The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Has Naughty Jokes

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Has Naughty Jokes

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Hello, this is Jonathan from Censored Gaming. It seems like the latest Zelda game has some
surprisingly mature content in it. Destructoid has shared some new screenshots
showing a woman getting all flustered when Link asks her where her papaya-shaped birthmark
is located, hinting that the birthmark is located on an especially ‘private’ part of
her body. Furthermore, the same NPC also shows the same
expression when Link is in nothing but shorts, immediately telling him to get dressed. There are also another set of screenshots
of reading the journal of a character that is only known as “Lonely Arrow Girl,”
where she gives some thoughts regarding a new guy, and hope he “nocks an arrow for
her,” while also stating how long it has been since such a thing happened. But that is not all. The ESRB website also has the rating summary,
where states the game contains “fairies with moderate cleavage and/or exaggerated-size
breasts”, as well as suggestive dialogue, such as “I get to see a young hunk draw a
bow again?” and “If I have to have something pounce on me, why couldn’t it be a lady?” It should also be noted that the game is currently
rated E10+. This isn’t the first time the Zelda series
has had some sexual innuendos within their games, or at the very least, hinted at. You might recall how one of the main antagonists,
Cia, was dressed in revealing clothing in Hyrule Warriors. Then there was Nabooru in Ocarina of Time,
who makes a certain promise to Link when he was a kid just to get her hands on some treasure,
only to see him as an adult later, and wishes she did keep her promise. Within the same game, one shopkeeper in the
future comments on Link’s looks, and believes he could run a different kind of business
if he looked as good as Link. And finally there is Zelda II and certain
women taking Link inside of their homes to refill his health. Many fans joke that Link probably had sex
with her, as she does not leave the house! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is
the long-awaited entry to the Zelda franchise, announced back in 2013. It is scheduled to launch on the Nintendo
Wii-U and Switch on March 3rd, 2017.

100 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Has Naughty Jokes”

  1. When i was little and played OoT, I didn't understand what the poe-selling guy/…lady? was implying. I thought they meant that no one would hire them because they were ugly, and that if they only looked better, they could get a better job, and I always felt bad for them.

  2. I'm surprised you didn't mention Ghirahim to be honest. If anything he could be number one with why some of the Zelda games were rated 12+

  3. I talked to paya again after doing the sheikah heirloom quest and her birthmark is on her left buttcheek apparently

  4. did no one else find the impa dialog when she says that paya's birthmark is on her left butt cheek? i have never heard anyone mention it.

  5. I found a innuendo I think, Yknow the part about “Rito village, where men are the best archers, and the women are the best singers.” Can be taken innocently or sexually eitherway. Oh and how much the yiga love bananas.

  6. The gerudo sell strong Alkohol But The gerudo dont give him Alkohol because they think he ( in gerudo town "she") cant take it

  7. (0:43)

    Ecclesiasticus 26:9,12
    [9]The whoredom of a woman may be known in her haughty looks and eyelids.
    [12]She will open her mouth, as a thirsty traveller when he hath found a fountain, and drink of every water near her: by every hedge will she sit down, and open her quiver against every arrow.

  8. Bruh…..Idk if u knew but…Uhm…Lets see how should i put it so it dosent sound rude?…ITS JAPANEASE!!! Thats were ANIME comes from and those…. COUGH COUGH Huge breasts COUGH COUGH Come from….So….No joke!

  9. I think you have to do the orb quest in kakaraiko first, then afterward ask Paya about her name and where her birthmark is, Impa will chime in and say it's on one of her butt cheeks, causing Paya great embarrassment of course.

  10. You missed one
    Outside gerudo city you will find a man jogging if you talk to him while wearing a female outfit he says this is a golden chance to go woo

  11. … What "exaggerated-size breasts"? The fairies'? They're over-sized and overweight. Do they give a crap about context?

  12. Then so do the old ladies in Zelda 2 by that logic.

    There's the note from Dampe about finding his stretching, shrinking treasure. Ninty coulda worded that a little better impo.

  13. Hardly anything surprising, it's Nintendo there will always be the jokes targeted at adults. I love it tho, they're fun easter eggs and 90% of them are so subtle they pass way above the heads of the children playing.

  14. There’s a guy near Gerudo town that offers you sand boots. If you are dressed in gerudo clothing and you demand to have the boots he’ll refuse. And then in tiny gray letters he’ll say something along the lines of “What am I doing? This is my chance to woo-“

  15. Btw if you finish a certain mission, when you ask the lady (Paya) where her birth mark is on, of the characters (impa) will shout "SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF HER LEFT BUTTCHEEK"

  16. I've been through the first a third one, but I never did expect anything from the second joke!

  17. By the way you may be thinking that the birthmark is located on her vagina but it’s actually on her left butt cheek

  18. I dont know if anyone here knew this, but i discovered one time (being my immature self) in an earlier version build of botw if you go into the hatebo research labratory and try to look up the little girl's dress she'll cover it up to try and prevent you from looking. You have to move the camera and try to look under the dress for the easter egg to occur. Unfortunately i never thought that they would remove this from the game later in one of the updates so i never took video of it. And i dont feel like wiping my save data to go and take video of it because ive collected everything and it took me a year. If anyone has the willpower to do that to witness this easter egg then have fun. I havent seen anyone mention this easter egg on any threads or videos on youtube or whatever else so i think most people never even realized it had happened. Like or comment on this if you have seen it too, and for gods sake post a video of it because i want to see it again. Its funny

  19. If you ask her the same question after completing the shrine quest in kakariko, Impa will chime in saying something along the lines of "its in the middle of her left butt cheek!". No joke, look it up.

  20. Usually I'm for open expression in games, but in cases like this (and Puyo Puyo Tetris) why wouldn't they just leave it out to get a lower age rating?

  21. Don't forget that when you get the "spa package" at the Gerudo Inn you hear what sounds like moaning and arousal sounds from multiple Gerudo women when it fades to black for the passage of time and Link wakes up with extra health AND an extra stamina wheel.

  22. Don't be one of those idiots that think a girl not being covered means she is asking for it! there is a thing called beaches which you can see women in mere underwear totally not think lewd thoughts!

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