The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Parody (Animated)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Parody (Animated)

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Open your eyes… Open your eyes… Wake up, Link… Just a few more minutes… Wake the hell up! Jeez, fine! I’m up! And what the hell is this thing? This is the Nintendo Switch™. Okay… Just slide on the Joy-Cons™. Come on, get in there! I think I put in on backwards…? Now it’s stuck! Oh jeez, it’s not that hard. Are you not rested? Was one hundred years not long enough of a nap for you? Wait, so you’re saying I’m over a hundred years old? Yes, and so am I. But you… You, you’re still hot, right? I mean… I mean, I look good. Damn good. (Sigh) Is that all you care about? I would do me if I could. Wow! An open world? Maybe a little too open? I mean, that’s way too much grass to cut. You no longer need to cut grass for hearts, Link. You simply just need to find food and kill animals for meat. Riight. I’m not finished. And then combine them and cook them using many different recipes, in cooking pots scattered across the land. That sounds incredibly tedious. You’re tedious! Good one, Zelda. Soo, where do I go? Just… Go. Aha. Could you narrow it down a little bit? You are the light… And our light must shine upon Hyrule, bla bla bla bla bla. I’m a light. Great. That’s really helpful. Ah! My first battle! (Beating and yelling in background) I’m a light!
(More beating and yelling) You’re dead? Already!? (Snort) Well that was a waste of time. You may also carry several different weapons, but they will all break after some use. Same goes for shields, bows, et cetera… That also sounds tedious.

100 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Parody (Animated)”

  1. Dexboy IS link he does the voice for almost every content creators video Nintendo should just let him do it

  2. 1:18 That's why I only cooked once during my entire playthrough to get the winter clothes at the beginning

  3. XD I like Zelda's attitude!

    Zelda: You just need to find food, and kill animals for meat!

    Link: …Right.

    Zelda: I'M NOT FINISHED.

  4. “Oh geez it’s not that hard! Are you not rested? Was one hundred years not long enough of a nap for you? “ 😂

  5. Hi yes I am going to be home at the end of the day and I will have to you get there a little text me and I can get you to come home

  6. This needs a follow-up discussing all the other stupid stuff in this game, like weapons constantly breaking, or the fact that you have a limited number of weapon slots but apparently holding an infinite number of ingredients is no problem.

  7. Wait, this guy is from another animation channel, he was Jesse in Minecraft story mode parody :p Smashbits animation.

  8. Sam if you could get Dex to voice a survivor or killer in a DBD parody that would would be amazing

  9. I love sarcastic Link for some reason. Probably because he never usually talks, so shock value I guess.

  10. Bonjour, je crois qu'il y a une faute dans les sous-titres en français (même si cela vous importe peu je préfère le dire). En effet, il est écrit à 1:19 "Sa sonne" je ne pense pas que cette formulation existe. Ça sonne est la bonne orthographe je pense. (Si erreur de ma part je m'en excuse). Sinon à part ça l'animation, le scénario et les sous-titres sont parfait.

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