The GENIUS Design Behind Breath of The Wild’s Puzzles!

The GENIUS Design Behind Breath of The Wild’s Puzzles!

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Puzzles throughout the Legend of Zelda series
have always been very mind blowing, cryptic and very enjoyable. If you ask me the puzzles of a Zelda games
are one of the most important parts, so many memorable things about past games such as
Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess were their puzzles. From having to shift gigantic blocks across
sheets of ice in order to unlock a door to simultaneously, simutanis. [Discord Group Chat DM]
To si (long i) – mul – tay – nee – us – ly controlling two colossal stone guardians in
order to proceed to the Master Sword, all the way to the often debated water level system
within the Water Temple. My point here is that puzzles are a must for
Zelda games and of course with the most recent release Breath of The Wild we got a bunch
of new puzzles… but they were a little different to the typical Zelda puzzle but not in a bad
way. I personally really loved all of Breath of
The Wilds puzzles. From quick and snappy tasks to acquire a Korok
seed to puzzles that blend in with the elements, to the Divine Beast mechanics used to move
and control each Beast in order to progress through the dungeon, all the way to the gyro
puzzles found with the Sheikah Shrines. Whilst the puzzle are very different to what
we have known from the past they are still definitely up to the same standard and I personally
believe that the ideas and designs behind Breath of The Wilds puzzles are genius and
whilst Breath of The Wild is still the new Zelda game, I want to talk about some of my
favourite things within the game now that I have a good take on the entire game and
you’ve probably noticed this with some of my recent videos. We’ve looked at the music, a key item to
the game and even the most beautiful locations in the game. So here are my thoughts and feelings towards
why I believe the puzzles in Breath of The Wild are absolutely genius. To begin the video off let’s look at all
of the different types of puzzles we are given in Breath of The Wild. Firstly, there are two main groups when it
comes to the types of puzzles, the open and outdoors puzzles and the Sheikah Shrines puzzles. Whilst they both share similarities at times
they are the two kinds of puzzles. The open ones having more of a focus on the
environment and location, along with being on the more simplistic side and the Shrine
puzzles being more enclosed and challenging creatively speaking, with a heavy focus on
the Sheikah Slate rune abilities. We will begin by taking a look at the open
and free puzzles found out and about during your adventure in Hyrule. These open air puzzles if you will, are 99%
of the time connected to a Korok Seed which actually gives the play a bit of motivation
to complete them. They are all incredibly simple and I don’t
think anyone can really argue against that. Venturing across the land will have you come
across a wide variety of these open puzzles, some will come in the form of a block puzzle
that functions exactly like a jigsaw puzzle. To puzzles that are as simple as having to
drop an apple or egg down in front of a little statue. The main about these to know is that they
are without a doubt the most simple forms of puzzles in the Zelda series but I believe
this was very initial. We know the developers could have very easily
dropped a bunch of their usual types of puzzles out and about but they didn’t, they made
them so easy that anyone could figure them out and this is because of the open air world. Hyrule in Breath of The Wild is massive, over
2 years into the game with over 1100 hours played and I still find new locations here
and there and to avoid the world getting boring, you know as boring as exploring a breathtaking
fantasy land can get. They filled it to the brim with loads of small
and simple puzzles that on average should only take about a minute or so to complete
but the reason they chose these simple to take on puzzles over filling the world with
more complex puzzles is due to the open world nature of the game. Picture this, you’ve just left the shrine
of resuations and set foot into the Kingdom of Hyrule, you’re wandering around and exploring
then all of a sudden you run into a block slider puzzle, a classic staple puzzle in
the Zelda series. It takes you say 10, 15 or even 20 minutes
to complete and you’re rewarded with a Korok seed. Whilst that may sound all good and dandy think
about the 899 other seeds you have to find from there. Granted not all 900 seeds are acquired via
puzzles but a good majority are. Now the time it takes to complete a more complex
puzzle like that will vary with each player but they definitely don’t take 1 or 2 minutes
like shooting down some ballows do. Now I’m bringing these exact points up because
I remember back in 2017 I complained about this a little and had a good few rants about
how the world is filled with small and un-challenging puzzles but with time, I’ve come to realise
how important it was that they dumbed the puzzles down. These little puzzles are ones you can notice
and have done in seconds. Puzzles that you can come back to if you are
missing something that is needed to beat it. Hell I still have a few of the statue puzzles
marked on my map that I need to go back to with an apple at some point to grab that korok
seeds. Big classic puzzle would be too distracting
for the open world of Hyrule and just wouldn’t blend in well with the game at all. Something I genuinely admire about the open
puzzles in Breath is how well they blend in with the environment. Tree stumps, flowers, hollowed out trees,
rocks and it just goes on and on. This is something that I personally believe
get’s very overlooked. Whilst these puzzles may become repetitive
and be far far more simple than usual, it makes perfect sense and actually makes the
experience of exploring Hyrule 100 times better. It creates curiosity for one, I can’t tell
you how many times I was paragliding around and saw a rock pattern from a distance that
intrigued me so much that I just had to go over to it and see what was up. The same applies to seeing the jigsaw block
puzzles on mountain sides and all over the land. They encourage you to explore and give you
a little something to do whilst exploring. Of course, there is also the puzzles found
within the Sheikah Shrines. They took a different approach to the open
air puzzles and were closer to what a traditional Zelda puzzle would be but do have their own
unique factors. These puzzles tend to have a heavy focus on
the Sheikah Slate rune abilities, which isn’t anything new as in past games puzzles did
often revolve around specific key items. Some good examples being random statues found
across the world in Twilight Princess that required the dominion rod to move, an item
the play didn’t get until later in the game which actually made these statues redundant
until the Dominion rod was acquired. Breath of The Wild essentially fixed this
as whenever you come across a Shrine you will already be kitted out with the necessary rune
abilities to tackle it. This could be seen as a good and bad thing. On one side of the spectrum you will no longer
have puzzles or parts of the game that you can’t actually interact with until you have
something from later in the game but on the other side of that spectrum you are basically
handed all of your tools and items from the get go which could be seen as a little bit
easier, but something the shrine puzzles got absolutely spot on is the amount of ways you
can complete them. Traditionally, puzzles would only have one
specific way to complete them and progress, like a padlock or keyhole. Only one specific set of movements or placements
would work but Breath of The Wild basically evolved what a Zelda puzzle is. They made many of the puzzle have 2,3,4 hell
sometimes even up to 5 different and unique possible ways to complete them and this was
honestly amazing. More often than not there would be an intended
way to complete it or an obvious way but there was also nearly always at least one other
way to beat it. The game encourages creativity and let’s
just say players, GOT creative. If you are a fan of glitch videos or mechanic
videos related to the legend of Zelda then you may have already seen some of what I am
about to show you. Due to the creative opportunities in Breath
of The Wild many players found some insane and wacky ways such as bomb glitches to beat
shrines quickly and you’ve got to applaud the people who first discovered these methods
but it’s not just the glitches and breaking mechanics that does deserves praise, it’s
all just creativity in general. Throughout my playthroughs of Breath of The
Wild I found myself experimenting and trying out very unconventional ideas to try and tackle
certain puzzles and I always found myself absolutely amazed when one of my ideas actually
worked. From stacking blocks to make towers to launching
myself in the air to beat gaps. The point is these shrines offered so many
ways to beat them, basically as long as you found a way to that Monk at the end of the
shrine, you beat it. Doesn’t matter how. As well as that, I felt like they were generally
a creativity excellent. The rune abilities were unitules superbly. A good example of this would be the electricity
Shrines, my favorite being the Daqo Chisay shrine. It was great fun and I bet all the Science
nerds out there loved this one too. You had to connect up electric current with
different conductors provided to you. That’s my thoughts towards the puzzles individually
but something else I wanted to briefly cover is just how well the puzzles fit in and blend
into the world. The open ones use the environment to their
advantage, the shrine puzzles use the sheikah technology to their advantage, the environment
of the shrines. To sort of conclude the video, I loved and
adored how well the puzzles were done in Breath of The Wild, they were not complex and intricate
puzzles, rather they were simple but yet creative. They offer and encourage a creative mind and
I really admire that work from the developers. Thanks a ton for checking out the video, I
really hope you enjoyed it and be sure to let me know what you thought of the puzzles
in Breath of The Wild down below. We are currently approaching my goal of 10,000
subscribers at the time of recording this video, so if you did enjoy this one it would
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much appreciated, thank you! Again, I hope you enjoyed the video and until
the next time, I’ve been Hyrule Gamer.

25 thoughts on “The GENIUS Design Behind Breath of The Wild’s Puzzles!”

  1. Had to stop the video to say "simultaneously" xD got it first try 😎 😛 but seriously, I know the pain. I mess up a lot while recording xD

    Now, back to watching the video!

  2. I still would love to see some huge, top-secret mystery that encompasses the entire land of Hyrule to solve, one that only the most dedicated players and fans will find, but solving it would be another story.

  3. Also, they made things that anyone can solve and that you'd have all tools for, mainly for the sole reason that the devs had no way to truly account for what shrines and puzzles any random given player may try to tackle first….


    Hmmm 🤔 I never really put too much thought into how well all the puzzles blended in. They all kinda have their own charm to them. Dope video as always brotha 😀 Looks like 10k before your bday is going to happen 🙏❤️

  5. So many of the puzzles in BOTW blend so well into the world it’s really good, and the getting around the world itself could even be considered a puzzle at times.

  6. Ive grown to love the puzzles in botw. The korok puzzles were irritating at first, but I learned to appreciate how mindless, yet just engaging enough they were. I really wish the game had more content then just items to expand your inventory. More enemy and boss variety, maybe mini dungeons. I disagree with "exploring a breathtaking world" being fun. Aesthetics=/=substance.

  7. I must say, the puzzles in that game are some of my favorite in the series. Every non-combat and non-blessing shrine I had a huge smile on my face the whole time because of how creative they were. And often I’d start laughing because of some very clever mechanic or puzzle that had a really fun solution

  8. It would be cool for dungeons in the next one to be semi open, like the final boss in botw, you technically could go straight to him, but it would be insanely difficult to beat him, borderline impossible, you could have access to dungeons but completing them with certain items or skills would be insanely difficult but not technically impossible. It keeps that feeling of freedom while providing a perceptible story path to follow.

  9. Sometimes I hate school bc I can't watch your videos till afterwards lol. And I don't blame you for the simultaneously part lol. I screw up long words all the time lol. I love how these puzzles we everywhere in hyrule, and they could keep you busy when not doing any main story. I couldn't go 5 minutes without finding shrines, koroks, and kass quests lol

  10. I enjoy puzzles which made BoTW way more fun. But I still want more challenging puzzles in it's sequel. Yet another fantastic video.

  11. Omg finally someone is talking about the good things about the dungeons and puzzles. I’m honestly so tired of hearing “they’re not traditional dungeons!!!”

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