The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Comic Dub] – Not Milk | PHANTOMSAVAGE

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Comic Dub] – Not Milk | PHANTOMSAVAGE

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WHAT?! ALCOHOL!? As in.. not milk? Can’t wait to fight Ganon while I’m Drunk and only in my underwear. Gannon’s gonna be like “Freaking kids these days and their damn wild parties! when I was your age-” Oh Link! There you are! Did you find the villag- YOUUUUUUUU BETCHAAAAA… ;D *hiccup* And I’mm gonna save you from Ga… from Gan-… from GANDALF! Ok!? uh… okay. NOW LESSSSSSS’GOOOOOO *scream* … whhhyyy is the ground moooooving? …. G-G-G-Gandalf cast an evilll spell on this grounnd.. Why’s the ground ssooo highh?

100 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Comic Dub] – Not Milk | PHANTOMSAVAGE”

  1. Cough I'm not cough sure cough and giddy giggles how to respond to this… Bursts out laughing until stomach hurts HAHAHAHAHA!!! IM LINK, BUT I CAN HANDLE DRINKS JUST FINE! THAT WAS JUST ABSO- F'N -LUTELY HILARIOUS!!!!! XD X3

  2. Fucking pussy ass lightweight.
    Can defeat ganon while drunk by beating him with shields, but can't beat a glass of alcohol

  3. This made me laugh so fucking hard. Not only are Zelda and Link's drawn expressions amazing, but the voice actor(s) did a nice job. (Possibly your the actor? idk :/)

  4. this was me on christmas

    me:*looks at botw game case* uh tachi this says that theres use of alcohol

    tachi: ugh! calm down, not every game is satanic

  5. I cam just imagine Link never drinking because of his duties and then someone tricks him into chugging a glass of whisky.

  6. I clicked because I thought the thumbnail was an ahegao. Also the title "Not Milk" kind of sounds dirty.

  7. me as links loftwing ummm…. Confused ok! What did you get into botw link? Twilight link it's normal…he's a wild animal. Sky Link punches botw now have some "milk" botw link ok! Gets drunk and talks to zelda and this happens me so how…did it go? Botw link pehdbhwkjvjfjhsbdkjcj me sky link, twilight link, Toon Link and the other links ?????

  8. I bet Ganon would be like…l
    “Where the hell is that boy?! It’s been a hundred years! Why has he not come to duel with me?! What, did he get drunk off Lon Lon Milk or some thing?! Or… is he actually dead… Please let it be that he’s dead-”
    “Hey, Gandalf.”
    “Oh my goddesses, he’s drunk!!!”

  9. I can just imagine zeldas face when I run up to ganon blackout drunk only in my underwear with only 3 sticks

  10. I do wish Link could have gotten drunk. Actually writing a REALLY DARK and depressing story about a version of BOTW link that failed Hyrule in a modern society.

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