The Many Ways Dental Benefits Pay

The Many Ways Dental Benefits Pay

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Having dental benefits isn’t just good for
your health. Over the course of your lifetime, they can
also save you money. Here’s how: Dental plans typically cover 100% of routine cleanings and exams. Not only are you saving money on preventive care, you’re making an investment in your future. Early detection and treatment of dental problems improves health and reduces overall dental costs throughout your lifetime. If you have children, make sure they visit the dentist for the first time by their first birthday. Dentists can identify issues with baby teeth and educate you on proper dental care for your baby. Children can benefit from fluoride treatments and sealants, both of which help prevent cavities and save you money. Plus, dental visits can help detect health
issues beyond your teeth and gums. More than 120 diseases, including heart disease and diabetes, have symptoms that can be first seen in the mouth during a routine exam. For more information about the value of dental
benefits, visit our website.

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