The Real Reason You Don’t Hear From Angelina Jolie’s Brother Anymore

The Real Reason You Don’t Hear From Angelina Jolie’s Brother Anymore

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James Haven became a media sensation for his
lovey-dovey trip to the Oscars with his sister, Angelina Jolie, in 2000, but we haven’t heard
much from him since. What’s he been up to all these years? Let’s start with the moment that made headlines. Haven became famous for a short time when he accompanied Jolie to the 2000 Academy Awards. Although Jolie won the Oscar that night for
Girl, Interrupted, everyone was talking about the multiple public displays of affection
with her sibling during the ceremony. “I’m so in love with my brother right now. He just held me, and said he loved me, and
I know he’s so happy for me.” At another point, the brother and sister locked
lips. Their behavior spawned rumors that Jolie and
Haven were actually dating. Both Jolie and Haven have downplayed their
notorious kiss over the years. Jolie told People in 2004,
“We’re the best of friends. And it wasn’t some odd open-mouthed kiss. It was disappointing that something so beautiful
and pure could be turned into a circus.” And Haven echoed this sentiment to the Daily
Mail in 2007, saying … “I did not give Angie a French kiss; it was
something simple and lovely. She was about to go off to Mexico to finish
filming Original Sin.” “I congratulated her on the Oscar win and
gave her a quick kiss on the lips.” Although Jolie and Haven were very close to
their mother, they had a famously difficult relationship with their father, Oscar-winning
actor Jon Voight. Haven told the Daily Mail in 2007,
“I have no memory at all of my mother shouting at me or at my sister. But I do have horrible memories of my father
and the way he behaved. He was so tough on our mother.” Their relationship was so strained that Haven
dropped his surname in favor of his middle name, as did Jolie. Around 2009, Haven became a born-again Christian,
reconciled with Voight, and encouraged Jolie to also bury the hatchet, according to E!
Online. Jolie reportedly followed his lead about a
year later. Haven has stayed very close with Jolie over
the years and has been a fixture at some of her biggest movie premieres. Haven also attended Jolie and Brad Pitt’s
intimate wedding ceremony in 2014 in France, where the brother-sister duo paid tribute
to their late mother—who died of ovarian cancer in 2007—by wearing pieces of her
jewelry. Haven was also featured in one of the behind-the-scenes
wedding photos published by Hello! magazine shortly after the nuptials. In March 2016, The Wrap reported that Haven
signed on to direct The Last Boy, a science fiction/fantasy drama about a young boy who
searches for survivors after an airborne virus has destroyed humanity. Haven previously directed a short film, The
Last Boy will mark Haven’s feature directorial debut. Over the years, Haven has also appeared in
bit parts in various movies and TV shows, including The Game, and the 2001 thriller
Original Sin, starring Jolie. Haven reportedly spent a lot of time with
Jolie’s six children since news of her divorce broke. According to the Daily Mail, he became the
kids’ full-time nanny, and Jolie’s twins, Knox and Vivienne, even started calling him
“daddy.” A source told Grazia magazine that Haven stopped
watching after Brangelina’s army of children in March 2017. A source claimed,
“He’s loved spending so much time with his nieces and nephews, but it’s hard work and
he’s absolutely shattered.” “He was virtually running the household and
it became very draining.” The source added that Jolie let Haven go so
he could focus on himself: “She’s grateful that James was there, but
knows she can’t rely on him every step of the way.” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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100 thoughts on “The Real Reason You Don’t Hear From Angelina Jolie’s Brother Anymore”

  1. I have three brothers and I do not even kiss them let alone like that ew. Really messed up.and plsss there not Christians

  2. I don't know what I want to say about them weird, strange creepy or vampires and it might be possible they have some satanic religion… Ohh I think I lost my mind…

  3. Its been going on, they probably experimented on each other how to do it? Since childhood. Its call Invest. But they are not embarrassed . but boasting in there fling. Sick! Can u imagine how there children will tuen out . with out dad..???

  4. Pardon me, but this probably was childhood. Things they indulged in practicing love making. Which is incest!! They bold about it. Can imgaine how her children will turn out? . without Brads guidence and live for the children too. Shame on u two. Its blood. God forbide this.

  5. it is very normal to kiss your brother on the mouth, all of us should start kissing our brothers and sisters on the mouth.

  6. That woman is a total jerk. The kiss was intended to provoke, and just as soon as it did she pedals back. I don`t believe for a minute she slept with her brother, but her constant need for attention is exhausting.

  7. She & her mom are the only one's in her family I could get along with (sometimes), the rest of her family seem like fuck ups….no offense of course, jolie. 😏

  8. Sick minded people create something perverted out of an innocent kiss. In the US even close friends don't kiss each other for real, they just half ass stick their faces together and kiss the air !😕
    I can never get used to those phony kisses! 😝
    In Europe even guys give a real kiss to each other and nobody thinks it's gay or anything sick. It's just a cultural/traditional thing!
    Parents often kiss their kids on the mouth. Is that something perverted? No!
    Angelina comes from European backgrounds this is something she grew up with. There was no tongue involved!
    I kiss my dog on the mouth many times does it mean we're lovers!? NO!
    My dog is a female chihuahua!

  9. They are both mental. She is unstable clearly, she used to cut herself and wear her husband's blood as a necklace pendant in a bottle. Creeps!

  10. By the way thats two brothers anyway. And yes they did french kiss because thats just how sick these nitwits are. Its so funny its sad.

  11. I remembered watching that award show that night thinking WTF!? It wasnt just about the kiss, their was some strange sexual chemistry around them two. The spiritual world is sometimes more evident than the physical and I sensed the same sexual tension that was on her when she showed up to the previous award show with Billybob Thorton on her arm. I can understand why Brad broke it off with her seeing how close she is with her brother.


  13. I can't even think about such a kiss with my brother without yew yew yew …yew …. but it is Hollywood….and morals aren't very high there ..but still ..yew

  14. Disgusting Incest Satanists kissing sexually and passionately not pure! What happens in the dark comes out in the light! They probably been doing more behind closed doors and they are used to this behaviour. Disgusting!! I feel sick to my stomach

  15. He's what Angelina would look like if she were male.

    They have the very same features…only testosterone has made his bigger and estrogen has made hers smaller…

    I didn't think that their kiss was sexual because where was the tongue action?

    Yeah but I wouldn't want my brother's lips anywhere near any area of my body..

    Gross !!!

  16. I didn't know her brother was/is so handsome. Surprised he's not as famous as she is. Maybe he didn't want that or wasn't as talented.

  17. They are both satanic killers that will burn in hell,, incest was their thing at illuminati rituals where they drank childrens blood

  18. There's no way he is human.
    Also he 110% was banging her and I use to think she was hot I don't think she was attractive now.

  19. It's quite weird why Jolie let his kids call him daddy n maybe there's something behind between jolie n brother who are both sick n weird to be in love n quite so disgusting to show off by kissing lips to lips in public with intimacy n desire as she closed her eyes as they kissed . What do you think n it's not a brotherly kiss n OMG quite an intimate kiss as what lovers do . They let people speculate that they are incest n it's their mistake not the public that their kisses made people doubt for it's really very inappropriate even how much you love your brother , it can be be like that .

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