62 thoughts on “Therapist: Sister knew details about Laila Daniel’s injuries that had to have been told to her”

  1. What in the world are all these questions about Millie supposed to prove or disprove in regard to the trial. Sounds like a normal kid to me.

  2. The way the defense was aloud to question this witness is absolutely absurd. She was not allowed to explain something that clearly needed more definition. I'm sure I heard the judge say well the questioning of the defense is not appropriate but were allowed to be continued. Well if they are not appropriate they should not be continued. What's the point of this judge

  3. This poor witness she didnt want to be there when the defence attorney was talking to her trying to get her notes twisted it really upset her and when the prosecutor took over I could feel the relief this whole story is sad

  4. Defense attorney &this woman is abusing Millie by making her a liar &trying to get people not to believe her. Def & the lady should be charged. She must of paid to become one cuz she is not good for children. She gives my the impression she believes all children are liar. She should never counsel children

  5. Children adjust quickly to any situation…4 weeks was plenty of time to get use to any loving foster care family . What Millie was getting adjusted to wasn't human.

  6. They found out after Laila die they found out Millie had a broken arm in the process of healing. I hope adopted mother believed in Millie cuz this lady doesn't know her job

  7. This lady should not be working with kids she makes me think all children lie not one child tells the truth. She has no compassion for what these girls went thru

  8. Millie is afraid to say anything cuz of her fear these ones calling her a liar. It's so easy for this lady & defense to blame Millie. I mean Millie went thru a lot with Jennifer's abuse &losing her sister

  9. They really don't know what Millie knows about that night her sister died. Millie is still hurting poor little girl

  10. "Millie wanted to be relevant" I cannot stand this 'counselor'. No. SHE WANTED TO BE HEARD. She told peers, ones she felt safe with. She was venting. Even if she embellished how she knew everything. She is my daughter's age… my God this is sick…

  11. Thank god for proscutor showing Millie wasn't a liar Millie doesn't need ppl to think this of her she has enough of things going on in her little life. I don't believe the problems were from her mother it's Jennifer that was the problem

  12. Miller will still remember about Laila even thoe she was 4 at the time. Cuz the bad things children never forget or out grow I don't know why this lady thinks cuz Millie is 7 she wouldn't remember. Children remember they learn to accept it but they remember everything.

  13. This lady is a lying quack herself those poor babies went through hell at the hands of them to f**** sitting on that left side of the courtroom or right side whatever I hope those motherfukers rot in hell and when they get in prison they will pay for what they've done to those babies they are guilty and they know what they showed no f**** remorse in this whole damn trial

  14. I can understand why children services exist and it’s importance. Truly. But to be moved around 7x’s?! How long before you clean up your act to get your kids back?! And grandma couldn’t take her (them)? Damn shame.

  15. "…because there are bad and good people in this world, and I can't tell the difference…" To really KNOW that at that ages… is heart stomping 😢

  16. My GOSH, Jennifer's attorney is TERRIBLE. She's grasping at straws and EXTREMELY disorganized. I wouldn't have her represent me for a parking ticket!!

  17. You can't call a coping method …lying ….she may have psychologically blocked it…that's not lying that's trauma . Trauma!!

  18. How can anyone call a child victim with any kind of abuse a liar, as part of her character… this is abhorrent behaviours by Defense.
    Shame on them all. She’s suffered just impose death penalty for both foster monsters.

  19. Does no one remember that Millie witnessed her baby sister getting murdered by Jennifer? She probably was worried about getting murdered as well. Don’t they do background checks on potential foster parents? How did this happen?!!!

  20. So, has the other child, Milley, been adopted out? Just curious why mom didn't go for custody after the loss of other child.

  21. AGAIN- the lawyer needs to effin get a drink of water something my god it sounds like a camel walked through her damn mouth! EWWW

  22. OMG; the cow who thinks it's self a THERAPIST! Kids don't lie!! Kids FEEL UNSAFE!! They are 1000% accurate at all times!! This Disgusting individual believes her existence is a measure of convieniency; ie: meaningfulness. God help us ALL!!! FOWL FOWL FOWL DISGUSTING EGO CENTERIC SELF SERVING ANIMAL!!! My GOD you empty empty fowl being this poor child witnessed the methodic extermination of her biological sister!!!! You Animal, may GOD drop your fowl murderious nonsense into eternal abyss!!!!!!!

    Millie rightly feels unsafe (and rightfully so) among fettered and deranged adults; as do we all!!

  23. I've seen it all now!!!! How low do ya have to go? Really? U two r going to defame this child's charotor ? Yall r going to let it ply to show this child was a lier ,trouble,and defiant ? Omg y is the judge allowing This? She is scared 4 life all the adults n her life has let her dwn and betrayed her now 4 these 2 too defame her!!

  24. Saw this whole trial and the Rosenbaums received a just verdict and appropriate sentence! Life! RIP little baby Dalai! 🙏💟🙏

  25. But…one question…did the defense prepare??? She keeps saying that Mille lied so that whatever that little girl says is not belived!!!

  26. This is the first time that I know about this case. So i want to ask this lawyer wat the hell has this got to with the death of her sister. Those dam people killed her sister. That's it and I am so so glad that they got life. Father please watch over Nellie and her new mom and keep them safe. Amen.

  27. Millie was just a baby just like her sister, who was viciously tortured. Millie is only trying to remember bits and pieces her little brain will let her remember. Sometimes you mind will not let you remember all it for self preservation. So she just makes up what feels good. As any child would. This court did shameful deeds to this poor little girls. Thank goodness they are found guilty!!

  28. Broke my heart when she said what Millie said about "good and bad people and not being able to tell the difference" God bless little Millie.

  29. As this therapist testifies she's not answering the questions appropriately according to her own notes she had wrote in her files she is covering it up on that witness stand

  30. I don't care how many times that child lies!!! The ABUSE EVIDENCE DID NOT LIE!! MILLIE HAS PTSD, POSSIBLY C-PTSD!


    Millie should've never been on the stand!

  31. Every child is different and the brain is still a mystery how it works. It took me about 20+ year to find out my nightmares were actually scenes from me being touched. I’m now 42 and the nightmares are frequently when I go through other stress

  32. Millie is not the one on trial here 🤬 listening to these bitches is making me so god damn angry 😤. She was 4/5 yo at the time half her lifetime ago!! Been in care taken away from mom is traumatising enough been moved from place to place is traumatic at any age let alone her age and then to be abused and watch your baby sister being abused by someone who has been trusted with your wellbeing and life and to watch your sister die at the hands of these monsters, and they expect her not to have behaviour problems and lie. This little girl is going to suffer all her life because of the actions of people who were surposed to look after her and nurture her. Millie and Leila are the victims in all of this and should not be torn apart like monsters they were/are babies the people who should be ripped apart are the real monsters in this tragedy Jen and jo. Why has mom not got her back yet aswel??

  33. this is disgusting. This "defense" attorney should be ashamed of herself. Actually painting Millie as a liar when Millie is the victim and these cowards murdered her little sister.

  34. Defense dollars hard at work here…what a convenient testimony for two monster foster parents trying to get away with murder and a lady who works with system that failed to protect these two precious babies

  35. This defense attorney is pissing me off ,Wtf does Millie lying have to do with those monsters that killed her sister , she isn't on trial , That Lil girl has been through hell and back , leave her alone ..

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