The Dirty Truth About E-Cigs

The Dirty Truth About E-Cigs

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It’s the e-cig apocalypse! And I’m gonna be
real — I have a very bad feeling about it, right in here. Hello friends, Laci Green here for DNews.
Is it me or was it practically overnight that it went from people smoking cigarettes to
sucking on those little tubes that look like ink pens? In the past couple years, electronic
cigarettes have shot up to a multi billion dollar industry. It happened so fast, government
officials are like AHHHHHH WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY AND HOW DO WE REGULATE IT? Meanwhile, minors
can buy e-cigs legally in many states, they’re being given away as free samples online, and
the companies are actively marketing themselves as a “tobacco free alternative to cigarettes”
that will “help you quit”. OKKKKK. This is my skeptical face, guys. While all the legal junk is worked out, it’s
up to SCIENTISTS to take a good hard look at these newfangled devices. Last week, the
largest major review of the research on e-cigs was published in the American Heart Association’s
scientific journal. They found that the claims of the e-cig manufacturers are…not supported
by the data. One of the big claims that came under fire was that e-cigs will help you quit…or
at least smoke less. The scientists found, based on 5 population-based studies, that
those who used e-cigs to quit were actually significantly LESS likely to be successful,
by about 30%. And that’s probably related to….claim #2
that was kicked to the curb: that it’s a safe alternative that only releases pure nicotine
and water vapor. In their research, the scientists found formaldehyde, propylene glycol, and
lead amongst other well-known toxins in the vapor. Sound familiar? It’s just…like…cigarettes!
UC San Francisco’s tobacco research center stated that “E-cigs do not deliver pure nicotine
and harmless water vapor”. It may not have tobacco in it, but the e-cigs are still delivering
the same carcinogens that are known to cause chronic disease and cancer. And the second
hand vapor is emitting it as well. Then there’s there’s the most disturbing part
of the study to ME. A growing number of middle and high schoolers report having tried e-cigs
instead of cigarettes, and the number of teen users more than doubled to almost 2 million
from 2011 to 2012. It’s even more now in 2014, which is a concern given that 90% of lifetime
nicotine addiction begins in the teen years. The e-cig industry seems to be intentionally
targeting teens–they use cool marketing with colors and candy flavors, they sponsor youth-driven
events like rock concerts all the while claiming that they’re harmless. Some teens in the studies
didn’t even know that it contains nicotine, even though they may be able to buy them.
Let’s be real: this industry’s goal is to sell a product and develop lifelong buyers,
and if they are allowed to sell addictive substances with misleading claims, then they
will….and personally, I don’t think they should be able to. But I want to know what
you guys think. Tell me your thoughts about e-cigs down below and I’ll catch you next
time on DNews!

100 thoughts on “The Dirty Truth About E-Cigs”

  1. Get your facts straight rather than focusing on studies that support your claims, why don't you focus on all studies not just those paid for by big tobacco that try to push you back into smoking!

  2. What is the wholistic data about nicotine? Interesting to know that other carcinogens are present in the vapour.

  3. 10 months of vaping, that since my last post and holy shit! Why are you lying like this on you tube. That lead comment was a low blow that study was based on unrealistic situations. They turned up the wattage and mA to the point where the coil vaporized. Any vaper like myself knows doing somthing like that would only give you the worst dry hit ever. So good fucking job doing your research like a professional reporter.

  4. Do not listen to people who will not make you make sense of things if you are a smoker Have Eyes you to switch I'll tell you the reason why


  6. is this pig working for malboro or what? i mean it sounds like "hey! let us smoke cigarettes it is almost same!" pff very cheap!

  7. Here is the new study from the same group. Take this down dnews its mis information.

  8. although i do agree that using the compounds for ecigs under heat (which creates a reaction) i do know… my dad smoked for 35 years and quit by weaning on ecig *juice. he went from x amount of nicotine that was bearable, every month he lowered the nicotine level of juice he bought, eventually got to 0 nicotine and spent about 6 months of simply getting out of the habbit of *hitting something. he doesnt smoke at all now and says the 3 years he used ecigs made im feel much more healthy than on cigs (of course he says after stopping all of it is better lol)… coming from my military strict dad that runs 2.5 and 5 miles every other day… this is almost bias….. but really, his word isnt. i am trying his weaning method myself. i think ecigs are a great tool for it… as a replacement? NO! its all not good. Regular air is unhealthy (if u think about it). in that aspect, i agree with the video. But i do urge to people stopping cigs for ecigs.. WEAN dont make it a habbit that replaces a cig. make it a tool to help keep ur psychy from wanting to have a hit.

  9. Tried e-cigs, but they are not for me. The taste is generally far too artificial and I think that this stuff can be VERY habit forming. Simply because it is so easy to implement into your day-to-day life. That is also why cigarettes basically replaced cigars and pipes (for the most part) back in the day. Smoking a cigar takes time. Like 40 minutes+ (up to 90). While a cigarette is easily smoked anywhere between 3 and 5 minutes. Now there are E-cigs, where one can take a puff whenever he feels like it. Which stands to make it even more habit forming than ordinary cigarettes. Because the ease of use is improved upon. A devilishly clever product if you think about it.

  10. BS check ur sh!t before u tell the only traces of ferneldahyde and led was at over 7 volt in order to achieve that you would have to vape at 5000 watts on a burnt coil over and over again ok? "Vape scientist"

  11. I don’t even like e cigarettes, but this is what anybody would call crappy journalism. This is highly biased, to the point that no person with a functioning brain would take this bs.

  12. I would kick and beat the idiots who made this. Beaucouse it’s just like commiting mass murder, vaping is proven the best way to quit cigarettes and it’s proven to be 99% safer than cigarettes, you can’t compare cigarettes and vaping it’s like comparing a murder to a hero. Raw truth, and all that Tabacco industry money you got from making this video, shove it up your ass, and continue using cancer sticks, fucking murders

  13. I can't put into words how much I'm disappointed to seeing bullshit like this in seeker. Long time subber. Unsubbed. How much did big tobacco pay you for this?

  14. Discovery New s- 1:23 – Alternative that only releases pure nicotine and WATER VAPOR. – Water in your lungs makes? Is it dangerous to have water in lungs?
    Some cases of pleural effusion can have more serious complications, depending on the severity of the condition, cause, and treatment used. Serious complications can include: pulmonary edema or fluid in the lungs, which can result from draining fluid too quickly during thoracentesis. partial collapsed lung.

    Discovery News needs proof in physical form not paper. Real scientist use real gear to prove their studies.

    Discovery News – 1:26 – In their research, scientists FOUND FORMALDEHYE, PROPLENE GLYCOL, and LEAD AMOUNGST OTHER WELL-KNOWN –

    How harmful is formaldehyde?
    Aside from ALS risk or other nervous system consequences, formaldehyde is a respiratory irritant that causes chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing, and nose and throat irritation, according to the ATSDR. It can also cause cancer, and has been linked to an increased risk of asthma and allergies in kids

    For those who vape know how they feel.

    We are back to calling e-cigs Cigarettes. Has no one seen the test vacuums ?


  15. Well this is old. E Juice does NOT contain carcinogens. Only nicotine if you chose. Other than that, there’s no harm done.

  16. Know one is gona believe this bitch, after "There are over 6 million genders!" Fucking lie. Even without her, Vaping saves lives. Stop lieing

  17. How does a student is considered journalism and yes isn't not safe but a safe consideration to smoking cigarettes and was made to help smokers stop smoking by being about to control your amount of nicotine and some don't even have nicotine in them but fools your brain in to helping you stop smoking so maybe next time get someone that knows what there taking about not a child trying to pull off being a scientists when she doesn't have a PHD thank you

  18. Idiots. They claim nicotine gum and the patch help people to quit, both with a success rate under 10%. Ecigs success rate is 30% and this is somehow a failure?!?

  19. so did anyone noticed that all thay do is repeat the same shit over and over i just watched 7 ecig facts videos and they all repeat it over and over word for word some times im realy sick of idiots who look like a desprit house wife's reject think they knowe what there talking about because if she did she would knowe thoes chemicals only get produced by igniting your coils or using one coil for way to long like months and months the ecigs the study used i bet were not changed out after an equivalent of months of use was done to the coil so yah in that case ask the actual questions like how long did you use a coil was all day every day did you change it out after all the damage was done to it or are you just stupid ask an actual question ms.glasses

  20. Why is a woman who was, until recently , a hardcore left-wing feminist pretending to be a credible journalist?
    Don't believe me? Look her up. She used to be an extreme antiscience, antimale, pussyhat wearing feminist until she supposedly started dating a conservative.

  21. With all the research over the last four years showing the benefits of e cigs, maybe a retraction or an update to this video would be the way to go.

  22. I remember there was a test it was flaw because they test the vape by dry hitting it and which cause all the chemicals.

  23. Vaping is stopping smoking at least for 5 of my cousins, 1 uncle, 4 aunts, and my brother oh yea and I switched from a 10 year cigarette smoker to a vaper. I currently don’t use nicotine. Vaping helped me kick smoking after many cessation attempts.

  24. I started vaping 2 weeks ago, and since then, I haven't finished a single pack of cigarettes. Before vaping, I used to smoke one pack of cigarettes every three days. Some days I'm about to start a cigarette in the evening, and then I vape and the urges of cigarettes almost dissappear making it way easier to keep me from smoking at least during that day

  25. What you can do with the e-cigarettes you can finger yourself with it tbh that's also the dirty truth about it lol but i am for real aboit that sum girls told me they don't need dildos or a real man's they got their vaper or e-cigarette lol

  26. I smoked cigarettes for 37 years. After I picked up a sub-vape rig I quit cigarettes in 1 month!!. Have been off of them for 8 months and have even reduced my vaping by half in that same time period. We may not know the long term effects of vaping but I do know if it wasn't for this product I'd be a bag of bones in 5-10 years!. I'll take what I can get.

  27. false😂 wow now its 2019 and watching this makes me sick🤮 Its not even water vapor. It is Proylene Glycol and vegetable Glycerin. PG sucks up water and does not fill the lungs with water. PG and VG are big molecules and can not be absorbed by the lungs and thats why it comes out as a big cloud. Smoking has way way way more particles per area than vaping so stfu and stop complaining.

  28. Nothing completely safe, even you walk outside you have the potential to get cancer because of pollution, especially from car exhaust fumes. Is it cig propaganda or somethin ?

  29. Never heard that ecigs or vaping is harmless and if someone who smoked cigarettes wants to quit smoking cigarettes and starts vaping then there goal is achieved and the things about cigarettes that really kills you is the tar and this targeting teens is ridiculous EVERYONE LIKE SWEET OR CANDY FLAVORS that's why they make candy just because kids teens ADULTS like candy enough said

  30. Cigarette smoker of over two decades. Quit thanks to vaping. This video is intentionally misleading on the so called dangers of vaping.

  31. Scientists actually say cancer warnings are very misleading dont they? I see why laci seems to have a lot of "haters".

  32. Also the fermaldahyde…. extremely uncommon in people using them properly. And it varies depending on the type of coil and how it's manufactured

  33. Did you even look at the toxicant comparison??? The levels are dramatically higher for tobacco smoke than for e-cig vapor.
    I switched from smoking over half a pack a day to vaping a couple months ago. No more breathing restriction, no more nasty slimy smokers cough, not exhausted after 2 flights of stairs anymore. And you’re telling people it’s just as bad?? I feel so much better after having quit tobacco and the people around aren’t disgusted by my clothes and breath smelling like an ashtray anymore. Also I spent way less money now. Do your damn research.

  34. Well, people will still keeping smoking thats a fact, so shouldnt we go for a friendly one? So yes to VAPERS, and NO to regulations that only increases costs, to the point of getting back to cigarrets..

  35. Adios morons! Have fun with your seizures!

  36. Laci,
    I m sure you mean well and probably believe the propaganda you are selling. But honey you really should educate yourself a bit more on this topic. I and my husband smoked cigarettes for over 35+ years. We tried everything to quit at one point or another. NOTHING worked. We tried vaping and within a few days we were finished with cigarettes forever. It is 95% safer then smoking and all the ex-smokers like myself can attest to how much better we feel. I find this so sad, that you do you not see the harm you are creating, by helping big tobacco with your inaccurate propaganda and scare tactics.

  37. You just lost all credibility when you said " It's commonly thought that electronic cigarettes are safe, " NOBODY ever said ecigs are SAFE.. We say they are LESS HARMFUL. Gezuz, get your facts right before making videos.

  38. The British civil service updated an independent review in regards to vaping the link is below; REMEMBER in the uk we have health care free to the point of use and the British civil service will base there evidence on the sole principle of public health.

  39. Here is a little something to watch about E – Cigs. It will explain everything by Proffesionals.

  40. Vaping helped me quit smoking cigarettes also. Its much cheaper, and even if there is still some risk I’m sure it’s less risky than smoking cigs…

  41. Absolute garbage. This video caused me to question ALL your videos. It goes without saying that I instantly unsubscribed.

  42. Stop with the kids talk. People who are legally allowed to use them want the information. We all know inhaling anything other than air is bad. We want to know how much safer it is than cigarettes. Especially without nicotine and the chemicals associated with nicotine.

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