The SECRET about Veneers- No Dentist wants you to see these Prices

The SECRET about Veneers- No Dentist wants you to see these Prices

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hello my name is Bill Watson and I’m
with press-on you’re online right now and you’re looking for dental
veneers we get it most people who want to improve their smile think they don’t
have a choice if I want to improve my smile I have to
get dental veneers 80% of the people who look to buy dental veneers never
actually get dental veneers because they find out about the grinding or they find
out about the pain where the cost is shocking am I the only person that
thinks fourteen thousand dollars for dental veneers is crazy ten percent of
the people who do get dental veneers they don’t take they end up having to have
them redone ten percent is a low number but it’s a big number when you’re one of
the ten percent if you’ll just log into our site you’re going to find that there
is truly an alternative that’s affordable the new removable dental
veneers they’re truly revolutionary they’re changing the way people think
about dental veneers you can’t compete in this market without an attractive
smile and putting it off a year or two years or three years is not something
that you want to do if you don’t have to removable dental veneers are
absolutely amazing and they truly can change your life I think you’ll be
utterly amazed at the work that we do at brighter image lab login check out our
website we hope that you become our next client

47 thoughts on “The SECRET about Veneers- No Dentist wants you to see these Prices”

  1. I have visited the web but i can't get into the website because the video-with-the-dark-background won't go away. I can't find any button to close it. Beside, the other ads that underneath it is nothing to do with your product. Why you work so hard to get people to your site and lure them to somewhere else. Take them out.

  2. Hi,

    I am from Malaysia, and I have bridge on my whole upper teeth… How can I avail your removable veneer? Is it like the bridge that I'm wearing right now? I actually have an extra bridge just in case the one I'm wearing breaks… Can I send it to you to copy so you can try to make one for me? Please let me know… Thank you….

  3. Hi, I visited your site and tried to sign it. My email address are all in small letters, but no matter what I do, it will come out all written in capital letters, so I cannot sign in. Please advice… Thank you…

  4. Hi, it it possible to get these veneers in a more natural shade? I wish to get the upper arch but feel it may look odd if its bright white against natural shade of lower arch

  5. Got my Top arch on Friday. I really love it. Still getting adjusted to them but wow what a beautiful difference. Getting my lower arch this week, stoked about it. This is a great investment.

  6. What so cool !!! Can I get this done here in Houston Tx ? I've never heard of these press on veneers before

  7. My bridge crown just broke and I can't really afford to get it done here in Canada, I am thinking to go get it done in Asia but not too soon, I badly need this at the moment, I was wondering how to order them now.

  8. what if your teeth are kind of slanted can I still use these or should I get my teeth straighten first before I get this

  9. If you ever invent something like this for people who have no teeth, I'd like to know. I would love to have a set of uppers that aren't big and bulky that I can attach onto my gums with an adhesive so that they appear to be mine. I lost my teeth due to a bone disease a few years ago. They looked nice but started cracking and breaking above the gums so they pulled them all out.

  10. Por favor estos dientes los mandan a España ? Yo soy de las islas canarias (Tenerife ),LO NESECITO POR FAVOR,Me poseo contestar en español y que precio tiene en euros?muchas gracias

  11. Me podrías decir donde puedo conseguir eso? Soy de España (islas canarias) por favor eso sería mi salvación ,ayúdame please!!

  12. I am very interested in getting pressed on veneers. I've been through a lot in the last few years losing my husband being hit financially. So now I want to do something extra special for myself and you may have made it possible. From the ad it seems like they're very affordable.

  13. I'd like to send you a picture of mine, they are AWFUL, it happened all within 2 years!!! 😖 I have been so depressed about it bc I'm still young and my smile is the only thing that's holding me back in life. I'm totally interested. Do you have a payment plan??

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