old boy and 10yr old and 6 year old girl. And everything I get goes to them and in raising them. So now instead of being outgoing and taking picks with them like I use to. I hardly talk and smile and quit wearing make up and don’t want to be around people. And no matter how much I brush and all I taste is a nasty Taste in my mouth. My kids know why my teeth are like this and the girls tell my son it’s his fault people talk about my teeth. And my teeth have also kept me from getting jobs. Parents and people judge me and more. But I wanted to share some of my story so people know there not alone! It I think it’s wonderful you are giving away to change someone’s life. I missed this like always but I haven’t won nothing anyways ever but figured I might try but it’s over! I’m so happy y’all are changing someone’s life. Wish it was mine. Hope everyone has a blessed day! And I’m sure I’m about to get trolled for my story but truth is I just don’t care anymore I’m sure I have heard it!

  9. Good simple explanations. Like my dentist said, if you're gonna drink soda, chug it down! Better to drink it fast then sip on sugar slowly.

  10. I have periodontal disease and misalignment. I’ve started my journey since last year and have gotten it under control with rooting & scaling as well as osseous surgery. I am finally getting braces. If I could go back, I would’ve definitely taken better care of my teeth & gone to the dentist regularly. Great video!

  11. Black guy on the screen in the background smiling looks exactly like Inky Johnson – University of Tennessee football 2007. Not sure if that is really him but either way Inky is a good dude.

  12. I'm missing the same tooth that was in your video when you were talking about missing teeth. The top one that shifted in the video, I have constant pain in. Is this why? Because the tooth under it is missing?? 2 dentists said nothing is wrong with any of the teeth in the area that hurts after taking xrays… no decay/cavities, no cracks, nothing. Yet I have pain in it ALL the time. It can go from a dull ache (pain scale about 4) to a burning/throbbing pain (pain scale about 7) in a matter of hours. I even went to the emergency room at one point from this pain and the doctor looked at me like I was crazy cause my teeth look fine. What is going on?! My dentist said maybe see an endodontist but he doesn't think anything is wrong after studying the xrays. Sadly, I can't afford to see one right now. All I know is I'm going crazy! Help me!

  13. I wish I had done my research on finding the right dentist prior to my treatment. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and that is only the beginning. I am in debt and will soon have to take a second mortgage on my house. What bothers me the most is the lack of communication between my dentist and I. I can barely get in two words in a visit. I understand he is busy. He is literally treating four patients going at once always, even while undergoing the most invasive treatment going on. If he had done what I had initially requested I could have saved so much money time and tears. This has been going on for almost five years and I am now approaching my mid thirties. I now have ten implants and counting. It is inevitable I will probably loose my teeth as I began to suffer acid reflux in my late twenties. I know there are so many options rather than placing implant by implant (all different colours and none I have requested). This has destroyed my emotional health and I no longer do what I used to. It makes it harder when my smile has always been my best feature and never had a cavity until I was 27. I am financially strained. I feel helpless and frustrated and ripped off. Fourty thousand dollars practically down the drain aka, my life savings and five years of my life and now my home being refinanced. After watching your videos and the knowledge I have aquired I could have easily stayed within my 20 thousand dollar budget and then some and not have to worry for a long time.

  14. Am right I thought same three points which damage smile 😊.
    Stay happy and healthy keep smiling

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