THE Cure for Bad Breath – How to Clean Your Tongue

THE Cure for Bad Breath – How to Clean Your Tongue

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I’m not here to tell you today that your breath stinks What I am here to share with you today is the best technique that we have found to cure bad breath We’re going to keep it [short] to the point [so] you can grasp the information Put it to use in your own Daily oral Hygiene habits So bad breath is caused by [specific] types of Bacteria in the mouth [we] call these Bacteria bad bugs because they’re also responsible for gum disease and tooth Decay in the mouth a couple of points I want to bring up about the bad bugs and will show you the technique first of all these bad bugs lay down a scum Wherever they live, okay? They do this for a couple of reasons first of all They lay down this scum in order to cling to or attach to whatever they’re living on so whether that’s on The tooth surface wrong on the back your tongue wherever they lay down this scum to attach themselves The second is to [be] able to create a low oxygen or what’s called an anaerobic Environment you see these bad bugs really thrive in Low oxygen environments That’s an important key when we look at the technique that we have here in order to Rid our mouths of bad breath Step one scrape your tongue with something like a tongue scraper spoon or orabrush Really anything you can effectively remove the scum off the tongue with will work? Well almost anything Step [two] now that we’ve removed the scum that keeps the bad bugs in a low oxygen environment We can now easily kill the bad [bug] simply by brushing some antimicrobial solution over the surface of the tongue an Alternative to brushing an antimicrobial solution onto the back of the tongue is to put a couple of drops of an antimicrobial Into a cup of water and swish and Gargle thereby still getting it onto the back of the tongue Although just scraping your tongue is good the second step using the second step of applying an antimicrobial On it on the toothbrush or in the form of a gargle is Huge to really knock down the populations of bad bugs in your mouth, and really reduce the risk of bad breath we use the brushing blend as the antimicrobial after scraping our tongue whether it’s on our toothbrush or a dropper – [on] the Gargle Cup to be able to switch with after scraping the tongue because it does a fabulous job of Killing the Bacteria that causes tooth decay gum disease and bad breath While it supports the gum tissue to heal better by increasing blood flow of the gum tissue, okay? Make sure that you use a safe antimicrobial. This is actually really important You know chlorine is a neck antimicrobial But I’m not saying to go chlorine on your tongue right if you’re going to gargle with something be very very mindful that it’s not loaded with poisons or artificial dyes and funky junk in your system or alcohols because alcohol really dries out the mouth and lowers saliva production and that increases the bad bugs that causes bad breath So make sure you use a safe antimicrobial There’s the technique we hope it helps [hollar] with any questions. We’re here to help you take control of your oral health Thank you, or wellness [great] smiles healthy gums and fresh breath without all the other stuff

19 thoughts on “THE Cure for Bad Breath – How to Clean Your Tongue”

  1. @cassiehassan You bet! Here's a link to our site. We produce a 100% organic and wildcrafted blend that:
    1. effectively kills the bacteria responsible for bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay
    2. does all this without using any questionable ingredients (like in most commercial toothpastes.

    If you think about it, if toothpaste worked, would 90% of adults have gum disease???

    Youtube won't let me put a link so you'll have to type in: OraWellness(dot)com

    To your health!

  2. @jasonfreddie1 Thanks for posting! We are glad you appreciate the video. While we agree that Orabrush does effectively scrape the tongue, I have two 'beefs' with Orabrush. First, it only does part of the best solution. To really maximize the reduction in bad bugs on the tongue, after scraping it's best to apply a non toxic antibacterial. My second beef with Orabrush is it is a piece of cheap plastic. We do our best to avoid needless plastic consumption.

    To your health!

  3. Would you say peroxide is suitable for rinsing? If so, what strength? Also, do you recommend oral probiotic supplements? Thanks!

  4. I have had bad breath, lost my job due to it. Tried to find a new job but it's very hard once you stink up the office. I had tonsil stones and awful bad breath. My friend told me to check Oraltech Labs as it got rid of his bad breath and his post nasal drip. I've been following Oraltech Labs bad breath cure program for about 2 weeks now and I feel much better, also people are not avoiding me anymore so it seems to have cured my bad breath as well:-)

  5. hey in the video you said anything like a scraper? but what exactly? i can't think of anything i could use to scrape my tongue.

  6. so what IS a antimicrobial? Can one make something at home with an essential oil drops and water? Do you sell something? I'm not finding this info

  7. I have Ben stayed 11 year and my tongue is white and after I saw this video my tongue is normal like every human

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