The BEST Item in Breath of The Wild That NOBODY Mentions!

The BEST Item in Breath of The Wild That NOBODY Mentions!

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild brought
many changes to the long running adventure series that has stayed relatively the same
formula wise for over 30 years. From going back to the original format of
open world to scraping traditional dungeons for these titanic mechanical beasts of the
land. The game practically changed everything that
a Zelda game traditional is and that of course includes the items. Instead of earning a unique item from a dungeon
or area like the hero’s bow, you can now find a wide variety of swords, shields and bows
just out and about anywhere on your travels. There are now hundreds of items to find in
the game due to all the different variant factors and abilities an item can have, but
within those hundreds of weapons there is one that outdoes them all. This item is better than the ancient collection
of weapons and armour developed in the Akala Tech Lab, better than the iconic Hylian Shield
found within the depths of a ruined Hyrule Castle which takes forever to break and even
better than the blade of evil’s bane itself, the master sword, so what is this seemingly
impossible item? I mean surely nothing is better than the Hylian
Shield and the Master Sword? Well I believe there is a better item found
within Breath of The Wild and I’m going to go over exactly why it is undoubtedly the
best item in Breath of The Wild. So what is this god tier item found in Breath
of The Wild? Well it’s actually one of the first items
you get in the game and no, it’s not the sheikah slate. Whilst that item is amazing and offers a multitude
of items and abilities to use, it’s not the best in my opinion. The best item in Breath of The Wild is, the
Paraglider. Yup that’s right, the best item in Breath
of The Wild is this shitty piece of cloth and a few sticks that lets Link glide around. Jokes aside this item is by far the most superior
of them all. Now I’m saying it would rain suprier in
other Zelda games but in Breath of The Wild it definitely is the best item and let me
explain why. The paraglider is given to you fairly early
on in the game, after completing the first four shrines on the great plateau you are
given what I believe is the best item in the game. When you break down everything that this item
can do it’s amazing. The paraglider allows you to scale the massive
land of Hyrule with incredible pace and precision. A good example of this is when you can see
something in the distance from a slight height. Traditionally you would have to head out on
foot to reach the given desiteiton but with the Paraglider you can safely and swiftly
glide over to it. This avoids you getting lost in say a forest
that is in between you and the location or a group of enemies. It makes short journeys a whole lot quicker
when you have the higher ground but that’s not all. The paraglider also allows us to escape near
death situations in some cases. There were countless times I was fighting
a group of bokoblins or mobilns by the edge of a mountain or a high point of the land
and in some cases I was more than definitely finished but I was able to take a leap of
faith of those edges and escape that near situation. It sounds like a simple thing but this happened
to me fairly often throughout my playthrough of the game. On top of that the Paraglider is amazing for
inspecting and scooping out and area you haven’t really explored yet. I found myself doing this all the time in
the game. When I reach areas like the Faron Grasslands
I got myself up to the top of the mountain and checked the area out from above first
and then flew down to the safest area I could see. Only to have a fucking Lynel appear in front
of me. Holy shit. Despite that slight mishap early on in my
Breath of The Wild experience the Paraglider is by far the most useful item in the game. It speeds up traveling so much, it’s easy
enough to scale your way up a mountain and once you get to the top you can literally
pick a location that looks interesting to you and then just jump off and glide your
way over. It really adds a ton of enjoyment to exploring
in Breath of The Wild and makes the open world feel that little bit bigger. I mean can you imagine the game without the
paraglider? Just think about how slow and tedious travelling
would be. Yeah it would technically speaking more realistic
but come on this is a Legend of Zelda game, we don’t do, realistic around here. My point is, the game wouldn’t be anywhere
near as good without the paraglider and it could actually affect the story. I mean for one the paraglider is needed to
leave the Great Plateau and when you go to battle Calamity Ganon Link needs it for when
they plummet to depths of the castle. The battle would have been over right there
and then if Link didn’t have the glider but you know, if the paraglider wasn’t in
the game developers would be able to work around those two story points, but let’s
not think like that for the sake of the video. This item is truly glorious in the game and
to answer the questions on how it is better than the Master Sword, well think about it
like this. In Breath of The Wild the master sword isn’t
actually required to beat Calamity Ganon. Traidntally yes you would need the blade of
evil’s bane to seal Ganon but that’s not the case in Breath of The Wild as Zelda is the
one who takes care of sealing him. Hell you could go into that battle with a
stick and come out triumphant. Along with that the master sword isn’t even
the best sword you can in the game. It’s base level is only 30 and there is
sword within the game as high as 50 and 60 within the base game. Yeah you can upgrade it but that’s through
DLC. The paraglider on the other hand can speed
up your travels which in this game can take quite a while considering the size of Hyrule
and everything that can be in the way, it can help you get a better idea of the area
you’re in before going in on foot into the unknown, it offers a way out of situations
you can’t handle, sometimes avoiding death and with all of that, it’s also just really
fun. Now I know that’s the strongest point to
make it the best item but you can’t tell me you haven’t taken the time to just mess
around with the paraglider. Me personally I love going to different high
points of the map and seeing how long I can glide for, where I can reach, flying over
areas to check out the beautiful view from above and sometimes when game night gets a
little bit crazy and I drink soda with sugar I like to shield surf FROM my paraglider. I’m fucking crazy. The point is there is a lot of enjoyment to
get out of this item and when you combine all of the practical uses and the fun that
it offers, I believe that it is the all round best item in the game but that’s just me. The final thing I’d have to say about the
paraglider is, imagine Breath of The Wild without it, would it be the same experience? And be honest with yourself here. Scrap the story elements it could affect and
just look at the gameplay, I honestly don’t think Breath of The Wild would be anywhere
near as good as it was without this item. It gives you so much to do and in my eyes
it gives you more than any item within the game. But hey I enjoyed Link’s crossbow training
on the Nintendo Wii so don’t fucking listen to me, I don’t have a trusted opinion. I hope you guys enjoyed that video, if you’re
a member of my Discord server or follow me on Twitter or even saw my community post on
YouTube then you will know I gave a little teaser of this video a few days ago and said
that anyone who can guess what the video will be about correctly I’d give a special mention
to in said video. I got a lot more responses that I thought
I thought I would and boy did a lot of you get it correct so here is everyone that got
it correct as of the time of editing this video. I apologise if you gave me your prediction
after I began rendering this video as I did this part last to ensure I could get as many
of you in the video as possible but don’t worry if I couldn’t get you in this time
as I will be doing more of these teasers in the future with the chance to be featured
in the video so thanks for participating in this one. Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed this little
Breath of The Wild video, be sure to let me know if you agree with me or not and if not
what your idea of the best item in the game is. Special thanks to my patreon supporters, Hexovian,
Lenerk01, Kaytala, Kerika, Sephira Skye and Daniel Killman. Your support really helps me to run the channel
and continue to put out these videos, thank you. Again I really hope you enjoyed the video
and until the next time, I’ve been Hyrule Gamer.

76 thoughts on “The BEST Item in Breath of The Wild That NOBODY Mentions!”

  1. The best item in Breath of the Wild is…

    The Stick. You Can find them almost anywhere you go, you can have a ton of them, and it takes almost no effort to find them. Enough said

    No doubt. Lol

    Also hope you have a good day!

  2. Completely agree. There's that feeling once you get it of really boosting your capabilities once you have the paraglider. I remember that first jump with the paraglider after I got it in my first game. Lol, I was creeped out by that jump. Now, I love having this ability!

  3. Bro I completely agree! I thought you were going to say something like the Savage Lynel Crusher since its the weapon with the most damage lol. But It feels kinda weird playing other zelda games without it. Every game from now on should have it, or the sailcloth, or anything that lets you glide.

  4. The paraglider is wonderful…

    But my unpopular opinion about it is that we get it way too early in the game

    It makes exploration super easy right from the beginning and allows you to fly over any potential danger

    It should be an item found inside hyrule castle imo

    You must earn it

    It won't be that way in botw2 im sure
    But i'd love it to be something you must earn…

  5. ayyy mega epic video HG
    and yeah, i use the paraglider wayy too much. I even use it when going down the smallest of slopes lmao

  6. Didn't even think about the paraglider lol. Loved the points and the scenes keep up the good work! 😀😀

  7. I’m with you here. My favourite Zelda items have always been items that help you traverse differently or reach new areas and the paraglider definitely fits that. I think it’s so overlooked because it essentially becomes second nature to use it to the point it might as well just be part of Link rather than item. It’s super useful and fun to use.

  8. I love the Paraglider and it along with climbing were the biggest reasons why BotW was praised for it's extreme sense of freedom and exploration even beyond other open world games but please, if it returns in BotW 2 and I hope it does, it should really be nerfed because sometimes too much freedom and and making traversal too easy is boring. It's weird to think about but people actually like challenge and the feeling of accomplishment more than being handed out free achievements.

    Traversal should be fun and free form but there should also be some challenge in traversing the world. Remember when Aonuma first revealed Zelda Wii U/BotW and he said "The puzzle solving in this game begins when you decide where you want to go, how you will get there, and what you will do when you arrive"? Well I think the second part of that statement was never fully realized. Because in the actual game it goes like this: 1. See something in the distance(tall mountain, weird enemy, cool town, large robot, etc.), 2. If your at a high location you could just glide there and there was no actual figuring out how to get there 3. Arrive , do the thing and then repeat.

    Imagine if you had to actually had to figure out how to get to a cool location and not just paraglide there every single time with no risk or thinknig about the layout of the environment and the natural obstacles that you would have to face. And then the addition of fast travel also made the situation worse. Fast travel should have been limited to just every town and region Tower not every single of the 120 shrines. Because mid game most people just fast traveled everywhere and there was never really a need to plan your route. This is why i turned off the mini map.

  9. I thought you were going to mention the Korok Leaf. It's very versatile! But the Paraglider is much more important and useful.

    When's Link's Crossbow Training HD, Nintendo!?

  10. I completely agree the paraglider is so important. You could bot even leave the Great Plateau without it, Also such a fantastic video as always.

  11. BoTW makes it so hard to play any other open world game. Like wanna jump of the cliff and paraglide? You’ll die especially in Witcher 3

  12. My first reaction when I saw the paraglider was “Oh nice a paraglider, but it looks kinda tacky, maybe later in the game I can trade it out for one with a different design or change the color at the very least”

    Later in the game…

    “Hey look there’s a dye shop that’s probably where I can change my paraglider”

    And to nobody’s surprise there was no option for this, instead I got dunked in a bucket, and then told I hope you find that pallet-able 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. The item is not what I expected, but, the paraglider is an amazing item. Hyrule Gamer, mabye sometime soon, you should do a vid about which champion is the best and has the best powers, or mabye a vid about mabye the best armour set, or….. Something. And also, do you think the sequel to botw will be better than the 1st botw? By the way, sorry this is so long, but I have seen longer.

  14. This game was the first i played from the Zelda series and once i got the paraglider i was even more in love with it. I bought the game without knowing anything about it and i don't regret my decision.


  15. Me: watching the intro and trying to predict where he’s going with this
    HG: “And no, it isn’t the Sheikah Slate.”

    downs recovery elixir “Well shit, I’m out of ideas.”

  16. Second comment:

    Okay but the sequence of non-realism is by far the hardest I’ve laughed in ANY Zelda video. You, sir, win YouTube for today.

  17. Great video! I never thought that much into the paraglider, but it really is a great item. Thx for mentioning me! It was fun trying to guess the title

  18. It would be cool if you did a video on possible locations where the divine beasts might’ve been buried after the sheikah were disbanded

  19. So a few years back I'm in New Hampshire for a wedding. My date suggests we hike up a mountain while we're there that's very popular: Mt. Monadnock. It's about 3,000ft tall. Get all the way up there after like 3 hours of walking. Quite exhausted and the sun is setting. I'm thinking "Breath of the Wild makes it look so easy!". That's when I realized why my brain was busted. In the real world when you climb up mountains you also have to climb back down. No paraglider IRL. I felt so cheated! It was hours before we got back, it was pitch black walking down, and my knee bothered me for like a year after that. Moral of the story: The paraglider is awesome. Be sure to take one before climbing mountains in real life.

    What saddens me most about it is, it's clearly of Rito design yet no one every acknowledges this in-game 🙁

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