The Air That I Breath – The Hollies

The Air That I Breath – The Hollies

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The Hollies breathtaking the air that i breath If I could make a wish I think I’d pass Can’t think of anything I need No cigarettes, no sleep, no light, no sound Nothing to eat, no books to read Making love with you Has left me peaceful warm and tired What more could I ask There’s nothing left to be desired Peace came upon me and it leaves me weak So sleep, silent angel go to sleep Sometimes all I need Is the air that I breathe And to love you All I need Is the air that I breathe Yes to love you All I need
Is the air that I breathe Peace came upon me and it leaves me weak So sleep, silent angel go to sleep Sometimes all I need Is the air that I breathe and to love you.. All I need
Is the air that I breathe yes to love you All I need
Is the air that I breathe Sometimes all I need Is the air that I breathe and to love you All I need Is the air that I breathe Yes to love you All I need Is the air that I breathe and to love you.. all i need…is the air that i breathe….

100 thoughts on “The Air That I Breath – The Hollies”

  1. this was a perfect slow skate song in junior high school at the roller rink.. if the stars aligned with the right girl… might just get a kiss on the cheek before the lights came back on……anyone else?

  2. Been binging on this lovely feeling, captured in these lyrics and shown down on me from above in notes of music so soul piercing…Im in love with it.

  3. Listening to this on a 45 and dancing as a 12 year old at our little grade school in a small Alaskan village,we sure had fun,Hollies were the best

  4. radiohead didn’t steal this song. lana didn’t steal creep. its called a chord progression, and they’re all free to use by anyone.

  5. Ik hou van dit nummer, ''The air that I breathe'' is geschreven door Albert Hammond, o.a. bekend van het nummer ''I don't wanna die in an air disaster'' en ''I'm a train'', allemaal… stuk voor stuk mijn favoriet 💕

  6. All this time, I thought the name of the song was "The Air That I Breathe". Thanks for showing me that it's breath, not breathe.

  7. Pra mim melhor que a música é a imagem!! Isto porque na época que eu ouvia está música, Não tiamos à oportunidade de ver as bandas ou grupos. Tou maravilhada!!!

  8. all i heard in 70s early 80s was songs like these my family sucked listening to these songs escaped dramas there was a better world but now the music doesnt make sense no talent in singing because they dont have a feel for what they are singing about id rather hear a dog bark than than listen to that sh*t,

  9. Now this is real music. It's got heart and soul. Truly a beautiful song. Todays music does not come close, sorry but that's the truth.

  10. I remember hearing this on the radio driving away from the prison as a teen after visiting my brother it made me think of him and I cried,every time I hear it I think of that time RIP Tony

  11. It use to be a song would remind you of a time,a memory an emotion. True talent as the Hollies stand the test of time.

  12. Remember it from the 70s….but especially in the 90s….one morning…waking up when I was in the Marines… some motel room with my girl at the time….turned the radio on and this came on….needless to say, making love in the morning is a beautiful thing.

  13. hahaha this song is so meaning full… after you do #$%! you need air to breath hahaha.. i love this song

  14. One of THE best songs of the 70’s. Girls were sexier then, songs were better then, even TV shows were more entertaining then. Man life sucks nowadays.

  15. This song helped make my desistion to play lead guitar & I play lik Malmsteen now..It was the lead guitar In this song, what a time period🎸

  16. “I can’t think of anything that I need … all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you”. I wish that I could be loved again. I guess that it’s part of life … growing old. I pray that God can restore us.

  17. Try to karaoke this song … Vocally, this is a challenging song to control your breathing and sustain the vocals … Great vocals in a great love song; reminds me a little of Neil Diamond with more of an edgy and rock-and-roll feel to it!

  18. When I was 8 the local radio station would play 5 tunes (top 5 at 5) and you had to guess the song titles and call in to win. My sister – 10 yrs old – sang over top of this and convinced me it was 'All I need is the M and the E'.

  19. I feel sorry for today's young people black or white their music sucks. Gone are real songwriters from the 50s 60s and 70s which was my error. You had The Hollies you had the Temptations you even had shanana but when I listened to The Hollies and their wonderful songs with great lyrics I feel a sense of Peace it takes me back to a much Kinder time. Today's youth their songs are poorly written lyrics are nothing but ramps they don't know what an instrumental is I just bang on the drums. the days of the 70s you had songs with lyrics that said all I need is the air that I breathe. Now compare that to today's lyrics which go roughly like you b** you hoe you know you want some MO. Who wants to sing those songs to their loved one 50 years from now. you can pick up songs from the 60s and 70s and they're just beautiful music weather was so music country music or pop music. If you listen to today's heavy metal Punk Hard Rock it's all the same just screaming and drum banging. there is no soul music today being played by African American artists because there are no real artists in the African Community just Hoodrats click in their guns. personally I think they just should shut down all current music and not put anything on the radio past 1982

  20. Today in 2019 the air we breathe has plastics in it, barium in it, aluminum in it. If I could make a wish…I'd wish with all my soul that all planes fall out of the sky for the people to have good life. And then I'd pray for it to be so.

  21. This was a staple on the radio. Very passionate😍😘🤗💙😊❤️😃🌈⭐️Wonderful harmonies❤️😃😊💙🤗Good looking too😍😍😘😘⭐️⚡️🌟💫

  22. One of the best love songs ive ever heard, Simply Red did a lovely cover, the Hollies were one of my favourites growing up in the 60,s ❤️

  23. Man, Alfalfa really loved Darla for him to dedicate such a song at such a young age:) And yet, she went for the rich boy after the song.

  24. I can remember this being on the radio the very first time I ( well you know ) I was so nervous but she wasn't…… all.
    I have just heard it on tv….Coronation Street. Really embarrassing but it was years ago. It did not stop me from going red but music can bring back both sad and happy moments.
    I don't know what happened to the young lady who seduced me, but I hope she is as happy as I am now.
    I did not know girls did that!

  25. No cabe duda que cuando el resultado de la relación se deteriora un poco de tranquilidad es la paz para reflexionar sobre todo lo que pase y tratar de hacer algo que no te involucre sobre lo malo que ya te haya pasado

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