The Breath Before | British Comedy Awards 2014 | Cystic Fibrosis Trust


You remember the gig, the crowd and the song, but not the breath you took before you sang along Laughing till you couldn’t breathe, but of
course your breath came back. These are the breaths you take for granted. Even the breath that brings new life. This was the breath that was knocked out of
you when they told you the news. These are the breaths you no longer take for
granted. The breaths she will have to work for every
single day of here life. The breath that will leave her before she
turns 30. We are fighting to change this , one breath
at a time. We will sing instead of gasping for air. We will be breathless with laughter, and nothing
else. We might struggle to find the right words,
but not the breath to say them with. Someday our breath will last us a full lifetime. This year, take a breath for CF. Help us blow cystic fibrosis away. For good.

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