The Secret, Between, Dental Techs, and Dentist.

The Secret, Between, Dental Techs, and Dentist.

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hello how are you today we’re going to
talk about dentists and technicians have you ever met the person who actually
create you denture have you ever met the person or being introduced to you in
this video today we’re gonna talk about the technicians and dentist and technicians without each other it is a little bit hard to work dentists
without technician doesn’t make that much money
I am gonna talk about the differences between both first let’s start with a
dentist so Dentist is the professional the prescriber he prescribes the medical
prescription for the patient which whether they require instructions or any
type of illness or anything that is going on in their mouth so he prescribe
whatever the crown Bridge or tooth extraction or or any type of any type of
work that person is needing so the dentist’s from the eighties proudly
seventies nineties there is a slightly difference in
in each of one of them so back in the days I think most Dentist was able to be
complete which is they know how to do everything in a dental office starting
with cleaning teeth, assists, making teeth making dentures. anything they more
fully completing. and in many countries they still do that
you know another countries out there Central America South Asia Europe they
still dentists is still are able to make their own dental prosthetics they still
have that knowledge of the prosthetic in the laboratory part of it so same way
with the dentist from the 90s a lot of them they have a lot of knowledge of
what it is done in a lab but today dentist a lot of Adventists of today
sorry guys you don’t know much you don’t and they played the role as well the
degree that they have is above what other all technician has and and they
tend to use technical technicalities back it to the curriculum to chat
technician down that’s pretty much so but when it comes to other prosthetics
which is removable and a lot of a lot of them don’t know anything because now
universities they only have one semester of lab where they kind of have that
general education about why the laboratory do a my
I have had a lot of so much shooting to dentist I have thought so much
shooting to a lot of dentists which is yet they just come to me and ask me
questions about hate how to do this what to do in this situation you know in my
own experience so not many Dennis know about this when patient comes they know
how to take the impressions they know all the basic procedures about about
what’s going on and what it needs to be done for the patient in the sad part of
it is they don’t give that credit they take the credit from the tack we
technicians are are the people behind the table behind behind it just like the
musician the play the guitar for any famous artist that is performing you
know that’s how the technician just like the medical labs in the laboratory
looking for what’s going on with the patient same way with the nurses for the
specialist for the doctors in the hospital you know how have you ever met
the person who actually made your teeth have you ever been invited to come over
the Apertura and say this is the person who actually made you dentures they used
the proper terminology okay I actually came
change this for you actually can make the teeth move from here to deer shut it
up a little bit and okay you want my smile and you want a little bit more
book I can do that for you really do you really do it now ho is not the dentist
it is the tech when I use the word and say actually I can probably tell the
technician to move this from here to the here to the left to the right you know
forget rid of this bulkiness on here can you can they use that terminology
you know at the second person they use I can but it’s not them it’s the
technician who does everything they send that out to the local lab or to the lab
and aside and tells the technician what exactly needs to be done but as
obviously he has some type of a bi registration where a technician can
duplicate that in the model whether there is an open bite there is a to
close and then and etc technician knows how to fix all these problems so well
there is a many kind of technicians the one the work shifts the dentists they
always kind of uh I guess down themself just because their education wasn’t
enough I guess you didn’t go to college or they just learn on the side and
well there is others that they can dispute anything there is some another
state they calmed interest also sometimes they consider their better
than anybody just because that certification of a kind of recognition
for that accomplishment and few want courses and learning how to make how to
do impressions you know maybe a year or six or twelve month you know of
education to learn how and a few hours of – testing and certification being a
technician is like being artists you know you create and you get tests test
out if I will hire technician I will tell me what you I’m not gonna God I’m
not gonna ask him for his certification or I miss how much education they have I
would say show me what you got here is the bench you got two hours to
accomplish what I need you to accomplish and he has to perform in a timely manner
because in the laboratories everything is timed
ain’t no door for me to hire that technician do you have to do high
quality of work and I don’t care about your certificate I don’t mind you are
demo certified CDT in my own opinion is for me just something to to have the
bragging right to have the respect I guess but for me it’s just I will have
to see your work in order to back it up for me your certification so that’s the
difference on the field but they know technology is
going to hold different error you know throughout the years there is a lot of
technology involved there is a lot of computerized
things involved I believe in probably not even 20 25 years anybody can make
their own danger you know because there is that 3d dentures coming on that many
some places are using that technology there is so many other kapkan dentures
you know everything is digitized nowadays we’re actually technicians
they’re not gonna be needed and a lot even now a lot of there is a church of a
technicians there is in charge of a dental technician everywhere Allah
Dennis the ordering their products or else elsewhere and then more when that
technology comes around which right now is still expensive but the technology
evolved throughout time the evolution of technology will come to anybody’s home
which is you can just buy that 3d printer and tell you daughter can you
print me a denture please alright can you and that’s it that she’s gonna be
just in two hours you got it upper and lower print when that technology comes
around there won’t be no need for going to the dentist to get adventures
everyone should be able to just print their denture printer partial printer
crown just take the crown with you and take it to the dentist can you put our
glued up for me please you know cement glue it up for me
I made it yesterday you know I I don’t know when your printer is broken you can
say uh well all right I just gonna have to go you already have the file with you
you already saved there and USB port take it with you and you know I have the
file here I have it with me you know it’s already ready to go can
you print it for me and submit that’s that’s how it’s gonna be you know
technology now that’s why he’s heading or well later you can just take a
picture of your mouth and that’s how I want it and then something at all out
and just print it that we’ll be able to create you on you on prosthetics and
that’s where the technology I think that’s what is it going they won’t be
that much need for dental texts but they probably will still may have a job
because the charges some laboratories to maybe survive by making dentures in
anyway you know every what human beings are creative they were always gonna be
way of our technician to find a way to do their work so anyway thank you for
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  1. Hey! Stopping by to check out some videos. Lucky for me, I did meet the man who made mine. The dentist I went to, had a lab on site. I was able to watch him make other people’s. My technician, was my favorite guy. He made all my changes, and made everything fit perfect. They are all so vital to the operation.

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