The Right Way to Pop a Pimple | 4-Week Acne Master Course | Part 1

The Right Way to Pop a Pimple | 4-Week Acne Master Course | Part 1

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Acne: How well do you know them? On WishtrendTV versus Acne, we’re going to be talking about all you need to know about acne from the basics to Dermatologist approved acne treatments as well. So we’re gonna do a continual course for awhile for you guys So don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the notification button. Hey guys, welcome back to Wishtrend TV It’s your sister Eunice here, and I’m so happy to see you guys On the very first week, We’re going to be talking about the ultimate question, which is acne: to pop or not to pop? And to answer this for you guys, we’re gonna be going to a very special place. So let’s go~ So we are here to meet a dermatologist to ask all the questions, so let’s go So we’re here. Can you please introduce yourself? My name is DK. I go by Dr. Q on youtube Running a dermatologist clinic in Seoul I’ve been doing this for about 3 years? It’s a pleasure to meet you! Yeah, it’s a nice place you got here Round one: Types of Acne! So this is a pore where our hair grows out from. And this is the sebaceous gland and this is the sebum. So this is a whithead. The difference between them is whether the hole is open or not. If the hole is open the sebum gets oxidized and becomes black, hence, they’re called blackheads But if it’s clogged up with keratin, It doesn’t get oxidized and stays white. That’s why it’s called whitehead. Blackheads don’t usually get inflammated because they’re open. The acne bacteria doesn’t like air. So if the pore is open. It doesn’t grow subtantially, and cause inflammation. But if the holes closed due to keratin, they usually grow a lot and causes inflammation. So blackheads usually don’t turn into severe acne, but white heads can. I’m not saying they always do but all the severe acne is usually caused by whiteheads. Round 2: millet seed acne. To pop or not to pop? So are we supposed to pop whiteheads? It’s not a clear do or don’t situation, but if it’s inflammatory, it might be beneficial to pop it. If it’s not it’s probably not worth doing it If you’re not gonna leave a scar, do it, but if you’re gonna leave a bigger scar than just leaving it alone, don’t do it I see I see There are white heads with infection and there are other kinds of whiteheads without the infection. Is this correct? Not really. Almost all white heads are infected with the acne bacteria. If we get a chance, I’ll show you a picture up here the model that you brought in and One thing that we need to clear off his infection and inflammation are not the same thing Infection just means the presence of bacteria or viruses. Inflammation means your immune system is fighting something and That something isn’t always bacteria or virus Your body can fight itself. So there’s sometimes self-inflammatory diseases. And the extraction of the model you guys brought. So put it let’s put it simply These are inflammations. And you can totally tell it with your bare eyes, right? But these, these are pores that are infected by the acne bacteria. The sebum that’s not affected looks white. Like this. See how red this is compared to this one? The redness is caused by acne bacteria. So for just a regular person like me, it would be hard to tell the difference right? Is this correct? No, it’s pretty clear. If it’s red, swollen and it hurts, it’s inflammated. Okay, why can’t we pop ourselves? Because it’s so addicting and you know, you just want to pop them!! So why shouldn’t we pop it ourselves? I never to tell people not to pop them. Popping is okay unless you’re really bad at doing it and you’re gonna leave a bigger scar When you pop, the decision to pop or not pop is very simple. If you think you’ll leave smaller, short-lasting scar, by extracting it than not extracting it, go ahead and do it. But if you think just leaving it alone will leave it short-lasting, less severe scar, then don’t extract it. Round 3: pustule acne. To pop or not to pop? Is it correct that pustule acne must be extracted in order for it to heal? I don’t know I wouldn’t say so but in a lot of cases it will be beneficial to remove the pus. Because maybe it can get better faster maybe in a way? Rather than just kind of leaving it until it pops on its own or things like that. Yeah, because the pus might act as a center for infection and inflammation to grow. So, in a lot of cases, it’s beneficial to remove the pus. But I wouldn’t say you absolutely have to Perfect. Thank you so much We’re aware that it’s important to extract the pus still acne at the right time I guess this is like when we see the yellowish pus and stuff like that. Is this correct? Is this the right timing? Like I said if it’s getting worse, it might be worth doing it. But if it’s getting better, it might not be. But in both stages, the yellow pus that you see can actually see on the surface of your skin is present so So I would say yes, but not really yes? This isn’t math. So you can’t say in this situation, you absolutely have to do this or that. It’s not programming. That’s why we need Dr. Q. But okay, perfect. Thank you so much. Do we leave them alone until it gets yellow? Because we as we think of it as it’s like the perfect timing? No, not really. Even professionals might have different opinions. If you ask another doctor, they might give you a different answer but me personally No, I usually don’t wait till it gets that bad If I can Totally feel the inflammation and not feeling growing I just extract it Okay, that’s that’s a really good back to know if I didn’t know that. Um What happens if you just leave it alone and you don’t pop hostility? Do you think it’s gonna leave an acne scar or mark or in larger pores that totally depends on cases? Like I said, the pus can act as a center for the infection And in that case it means alone. It might be big and it’s If you leave Really bad, huh? Srila pustular acting alone for a long time. It might be all those really big scholars So yeah, if you’re prone to getting scars by leaving them alone, or is your animal treatment? But if it we’ve gotten popular acne once or twice and they don’t really be this far You might be What are the treatments meeting for acne that is not read But feels hard when you touch it, like I remember when I went to the dermatologist I sometimes they gave me like the shots for the infection I know that it has a little bit of steroid and enjoy her. So can you tell us a little bit about that? so redness and swelling the Hardness that you saw was because of swelling redness swelling Sensation of heat Those are all signs of inflammation so you can’t distinguish like threat You can’t say red scar is different from a swollen scar there. They’re both pores the inflammation so So like what so when you are in this case So what cases do you give the shots that that I just talked about like the infection shots or? In Korea, we see y’all stink juice out. Right, right So this is also pretty subjective I Give those shots to those cords that are emanating and Swallowing is definitely one of those signs But you can tell You can usually tell by looking that all this porous getting Better And I just mentioned that I heard that there Sarah Rory So maybe sometimes it won’t be it will be necessary But other times it won’t be really good for you to get too many too often right is correct or thought not really it’s there’s very little mountainous steroid and We’re not using it systematically. So let’s not give you Right and one more personal question, but I do have to be careful with those steroid shots because Sometimes they’ll leave it’ll cause you’re back to strength You might get that Scar. Oh really like so you have to do you have to be careful. How you Put it in there. Like how much is that doesn’t really If you’re lucky you get it, oh that’s stuck. I didn’t know that Interesting. So if I have a pimple that I know it’s gonna grow bigger It would be wiser for me to get the shot then right so it could kind of calm it down. Yep. I got over here Do you give it yourself? Yeah. Oh that’s so interesting Thank you so much for your information I loved picking on your braids day. It was very helpful. I learned so much today. So, thank you so much Thank you guys for watching Round for Wooster on TV skincare tip All right. Now the skincare tips from Wooster on TV. All right guys, I know that you guys are asking me Is there anything that I can do to speed up the process? And yes thank you so much for asking cuz I’ve been wanting to talk about this for so long for to speed up the process you can use products with metallic acid or sulfur mandelic acid helps with the soothing of the inflammation and if you use it right before your extraction period it’s gonna help to Chemically and gently remove the dead skin cells which is gonna help with the extraction details Sulfur is generally well known as an ingredient to help with anti-inflammation Antibacterial it helps you control Sybil at the same time and it’s good for soothing as well it’s usually recommended for people with acne prone skin types that has concerns of sebum and cloths force due to buildup of dead skin cells so when you are breaking out sulfur is a great ingredient and it’s very recommended and According to the review of our Western staff. This product is amazing It’s gonna help to turn your red pasto acne into a yellowish one so it can heal faster All right, guys So to know more about how to extract acne properly you have to come back for week two Thank you guys so much If you have any questions about acne please leave it in the comments below and we will check every single one of them and get back to you being through and we Will see you in the next one

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