The Future of Dental Veneers  – No Cosmetic Dentist Needed!

The Future of Dental Veneers – No Cosmetic Dentist Needed!

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every day I catch myself seeing your smile for the first time and it seems so but such a change that it seems absolutely perfect and it seems like it’s kind of squared your mouth up to where it’s like very high-end professional like it’s a lot stronger presence hey guys this week I wanted to do a little bit different video on YouTube we a lot of times you see us do stuff that are pretty sensitive we’ve had some surprises at our office and we have seen the results to the point that when I saw them I wanted to get Heather involved so this week gave me a chance to work with somebody that actually helped me do the work and so I wanted to introduce you to a good friend of mine that’s been with me for a while her name’s Heather thank you for coming out Kiddo you’re welcome man I do a lot of our research and development here and from the moment that that I walked in the building you had told me here’s the veneer that we’re doing it’s good but I need you to make it better yes and my first thought was how do you make something that’s already good that no one does even better and so it was a rough tough start I needed help because everybody would say no it doesn’t exist but I think there’s nothing that’s real but I think there’s nothing that’s real about it no one does this you’re out of your mind it can’t be done and we knew that if they can dye it a bad color they can dye it a better color because we got everything that wouldn’t work yeah everything that we’ve done over the last two three years it’s all based on that first conversation yeah I remember I remember you looking at me and saying is this gonna be a full-time job? is this gonna be big and but you imagine if we hadn’t had it if I didn’t believe it couldn’t be done that first no that we got from Italy would have put a stop to everything that we’ve done like literally I know we’ve had conversations in Italy Switzerland Germany Korea and China yeah right I mean you name it and I at least one person there it’s when you hear it back you it sounds like it happened overnight but it’s been three years yeah literally we’ve seen tens of thousands of clients the before and afters the testimonies the adjustments re-dos the failures I always say I’m always upset with some of these dentists they don’t talk about the bad all the ones that we turn down all the shades that didn’t work all the hours that we didn’t think was going to happen our failures have been plenty which has led us where right now I think we’re building a thinner of veneer than we’ve building a thinner of veneer than we’ve ever built it is a lot thinner and it the color is the flexibility to it we’ve seen a huge change in people think their heart like like they’re just like glass and they’re just not No too flexible creates another problem but a little bit of flex has been amazing we quit using the word removable veneer yeah like we just started because we got so competitive you know over the years we were real reluctant to give ourselves our own credit like these are good but and then we kind of started giving ourselves credit when we called them the bil veneers and now what’s happening is the technology with the new colors has made it to where the translucency the size the thinness the strength has got us to the point where they’re basically just veneers yeah they really are and I know one of the things that I did while doing some of our research is I was able to even take our newest translucent veneer hold it on the tip of my finger with a porcelain veneer look at how thick they were how the light goes through them the color of them and we’ve simply you can’t see a difference in fact I think some of ours are better yeah I think that too the reason is because that veneer wouldn’t be compatible for a person who didn’t have perfect teeth or if it wasn’t right there at the surface already all shaved down down yeah or yeah that’s the big thing the cones are impossible for me to imagine let’s tell people you’re actually a client too – I am just recently just recently thousands and thousands and thousands and then you become a client yeah I know that the minute you saw that we were there you’re like let let me try some more and It is my turn to try we didn’t know but you had a gap in your teeth I did it wasn’t huge it was enough that it bothered me but I don’t think anybody here knew about it I don’t think any of us saw the more than fixed the gap is we use technology at a thin enough level in different places to where we squared up the mouth and just in the last few days I’ve seen you wear these it prompted this YouTube it did and I think what it gave you this grown-up look and so it’s kind of hard for me to see Heather as a big person all grown up all grown up changed in the last week so for me I noticed more and more of our clients didn’t have the bad smile that I would normally see or have seen they were minor imperfections that they had minor little details that like no one here at the office knew I had a gap or noticed it but when you have the smile you notice it and I saw that more and more with our clients that we were recently serving and I saw the impact it had on them and how it just changed them completely any client specific there was we have a client and her name is Giselle she is all over our social media as many yeah I know Giselle of our followers have seen and she’s working with us for a little over two years now back and forth and it has only been two years and I worked with her personally she sends me flowers on my birthday and I remember Giselle and even over two years she’s had three I were two years she’s had three different promotions she’s more involved with her kids she’s doing Boy Scouts Girl Scouts yes and I do think I’ve seen her and every time she’s more happy like these are great you did it and I know she’s a happy person I was noticing all the pictures and the results that we were seeing and I said well.. and I don’t really have any excuse my excuse was is my smile isn’t that bad and so I took my impressions and made my veneers and the results have been shocking tell me about the other people that have seen you with a new smile what was that like so I know Emma your little girl who the youngest of the bunch she was smiling ear to ear and I think seeing me smile more has actually caused her to smile more and so and even Mia who’s the older one she’s I’m seeing her smile more now too we see you as all business all the time so we don’t really know we don’t notice the fact that maybe you don’t smile as much smile as much but I will tell you in the last week we’ve find herself in more conversations that reward smiling like all of a sudden conversations are funnier or things are neater or just you notice it I look at the pictures before and I look at them now it was real hard for me to believe that it’s the same person anybody in the world would have considered you as a very acceptable smile oh yeah they would never come up but when I see it if I think of what happens if we take that away it would be a big deal like you’re like I’m not going back to that smile no no one is taking it away at all at all and it gave me convictions to say listen there’s other 20 year olds or other 30 year olds or other 40 year olds to say how do I get in and it’s one thing for me to say it is another thing for them to see it they’ve taken many pictures today did you let them take pictures? i did I was nice enough for.. To take pictures? what’s real to me is that if any cosmetic dentists we knew called you and said here let me just get you some new veneers no you would do it no not for a moment if you had a high school daughter that wanted veneers I don’t I think if you had a friend that had high school daughters you’d say don’t no don’t don’t get it or at least do your research first knowing now when to that they’re going to be cones what happens to those cones six months from now but I do like the fact that I think you would hole heartedly tell other mothers don’t let your daughters grind their teeth I always tell them you should have at least tried these because you know if you don’t like them you can take them out here’s another if they don’t do anything but negotiate for a small period of time if you spend the next year you could probably beat the dental cost of what you paid for these veneers by just seeing more dentist I always ask them please see more dentists yeah always ask questions I always know what to ask always good a second opinion third opinion fourth opinion and then please look at the guys that don’t mind telling you their failures if we didn’t have failures we’d be in trouble yeah we learned everything from our failures failures are meant for unfortunately ours is not behind the grinded tooth yeah ours ours we’ve been able to adjust and improve on yes I think it’ll be a message that shows that the people that are in it believe that it works to the point that it’s so competitive with a real veneer that they would get from any cosmetic dentist yeah that even out of the smallest level one two three five percent makes such a difference that it’s still life-changing everybody always feels worried about how they looked on camera and they feel weird about what it takes to see themselves with a change and so I always tell them thank you for let me do this but I think it was an important message and I think people need to see it and I think if they hear it they see it they’ll feel it because we’re going into a little bit different season being fall this is fashion season for a lot of people yes and we’re going to have a chance to be in be in places where normally I don’t think we would be that accepted yeah yeah we’ve already seen even this last week on Fashion Week and Victoria’s Secret casting yes it’s been a big deal a big deal yeah I’m pretty proud of the work that we’ve done here and it took good people boy when you see a little bit about what’s going on behind the team then it makes them understand that every hour of the day and every dollar that’s invested goes back in their making this company stronger that is you’ve helped me a lot today you’ve helped me a lot just like you do every day but what day was that not true been true I don’t think there’s a day that’s not true Yeah you’ve helped me a lot so today like every other day thank you the world for helping me like you’ve helped me I’ll see you soon ok? 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13 thoughts on “The Future of Dental Veneers – No Cosmetic Dentist Needed!”

  1. How i know if i can use , i have motorcycle accident in 2005 and i loose 50% , the implant is around 20,000 here in PR in my case and that is so expensive , in the last years i have a lot of health problem becuase i cant eat many things

  2. Heather you look gorgeous! Bil, what an amazing asset to your team! Your veneers continue to help clients attain life changing smiles. My smile has changed, my confidence has changed, my life has been changed! You made it possible for me to smile without fear or judgement. The team at BIL has made my dream of a beautiful smile come true. Thank you for all your research, hard work, skills and determination. Thank you for believing.

  3. how i wish i could have that kind of "veneers. so that i can be able to do my All out smile all over my life.i haven't good teeth file….😥

  4. I’m saving to get veneers eventually. I actually have two extra teeth in my mouth due to my baby teeth never falling out and I don’t have the money or time or transportation to go to a dentist. I also have badly worn enamel on my teeth ( bad run in with a teeth whitening product) so even when I do get my surgery I will still be so insecure due to color and size of my teeth, I know with the extra teeth in my mouth to get veneers right now is not even a option and I’m upset just thinking about it. I’ll never be able to afford any of this I wish I could find someone professional to talk to and show my teeth to without judgement they are absolutely terrible

  5. Unbelievable results! My new smile has made me more confident and ready to achieve my dreams!💕 Thank you! Thank you!

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