The Final Table | Season 1, Episode 6 | Cold As Ice

The Final Table | Season 1, Episode 6 | Cold As Ice

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– We are back. – From the Rivers Property
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. – This is The Final Table. – [David] Last week
on The Final Table, the snap call brought
Antonio a snack that was hard to
digest, while Phil and Joe’s players still
remain after passing the test. Maria and I watched
the Tank of the Day that she though was disgraced, and we saw Professor
Flunk at the table and a lawyer lose his case. Which one of our host will
pay the punishment this week? Find out now on the
The Final Table. (energetic rock music) – [Phil] I was supposed to
go broke on that hand, honey, except they forgot one thing. I can dodge bullets, baby. – [Antonio] Please? One time! (players mumbling) One time. – You wanna bet. Every week we see
who’s gonna win, and there are some pretty
grave consequences. (player laughing) – [Host] So that’s why
he’s giving a break. – [Host] Go ahead
and set your terms. – [Host] No, no, there’s no
way he can set the terms. – I’m actually really good
at loading my dishwasher but I don’t really even see
why we need to watch this. – [Host] Oh, my god, I’m
having a tough time, guys. – Hello, and welcome
to The Final Table, the poker show where
the hosts pick someone to win and when
they don’t, you have to put something
gross in your mouth. Like Antonio did last week. He actually could not finish
the Saltine challenge. And then we almost tried
to freeze his arm off. Is everything okay? – Everything’s okay. The arm is functioning. Life is good. – This week, either Phil
or myself will still have to try to attempt the
Saltine challenge, because this tournament
is far from over. Phil, if you lose here,
you’ve already decided you’re going
Worcestershire sauce. – Oh, definitely going
Worcestershire, yeah. The worst to chester
chire sauce, yeah. – The worst to
chest chire sauce. We gotta get to the
poker action pretty soon, but first, let’s take a
look at the chip counts as we left them last week. Brian Bartek, my
pick, the EDM fanatic from Pennsylvania
has got a slight lead over Phil’s horse, the
guy who only reads things he finds in the Internet. I bet jet fuel could
melt Phil’s horse. Michael Reno is
bringing up the rear. He says his life story would
be called The Struggle. So far, the story checks out. – Being the short
stack is a struggle. I was a short stack recently
with some big pay jumps, and it’s a struggle. You feel like your hands
are tied a little bit. It’s much more fun
to have the chip lead like Antonio always does. – Your life story is
anything but a struggle. Let’s call him
the anti-struggle. – The anti-struggle. – Whatever he needs
just like a red carpet. 14 bracelets, no problem. How he does it, nobody knows. – We know how he does
it, it’s white magic. I’ve learned that if I’ve
learned nothing else. – White magic. – We gotta get things back
down to the poker action, so for now, let’s
kick it on down to poker’s most
mismatched couple, Dave Tuckman and
Maria Ho, and that’s gonna really drive them crazy, ’cause they’re both
gonna think they’re the too good one. – Yeah, we got it. – [Player] And that’s the truth. – [David] David Tuckman
alongside Maria Ho. The final table down
to three players. We are at Rivers Pittsburgh. Button in front of Phil
Hellmuth’s pick, Justin Daley. Small blind by Brian Bartek
is Joe Stapleton’s horse. Bartek’s gonna raise
to $92,000 with fours. How are you, Maria? – [Maria] I’m pretty good. (Maria laughs) Feel like I’ve been
really mean, lately, and I think I’m ready
to try being nice again. – [David] I don’t
think it suits you. I think mean works. (Maria laughs) – [Maria] I don’t know, I don’t
think most people would say that, though. – [David] Good cop, bad cop. – [Maria] That’s true. – [David] One of us
has to play the role. – [Maria] There’ll be no
calls here with king, 10. – [David] This is
always a problem spot for a lot of
players, I feel like. You feel like you have
to raise with fours, but you’re almost
always gonna get called. And you’re almost always
gonna hate the flop. – [Maria] Yeah, I
mean, definitely. Small pairs are so tough
to play out of position. But like you said, you do
feel like blind versus blind, you should come in with a raise. – [David] Reno is gonna float. – [Maria] Reno
does have two overs and a back door spade draw. As well as back door straights. – [David] Ace of
hearts on the turn. – [Maria] And this
is interesting,
’cause this is a spot where Bartek is essentially
turning his hand into a bluff, if and
when he bets here. – [David] Tryin’ to get
like a pair of eights to fold, maybe? – [Maria] Yeah, or you know,
fives, sixes, some other hands that I think Reno could have
in his range when he calls Bri. – [Dealer] $223,000. – [David] Reno, our
short stack, right now. Bartek, our big stack, and sure
enough, double barrel works. Bartek the EDM junkie. You know what EDM stands for? – [Maria] Electronic
dance music. – [David] I knew that. – [Maria] No, you didn’t. It was one of those things
where you ask somebody if they know because
you don’t know, and then you wait for them
to answer the question and then next time you’re
just gonna use their answer. – [Player] If we were closer,
I’d buy ’em off of you, but. – [David] I don’t know
what you’re talkin’ about. (Maria and player laughing) – [Player] So far. – [Maria] I should’ve
made something up, like you know EDM stands
for electric disco Macarena. And then maybe next time. – [David] Yeah, ’cause
that’s really good. That’s the best you
could come up with? – [Maria] On the spot? Yeah. – [Player] That’s
solid, I don’t know. – [David] Blind’s
$20,000, $40,000. – [Michael] I’m just gonna call. A very weak play but– – [David] Michael
Reno’s gonna call. Michael Reno, by the way,
he idealizes Joe Dirt. Do you know what Joe Dirt is? – [Maria] Like from the movie? – [David] I guess so. – [Maria] Okay. – [David] Still, I
did some research. All I could find was
Joe Dirt the movie. Now, it’s one thing to
idealize a really good movie. Joe Dirt, according
to Rotten Tomatoes, got an 11 percent rating. – [Maria] And I can say
that I must have read the review, because I’ve
never watched Joe Dirt. – [David] Apparently a really,
really bad David Spade movie. Although, a Joe Dirt 2 was made. – [Maria] So, Daley
flops top pair here, and Reno has now turned an
open-ended straight draw. He did have a gut
shot on the flop. – [David] Here the
pot’s $196,000. You can see that in
the bottom right corner of your screen. – [Michael] 140. – [Dealer] 140. 140. – [Justin] Call. – [Maria] And Reno’s
gonna bet here on a draw, and Daley’s gonna call,
obviously with top pair. – [Justin] You’re gonna have
some yellows after this one. – [David] Pot now
up to $476,000. – [Justin] Golds, whatever. Tan. It doesn’t matter what– – [David] Random facts
about Justin Daley. His favorite movie,
Shawshank Redemption. He has read all the
Game of Thrones books. – [Maria] Kai has good taste. Loved Shawshank Redemption,
and I didn’t read Game of Thrones, but I’ve watched it. – [David] Right. (Maria giggles) Reno continues to bluff,
and Daley goes nowhere. Snap call and a pair of 10s
is going to be good here. – Do I have to show? – He does. – [Michael] I need to
put my chips out there. – [Maria] Don’t– – [David] Real
resistant to showing. – [Maria] Yeah. – [David] He finally
does show the five high. – [Maria] And you never
like it when somebody calls without putting the
chips out there. – [Crowd Member]
Koushka, Koushka. (crowd clapping) – [David] Hellmuth
Schwartz loves it. We’re gonna take a short break. Back after this. – [Announcer] Closed
captioning is brought to you as a public service
by The Final Table. (energetic rock music) – [David] Welcome back
to The Final Table. We’re at Rivers Pittsburgh. Maria Ho, David Tuckman here. Still three handed. Michael Reno, – [Player] I know. – [David] our short
stack on the button. – [Justin] 1.8,
2.8, I’m almost– – [David] Picks up king, queen. – [Brian] 95. – $95,000. – [Maria] And he’s gonna
raise it to $95,000 here on the button. – All in. – All in. – [David] And
Bartek moves all in. – [Maria] Yeah, you
can’t really blame Bartek for effectively putting
Reno all in here, for about 22 big blinds. – [David] Are you
calling with king, queen? – [Maria] It’s a tough one. A little bit has to
do with the dynamic you have with your
opponent, your history. How light do you
think he is jamming against your stack size. It’s close. I probably would fold,
pick a better spot. – [David] Reno calls. I would call, simply
because, as Reno being the short stack, he
doesn’t have to worry about laddering up as much. – [Maria] Yes, that’s true. It’s only just about if
you think you’re flipping versus being dominated. But yeah, for the better
part of Bartek’s range, he probably is flipping against. – Good luck. – [David] Jack, jack, five. Bartek’s six is
still in the lead. Reno at risk. Four of diamonds, no help. And now Reno, just looking
for a king or a queen. Six outs, with one card to come. Here it is. Seven of spades. – [Justin] Good game, Mike. – [Maria] And it looks like
that will end things here for Reno. – [David] He’s gonna go
destroy a Long Island iced tea. (Maria laughs) That’s what he does, okay. The roofer and father of
three destroys Long Island iced teas, and you know what,
he can buy a lot of ’em, ’cause he has just
made himself $20,000. – [Brian] Feels
like it’s been fast. – That was really fast. My wife’s not gonna be here. Hold on, slow it down. – [Brian] Yeah. – [Player] It’s gotta be. – [David] So, we’re Heads Up. And not only are we
head’s up between Bartek and Daley, but we’re
Heads Up between Stapleton and Hellmuth, ’cause that’s
what’s at stake right now. – [Maria] Who of the two
is going to get punished? That is the question. – [David] You know, Stapes
hasn’t been punished much. Part of me kinda wants to
see him get a little bit of pain. – [Maria] But I feel like,
in the big scheme of things, most people are
probably rooting more for Stapes, and less for Phil. (Maria laughs) – [David] I can’t deny that. – [Dealer] It’s gonna
be a re-raise here. First raise was to– – 295. 650. – [David] So, Daley
opens, Bartek, three bets. Daley immediately four bets. How do you like
your ace, four now? – [Maria] I don’t
like it quite as much or at all, but it
looks like Bartek is gonna peel here. – [David] No, but, he hadn’t
even put in his original, his three bet in there, yet. – [Maria] Oh! – [David] Daley
announced the four bet– – [Maria] Wow! – [David] Before Bartek even
got his three bet in there. – [Maria] Then, depending
on sizing, you kinda have to toss it, right? Let’s see. $650k, $355k to call. – [Player] Nice hand. – [David] He shows
the ace and folds. – I’ll show you mine. It doesn’t matter, right? – [David] Daley says,
“I ain’t messin’ around. “I’ll show you my ace, queen.” – [Justin] I guess you
don’t like yellows, either. – [Maria] So, we got two
guys playing Heads Up. They both seem to be
drinking alcohol already. Some might say that they’re
not taking this so seriously, but I don’t know, I
like to think of it as they’re just
having a good time. – [David] Two commentators
in the booth here, doing commentary. We both have alcohol
on our hands. Are we not taking
this seriously? – Two, three, four, five, six. (Justin whispering) – [David] Yeah,
I’m looking forward to this Heads Up battle. About $36,000 difference
between first and second place. These players deep, as well,
relative to the blinds. – [Player] Five, okay. – [David] I mentioned
earlier that Brian Bartek was and EDM junkie. Have you ever been to
EDC during the summer? – [Maria] I would like
to take this opportunity to tell people out
there that I went to EDC before EDC was cool. Like, I’m talking about
probably shouldn’t a been there,
14-year-old Maria self, at EDC before EDC became this
crazy, rage in the desert. That’s me. – [David] Have you
been recently, or no? – [Maria] No. – [David] No interest
in going anymore? – [Maria] No, I
started the trend. I don’t follow. – [David] King high,
the best hand right now. Both players check. – [Maria] And now,
Daley catches up here by rivering a pair of fours. – 143. – $143,000. – [Attendee] $143,000
is the number– – Call. – Call. – How ’bout four– – [Maria] And I don’t hate
this call by Bartek here with king high. I think that Daley
would be willing to take a stab with
a lot of bluffs here, just because the hand was
checked all the way down to the river. (crowd clapping) – Nice hand. – [Crowd Member] Kroushka. – [Crowd Member] Kroushka. – [Player] I heard
someone say that’ll work. It is now. – [David] I suspect that
Daley probably checks an ace, as well, and
is not betting an ace, which makes it even
more reasonable to call with a king high. – [Maria] Yeah, definitely. I mean, he doesn’t
have the king high, but you know, king,
10, still pretty good. – [David] Blinds still
$20,000, $40,000. Another big hand for Daley. Ace, king this time. – 92. – Raise to $92,000. – [Attendee]
$92,000 is the bet– – 295. – You raise to $295. – [Attendee] $295,000– – 800. – [David] A raise, a
three bet, and a four bet, and Daley’s gonna be thinking, “Hey, this guy, is
he pickin’ on me? “What’s goin’ on?” – [Maria] I think for
as deep as they are, I really, really don’t
like that Bartek keeps three betting with
bad aces in his hand. I think that those
kinds of hands, you just wanna go ahead
and call a raise with. – [Justin] 75, 85, 95. – [Player] I just have it– – [David] More Heads Up action, and of course, a
trip the goat farm, – I apologize for having ’em. – [David] After this. – Nope. (upbeat rock music) – [Joe] And then there were two. My boy Brian’s got a slight
lead over Phil’s dog Daley, but if there’s one
thing we all know, it’s that Heads Up
pretty much always goes to the guy who started
with the chip lead. Right, Antonio? – Definitely not true. (Joe laughs) It’s supposed to, but Heads
Up, know when to Hold ‘Em, anything can happen. – It can go any way. I’ve seen 10 to one
chip leads ravaged. – Well, if you’re wondering
what happened to the name Michael Reno off
that chip count, it’s because we had to
put him out to pasture. Out to pasture on the goat farm. (zippy blue grass music) Action’s gonna start
here on Michael Reno, cousin to Robert
California, shout out to Froggy 101. He limps in the small
with five, three. – [Phil] I don’t have
a problem with a limp with five, three. – Game time action. – [Antonio] It’s fine, there’s
a lot of money out there. You can’t just be folding, but. – [Joe] Daley checks his
option with 10, eight in the big blind,
and flops top pair. – [Antonio] Top pair is so
nice when you’re Heads Up. – [Phil] It sure is. – [Joe] Now, this
guy really does look like a Michael Reno, doesn’t he? Leads the flop, quick
call from Daley. – [Phil] I like the aggressive
playing with the five, three. And now he turns an
open ender, Antonio. Now what? – [Antonio] I think
he has to fire again. I mean, if I led the flop
and I turned even outs on the turn, I’m gonna
fire one more time. – [Joe] So, from
bluffing on the flop to semi-bluffing on the turn. – [Phil] I agree 100 percent. You gotta fire again. – [Antonio] And now, if
he misses on the river, he doesn’t really have a
choice but to fire again. – [Phil] This is where
you and I might disagree. – [Joe] Well, Reno’s left
with the nut low here on the river. – [Phil] I kinda like a
big, aggressive bet here with this hand. – [Joe] And he does
go big, aggressive. He bets $300k. Daley quickly calls
with top pair. And he– – [Phil] That’s my man, Daley! Woo-hoo! – [Joe] So Phil’s man
Daley wins a big pot there. Cripples Michael Reno. I think we’re very
likely to see him all in on this hand. He raises to $95k. – [Phil] King,
queen on the button. I don’t have a
problem with that. There’s the big
blind, oh, sixes. – [Antonio] I love
this play with sixes. I would just go all in, as well, and put my man to the test. – [Joe] Well that– – [Phil] Antonio
loves the all in here. I don’t. I’d rather take a flop. I don’t want somebody to
be able to snap call me with eights or nines or, I
don’t like the move all in. I like the call. – [Antonio] The problem is
they have to have eights or nines, and that’s
pretty hard to do in a three handed spot, so. – [Joe] Yeah. – [Antonio] Against all
the hands that are folding, I love the shove
with pocket sixes. I think it’s pretty standard. – [Joe] Let’s see how
this flip plays out. – [Phil] Now, you can
bet with your sixes. He’s gonna have
to call $100,000, now you’re up to
$200,000 profit. – [Joe] Yeah, but
if you go on the– – [Phil] Now, you bet again. – [Joe] If you go
on before the flop, you don’t have to bet
on any of the streets and you get a full double up. – [Antonio] And less thinking. – Way less thinking,
which is actually one of my favorite things
about going all in. (Phil laughing) A lack of thinking. – I like to think. I like white magic. I like to put my powers to use. Do they have it,
don’t they have it? – Thinking yay or nay? – You might bet
out with the sixes, and he might move in
with the king, queen, and now you decide, all
right, he’s makin’ a move, you call ‘im. It’s much cleaner that way. He only has two cards. – Right, but that’s if the
flop comes jack, jack, five. What about when it
comes 10, nine, three? What are you gonna
do with sixes? – Way too much thinking
happening here. David and Maria, please save me. – [David] I never get
enough of the goat farm. (Maria laughs) have you been to
a real goat farm? – [Maria] No, I
feel like I’ve been, well I’ve been at a farm
with goats, maybe, but– – [David] Have you
been to a petting zoo? – [Maria] Yes. – [David] Okay.
– [Maria] Yeah. – [David] So, I mean,
Antonio, Phil petting zoo. (Maria laughs) I mean it’s basically
the same thing, right? – [Maria] Can I feed
them out of my hand? – [David] You definitely can. I’d like to see that, actually. Can we record that? We’ll talk to our
producers about that one. Get a raise here from
Bartek, with the jacks. Daley calls. – Oh, my glasses. – [Justin] No, no,
no, that’s just me. – [Maria] I’m glad we’re
gonna get to see a flop here. – [David] Oh, wow. I saw the eight come off,
right away, out of the door, and I was like, this
could be a huge pot. The fact that there are
three diamonds out there might slow both players down. – [Maria] Yeah, obviously
Bartek still probably feels pretty good about
his over pair here, but there’s gonna be a
lot of bad turn cards for his hand, and so
I don’t see this being a three straight
hand, by any means. – [David] That’s a big bet. Look at this. Bartek bets $610,000. He basically bets pot. – [Maria] Yeah, I
think maybe he’s trying to not give Daley
odds, if he just had a dry flesh draw somehow. – Wow. That’s such a good bet. I fold. – [David] And Daley
just gives up top pair. – [Justin] I had top pair. – You were beat. – [Maria] Yeah, Bartek’s
sizing there actually saved Daley some chips. – [Intercom] Dealers, new
qualifying high hand period. – [David] Button
in front of Bartek. Blinds still $25,000, $50,000. Queen, four suited, certainly
a hand you can raise with, and Bartek decides
to raise to $115,000. – Got 115, I knew it. I already knew
before you put it in. – [Brian] Did you? – I swear. It had to be, it’s
one more than mine. – [David] Daley’s gonna
defend with the ace, seven. – [Justin] I shoulda just
threw it in before you. – [David] Pot is $240,000. Queen high flop. It’s an interesting flop. It’s the kind of flop
you might expect Bartek to check back. Or not. – You win. – [David] Maria, feel free to
chime in any time you want. Oh, you’re busy. I get it, it’s cool. Bartek’s gonna
take that one down. Kinda surprised the
ace high just folds to a simple C bet, but
that’s how it goes. And Bartek wins another. – One doesn’t say
champion and one does. – You’re right. – [David] Okay, Maria,
I wanna play a game as these guys battle Heads Up. Blinds, by the way,
$25,000, $50,000. I have these players
bios in front of me. I am going to read a
fact about the player that they have given us. You have to tell me
which player it is. – [Maria] Okay. – [David] Well,
they’re demanding, too. Okay, one of these two
players doesn’t read it if it’s not on the Internet. – [Maria] I’m gonna
go with Bartek. – [David] Eh, wrong. (Maria groans) Okay, one of these players
wishes Inception was real life. – [Maria] I’m gonna
go with Daley. – [David] You’re right. Ding, ding, one for one, okay. Another one here. One of these players eats
copious amounts of fish. (Maria laughing) – [Maria] Ah, Daley. – [David] Eh! Not very good at this game. And, hmm. One of these players collects
casino chips and coins. – [Maria] I’m gonna
go with my answer for every one of them so
far, which has been Daley. – [David] Eh! You’re terrible at this. – [Maria] I was
actually tryin’ to read your facial
expression to be like, “Which one is he switching
back and forth between?” No, didn’t do it well. – [Brian] All right. – [Justin] No bluffs. – [Maria] You know, I’m
actually gonna switch it up on you, because you asked
me a ton of questions, I didn’t fare so well,
but now it’s time for our trivia
question of the week. Which four poker pros
once appeared nude in ESPN the magazine? – [David] Oh. – Hold on a second, what? – Yep. – [David] That’s a tough one. ‘Cause I’m thinking
okay, which players would ESPN want nude, and then which
players would agree to it. It’s kind of a
two-pronged answer. – [Maria] I can’t really
think of four poker players that I want to see nude, so. – [David] Oh, I can. (Maria laughing) Mmm, oh yeah. (Maria laughing) I’m sorry, let’s
get to the poker. – [Maria] So, Daley
has fives here, which is the best hand,
but obviously this board doesn’t look great if
you’re holding the fives. Bartek just has a
pair of deuces here. – Yeah, watch it now. Let’s see. – [David] It’s hard to
make a pair, though. – [Maria] It is
hard to make a pair, but you know, the flush
got there on the river, there’s a couple of over cards. – Check, I got a pair of twos. – [Maria] They are gonna
show it down, though. – [David] So, are you
gonna tell us the answer? – [Maria] Yeah, of
course, after this break. – [Announcer] Closed
captioning is brought to you as a public service
by The Final Table. (energetic rock music) – Is that what you put me
on every time I raise– – [David] Welcome back
to The Final Table. David, Maria, still here. Maria, I gotta hand it to you, that was a pretty good question. – [Maria] You’re stumped. – [David] I am stumped. – [Maria] The question
was which four poker pros once appeared nude
in ESPN the magazine? Ready? – [David] I am. – [Maria] Scotty Nguyen. – [David] Baby. – [Maria] Daniel Negreanu. Our very own Phil
Hellmuth, and the beautiful Jennifer Harman. – [David] Hmm. – I usually three bet you. 130. – Call. – [David] Blind’s
still $25,000, $50,000. Bartek with the threes,
but not in the lead, as Daley has flop top pair. – [Maria] But Bartek’s
gonna call one. See what develops
on the turn here. – [David] Eight of
diamonds, both player with a diamond in their hands. So, Bartek drawing pretty thin. – $680,000. – [Maria] Daley’s gonna
fire again with top pair, and a diamond in his hand. Sizing seems a little
bit small, though. Either way, I think
the sizing’s actually gonna make Bartek call,
considering he does have a diamond. He thinks he could be
drawing live to a flush here. – [David] I kinda
like the sizing. If we contrast this
sizing to Bartek’s sizing earlier on with jacks, this
sizing gets him action, gets him value. – [Maria] Yes, I agree. I think he is still going
to get the same action from the range of hands
that Bartek is calling with, I think he could
also get that action with a little bigger of a bet. River doesn’t change anything
as it pairs the deuce here. – [David] And Daley, once
again, going for valley. He bets $310,000. – [Maria] I can see the
reasons inside Bartek’s head that makes him think
he should call, but I just don’t really
feel like, on this run out, Daley is gonna triple
barrel with complete air after being called twice. (crowd chatting) – [David] It should
seem like a good spot for the tank of the day,
but no, it’s not coming. – [Maria] Thank goodness. – [David] I have a
better spot later. You thought you got off the
hook, but no, it’s comin’. There’s the call. He looks him up and
great value bet by Daley, and he gets full value. – [Brian] Nice hand. – Koushka!
– Koushka. (crowd clapping) – [David] Maria’s having
a makeup emergency. Or so she just
told our producers. I don’t get it. I never have these
problems and I wear way more makeup than she does, on the weekends, especially. Anyway, I’ll do the next
round of hands by myself. You can see the blinds
are still $25,000, $50,000, as this Heads
Up battle continues on. Get a raise here from
Daley with the old seven, four off suit. Bartek defends, ace, king, king. I don’t actually mind
checking this back, as well, because you
might check back an ace or even a king in
this situation. You know, you don’t
need to actually take it down right away,
and sometimes it’s not as believable if you bet. The old eight, five suited. It’s a pretty hand. On the button. – [Dealer] $210,000. – [David] The old double
gap suited connector. Oh, but Daley’s got 10s,
a far prettier hand. Three bet here from Daley,
back over to Bartek, and he just gives it up. Well, that was exciting. These two puttin’
on a good show. Nothin’ like a good
Heads Up battle. – [Maria] Yeah, I’d
much rather see people who are willing to play
and willing to get involved hand after hand after
hand, then have one person completely take over
the Heads Up match. – [David] Get a raise
here from Bartek. Daley calls. Flop is fumbled by the dealer. But she does get it out there. King high. Nothing really there for Bartek. You kind of expect
this to go bet, fold. And that’ exactly
what happens here. I’ve seen more interesting
hands in my day, and that’s putting it lightly. If you wanna talk about some
truly interesting hands, try talking about some
hands with no thumbs, which is exactly how Phil,
Antonio and Maria here had to operate our latest
Final Table challenge. – Opposable thumbs. It’s what separates
us from the apes. Well, some of us, at least. Anyway, life would be pretty
much impossible without them and that is the challenge
we set forth today. These three are gonna
have their thumbs tied to their hands, and they
will have to complete a variety of tasks. Whoever completes it
first gets a point. What has zero thumbs, and is
about to embarrass themselves on television? These three. Let’s do it. All right, my babies,
the first task is a hand-writing exercise. Each of these three have
gotta write the words “The Final Table” on
their piece of paper, and it has to be legible. I’m the official ruler. You guys ready? – Yes.
– Yep. – Yep. – Go! (lively jazz music) I had Phil by a nose. And let me see this here. Everyone’s was legible. Phil by a nose. Phil wins the first challenge. – Woo-Hoo! (Maria mumbling) – Next challenge, peel a
banana and take a bite. The banana must be
completely removed from its peel, as
soon as the bite goes in your mouth, the
competition is over. You guys ready? – [Phil] Yep. – Go bananas. (lively jazz music) – Oh, no. It’s all messed up. – Antonio Esfandiari just
completely crushed that. – How far behind was I? – Ah, Maria, that’s
not really good– – She has to sherbet to Herbert. – All right, third challenge. By the way, Phil’s got a
point, Antonio’s got a point, Maria’s got zero. For this challenge,
you must tie a shoe. We’re talkin’ about a
standard double bunny loop. Get there however you
want, I don’t care. But if it’s not right in the
end, it’s not gonna count. Are you guys ready? – Ready!
– Yep. – [Joe] And, go. (lively jazz music) Oh, I like where
Maria’s at right now. She’s– (sensor beeping) Oh, she tried to
skip some steps. It looks like
Antonio’s finished. – I’m sorry what? I’m sorry what are you
guys doin’ over there? You flippin’ shoelaces? – [Joe] It’s
lookin’ pretty good. – I’m just hangin’ out, just
let me know when you’re done. Okay? – [Maria] No. – Let’s check this out. Let me see your shoe. – Oh, he might’ve screwed
it up, that’s true. – Yeah, I just
need to keep going. – Don’t stop.
– Screw it. – Don’t stop, get
it, get it, oh. Are these Phil’s shoes? – Yeah, I think you guys
are pretty safe to stop. – That is– – This is a pretty
good knot here. Who’s shoe is this, by the way? – [Maria] Who else’s? Who would it be? – You know what is impressive, you know what’s impressive
is these laces are so long that I knew I was
favorite this match. But Antonio’s a magician,
da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da. – No, I’m a five
handed magician, not a four-fingered magician. – Look, the thumb popped
off, that’s why he won! – The thumb never came out– – We’ll check the
tape, don’t worry. What I love is that
this is Phil’s shoe so he can see his
own reflection in it. Quick recap of the score
before we start challenge four, two points for Antonio,
one point for Phil, zero for Maria, but she
is not out just yet. And for this challenge,
guys, what you’re gonna have to do is take
this Popsicle stick, put it in your mouth, and
then stack the four dice on top of each other. First one to complete it
and have possession of it, it’s gotta sit there for
just a second or two, I will award the winner. You guys all
understand what it is? – Yeah. – All right, here we go. In three, two, go! (lively jazz music) (Maria sighs) Maria’s dropped on of her die. Oop, Antonio’s down. Phil’s got two on. Uh-oh. Man down. Oh, boy.
– Oh! – Maria don’t give up yet. These guys aren’t out
even gettin’ close. I think this is a case,
Maria, where you do want to use teeth. Antonio’s got three. Looks like number
four is coming. Antonio, he’s
maintained possession. He’s got it, he’s got it done. Three points for Antonio. Phil, you were so
close to getting it. Antonio beat you to the punch, but I think you would’ve
got there eventually, Phil. Round four goes to
Antonio Esfandiari. Antonio Esfandiari,
you’re the winner of the no-thumbs challenge. Why don’t give everyone
a big thumbs up? Oh, wait, you can’t. (Joe laughing) – I mean, I’m sick of
you winning, Antonio. – All I do is win, win, win. – No matter what I– – What I do. (energetic rock music) – [David] We are
back in Pittsburgh. Welcome back to The Final Table. Heads Up, Maria Ho,
David Tuckman here. Blinds, still $25,000, $50,000. – [Justin] $10,000. – One (mumbling) $10,000. – [David] As you might expect, – [Brian] Raise. – [David] A long Heads Up
battle, as deep as they are. – [Maria] Yeah, and I think,
so far, with the exception of a few hands, they’ve
been seeing a lot of flops, and like I said,
unless they end up in a cooler situation, I
feel like they probably will draw out this Heads
Up match a bit long. – [David] Yeah, Daley’s
definitely had the best of ’em, so far. But things can change
very quickly in know when to Hold ‘Em. Bartek with the three bet
there with five, four. Flop is 10, six, eight. Nothing there for either player. – 400. (crowd drowns out the dealer) – [David] He’s gonna bet 400. – 900. – Raise to $900,000. – [Maria] Hmm, but Daley’s
gonna raise to $900,000. I think it’s actually a good
raise because if you think about the range of hands
that Bartek is three betting with pre, probably doesn’t
hit this flop too much. I think Daley has more
of these types of hands in his calling range, actually. – Oh, nice, I went high. – You have it, yet again. Good hand. (Justin mumbling) – I needed one more
$100,000 for your call. – What call? I had 400. – He said 400. – I said 400. – So sorry, I’m very
sorry about that. – It’s all right. (dealer mumbling) Yeah. – I don’t know why I was– – [David] Still
anybody’s tournament. Once again, a $36,000 difference between first and second,
but from what I’m hearing, I know Joe Stapleton
is sweating. – 110. – [Dealer] 110. – [Maria] Bartek’s dealt a
huge hand here, Heads Up. Pocket kings. Daley doesn’t have too
much, but he has enough to see a flop here. – [Crowd Member] You
guys celebratin’ tonight? You gotta wrap up early. – [David] He might get
himself in trouble, now, he’s flopped top pair. Bartek with the over pair. Pot is already $230,000. – Call. – [David] And a quick
call from Daley. – [Maria] I think sometimes
when people call so quickly, it definitely gives off
the strength of their hand to me. – [Justin] Check. – [David] Club on the turn. Daley does not have
a club in his hand. You can see Bartek does. Now Bartek bets $275,000. – [Dealer] 275. – [Maria] Well, this time
Daley didn’t call quite as quickly, but he is
still gonna call here with top pair. – [David] I noticed that
Daley has fruit in his beer. I’m not a big fan
of fruit in my beer. Your thoughts? – [Maria] Must be like Blue
Moon, or somethin’, probably. You’re not a beer
drinker, are you? Oh, wait, you do love beer. – [David] I love beer,
are you kidding me? – [Maria] Now I remember. – [David] I love beer. – [Maria] It’s
like your schtick. – [David] Which is exactly
why I don’t like fruit in my beer. (Maria laughing) Eight of diamonds on the river. – [Maria] You’re like,
“Desecration of beer!” – [David] I mean, this is not
the fame or shame segment, but if it was, I’d be
shamin’ that guy for fruit in your beer. There’s just no reason for it. – 600. – $600,000. – Call. – [David] Oh, look at that. That’s $600,000 and a call, so just as I said Joe
Stapleton was sweatin’? Not sweatin’ anymore
’cause Bartek, now in the chip lead once again. More Final Table
action after this. – [Announcer] Closed
captioning is brought to you as a public service
by The Final Table. (energetic rock music) – [Justin] That’s
awesome, they’re like… – [David] Welcome
back to Pittsburgh. Final Table action,
Heads Up, Bartek, Daley. Blinds still $25,000, $50,000. Maria, how do you see this
Heads Up battle going? It’s just back and
forth, back and forth. Who’s gonna win? – [Maria] Honestly, I’m
gonna have to go with Daley. I really like the way
that he’s been playing. I think that he has a
pretty good strategy against Bartek, and it
seems for the most part to be working. – [David] Well, Daley’s
felt the gut shot. Bartek with top pair. – Three. – Raise to three (mumbling). – [David] Seven, three, that’s
the Joe Hachem, isn’t it? – [Maria] I didn’t know
that, but, I believe you. – [David] 2005, that’s
the hand the he won the World Series of
Poker main event with. You get a bet from
Bartek, a raise Daley. Bartek’s not gonna go anywhere. – [Maria] No, and I
wonder if Daley is gonna check the turn now,
and Bartek might give him a free card. I don’t know if I
would continue here, after my opponent calls
a raise on the flop. – [David] I’m definitely
gonna continue when I turn the straight. – [Maria] Yes, well, obviously. In this case, I’m sure Daley
has no problems firing.. Bartek actually has a gut shot
to a bigger straight here. – [David] I mean, you
imagine this is probably a fairly easy call
at this point. On the river, it’s gonna
be a much tougher spot because the pot’s
gonna be so big, and you imagine Daley’s
bet will be bigger, also. – [Maria] Yeah, definitely. I think if a diamond
were to come off on the river, it would
actually make Bartek’s decision a little bit easier. I think he’d get a way from it. There’s just more and more
hands that he can’t beat. – [Attendee] For the river. – [David] This pot
now, $1.8 million. By far, the biggest pot
we’ve seen in Heads Up play. I’m on the edge of my seat. – [Maria] River brings
the 10 of spades. Oh. Quick $1 million
bet from Daley here. – And it’s decision
time for Bartek, and I imagine he’s
gonna take a long time with this one. Which brings us a
perfect opportunity for the tank of the day. I know you look forward to this. I warned you about it
before, it was gonna come. – I was gonna say. – Let’s take a look at this one. – You did say it was coming. (lively jazz music) – [David] Kay, dude walks along. – [Maria] Okay. – [David] There’s a goose. Who doesn’t like a little goose. (Maria gasps) Oh!
– [Maria] Oh, my god! (David laughing) This is animal abuse. – [David] This is great. – [Maria] Who is
scared of, but he’s, the goose is not
even doing anything. – [David] Have you ever
encountered a goose, or geese? Or many? – [Maria] Oh. (Maria laughing) – [David] Go get him! – [Maria] Actually,
this is kind of funny. – [David] He keeps
goin’ after him. – [Maria] He’s swatting him
away with the newspaper– – [David] Go get him! – [Maria] Oh. – [Brian] I call. – Oh, and there’s the call! – Straight. – Oh, well– – This has been the
best three minutes of Final Table action. – [Brian] Nice. – Goose, big calls. What a hand, by the way. – [Crowd Member]
Koushka, Koushka! (crowd clapping) – That pot $3.8 million
chips, and your pick Justin Daley
lookin’ really good, and now Joe Stapleton
is definitely sweating. – [Justin] I’m gonna (mumbling). – [Maria] You know, I
have to say that wasn’t the worst Tank of the Day
video you’ve ever shown me. And I think I actually
liked that video better than I liked Bartek’s
call there on the river. – [Player] That was your doing. – [David] I rule. – [Justin] Come on. – You asked me. – [David] I can’t be the
only one who was rooting for the goose. (Maria chuckling) – [Maria] Yeah, that guy
got really outta hand there. – [David] Let’s continue on,
and now, a huge discrepancy in the chips, as Daley
takes a commanding lead. But Bartek flops
top and bottom pair. – [Maria] He definitely needs
to be flopping some good hands and get paid off. Unfortunately, Daley only
has queen high here, so, not really sure how much
action he’s gonna get. Unless he gets Daley
to fire into him. – [David] Well, he did. Daley bet $55,000. He is drawing dead. – [Justin] Check. – [David] Daley checks. Time for Bartek to bet,
but Daley quickly folds. Take all of ’em. – I folded so fast,
you didn’t see it. (Brian chuckles) – I didn’t even see it. – [David] Once again, Brian
Bartek is Joe Stapleton’s horse, Justin Daley,
Phil Hellmuth’s horse. Who will be punished? – [Justin] 110. – [Maria] Well, I feel
like Phil should feel fairly comfortable
right now, but you know, anything can happen. – [David] Daley raises. Six, four of diamonds. Bartek’s gonna call. Pot is $230,000. (crowd chatting) – [David] Uh-oh. – [Maria] Hmm. – [David] Wow, look at this,
Daley flops the straight. Bartek’s got a piece of
it, a pair of sevens. – [Maria] I’d image Bartek
is just gonna call here with middle pair, though. – [David] If a seven or
a ten come off, though, this tournament’s over. – [Maria] Yeah, that would
be a bad card for Bartek, even if it looks good. – 320. – [Intercom] Kelly, hunter’s
comin’ in to your (mumbling). – [Dealer] $320,000. – [Bartek] All in. – [Maria] Oh. – [David] Oh, an
all in from Bartek. – You got me. – [Maria] Wow. – You got me. I need a seven or an eight. – [Maria] I’m not really sure– – Come on, Sam. – [Justin] Good luck, man. – [Maria] Was that like
a mini Madisau blow up from Bartek right there? – [David] A little frustration. Nothing’s been going
his way, Heads Up. Who knows? But he’s right, he needs
and eight or a seven on the river. And that is not an eight
or a seven, my friends. – Good hand. (crowd cheering and clapping) Good stuff. – [Justin] Good game. – [David] And with that, Justin
Daley wins the championship in what was a
commanding performance. – [Maria] Yeah, it’s a
marathon, not a sprint. And I think Daley just outlasted
him to the finish line. – [David] Maria,
that’s it for us. But don’t go anywhere,
because after the break, Joe Stapleton gets punished. – Is that what you meant? (energetic rock music) – I can’t believe it, Vince. Justin Daley, victorious. – Good play, Justin, good play. But I would start reading
some books if I were you. The Internet is a nice
world, but so’s the rest of the world. – You guys, I’d really
love to do this, but you know I’m not really
doing gluten, right now, and this is like
enriched white flour, and all right, I’ll do it. So, remember if I can’t
get down six of these in a minute, I’ve gotta
do the salt ice challenge. – Which means you will do
the salt ice challenge. – You think I can’t do this? – 100 percent, salt ice. – I will lay you five to
one you cannot complete the task. – Five to one? – You know if I’d known
I was gonna do this, I wouldn’t a had
such a big lunch. All right, here we go. We ready with the timer? And don’t start ’til
I put it in my mouf. – Yeah, soak it up
real nice, real juicy, get a lot of
Worcestershire sauce. – I think I’m only
gonna soak half of it, here we go, three, two, and. (Joe crunching) There’s no way. – It’s disgusting. – I can’t do it. Let’s get those soakin’. – Get it in there, get
it, you wanna, yeah. – [Joe] I put those soakin’. Whoo! (Phil laughing) – It’s feet season. – 40 seconds. – But you gotta
give credit to a man that knows he cannot
complete the mission, but he’s still tryin’, for
the sake of entertainment. – All of us were gonna
do that, but yeah. – [Joe] You can’t
swallow, it’s like a dog with peanut butter. – Yuck. (Joe crunching) – 20 seconds. (Joe coughing) (Phil laughing) How am I gonna close this show? – Why don’t you just
take some Worcestershire and sip it down, yeah, get
a little juice in there. – Make mine a sentori. Ugh. (timer buzzing) I’m there, I’m
tappin’ outta this. Antonio, bring me
my salt and my ice. So, they told me
that it was too easy on Antonia’s arm next
time, so I gotta do it on my neck. You wanna salt my neck? – Kind of. Is that bad? – [Joe] I’m okay with it. – Wrong? – It’s the 90s man, we
can do what we want. Oh, yeah! (Phil laughing) – [Phil] Oh! – Oh, that feels nice. Here we go. You’re right, it does burn. It burns a lot. Should I close the
show like this? Probably. That’s it. That’s it for this
tournament, guys. I’d like to say thank
you to Maria and David. I’m gonna do this real
fast, ’cause it does hurt quite a bit. Phil Hellmuth,
Antonio Esfandiari. I’m Joe Stapleton. Smell you later! Okay, maybe the neck
wasn’t the best idea. I feel like my arteries
are slowing down. I’m getting… Oh, god. How much longer? This is genuinely quite painful. I don’t think I can
keep this goin’ for, roll the credits.
– Boom!

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  1. I don't know how Bartek's call should go with the Q8. You are blocking a lot of the semi bluffing hands on the flop but what random bluffs is he gonna have?

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