The Original Undertale Shorts Animation

The Original Undertale Shorts Animation

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* Sometimes I like to lay on the ground amongst the garbage. * Would you like to lay down and join me? [victory noise, followed by the facial definition of “yo, totally.” [trash compactor noises] [heart break, and pieces split everywhere] [main menu theme, with “UNDERTAIL” on screen] “UNDERTAIL Shorts” [Toriel’s home] [Frisk snags Toriel’s tail suddenly] *My child, is something bothering you? [Tug] * My child, please do not pull my tail. [Tugging at the tune of ‘Mary had a little lamb’ [static] [Tem meows] [Toby makes a dog noise] *static* Would you like something to drink? – She opened the fridge. We have water, milk, juice, spiders, Dr. Pepper… – Spiders? – Spiders it is then. – No, that wasn’t– – But she was already pouring you a brimming glass of spiders. – Oh my god, why are there so many spiders, ah! * I’ve made a robot that emotes! OH, YES… * WHY? Yeah. Yeah. YEAH. [static] [Toriel grabs the screen] * Oh… hello! * This isn’t actually part of the movie… * We don’t have much of a budget, but everyone is helping! * They asked me to do the screen transition effects. * So every time a scene changes, I’m there! * Everyone is working really hard to make it! * However, a number of small dogs got lost on the set. * The poor pups are wondering about with no way out! * Maybe you can help me find them all in this movie! * I’m sure you can do it! Make sure to lead them to me! * Oh, and I almost forgot what I was supposed to be doing! [Toriel attaches the screen back] [static] (By barking with text-to-speech on, the dog accidentally progammed a whole game.) [barking to the tune of ‘Mary had a little lamb’ [creepy roaring-like sound] [static] [birds chirping] * it’s a beautiful night outside. * birds are chirping, monsters are prowling… * on nights like these, kids like you… [gaster blaster power up noise] * Are gonna have a bed time. [Sans pulls out a blanket and tucks Frisk in, then laughs maniacally] [static] [eerie ambience] There is a slot for a coin. [ Pause ] [ Item ] [ Use ] [the vending machine slides open, revealing a passage] [Toby revealed behind the scenes, watching the cameras] [Toby barking, random beeping and clicking] [Frisk enters, Toby whines] [ Frisk speaks Japanese] – So it was all your work! [beep] [Toby begs while Frisk falls to their knees distraught] – On closer inspection, the dog is a bomb. [bark, then BOOM!]

100 thoughts on “The Original Undertale Shorts Animation”

  1. 0:06 doggo boi right beside the tires behind the ghost
    1:13 another doggo boi top of the shelf
    2:32 ANOTHER DOGGO BOI next to the bed ofc

  2. On nights like these, kids like you..

    Are gonna have a bed time


  3. 0:14 if that happend i would be smushed then when it gose back to normal ill just become pancake into blob

  4. 1st dog: Spinning behind toriel
    2nd dog: Behind bed
    3rd dog: Doing something? If you know what it was doing please reply

  5. spiders?
    spiders it is then.
    no wait thats not what i want-

  6. When Frisk was sleeping in the bed, why was her/his tongue moving up and down?

    I may had made a “Mistake.” So if I did make a mistake, just tell me in the chat/replies ._.”

  7. The hidden doggo was under the bed well kind of to the side of the bed but wait who's the one who let the dog in the house

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