Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury at Helen Hayes Hospital

Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury at Helen Hayes Hospital

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I’m just going to see how your balance is, and see what we got going on. Just reach. Slow and controlled, all right. If you go quick, thats not showing me a balance. I just want to see what you do with your balance. You can lean forward. All the way over here. You got it. How does that feel? Coming down is just harder. Yes cause you’re pulling against gravity so its harder. Nice. Keep that stomach nice and tight right. Stronger that core is better off everything’s gonna be. Okay and you could almost lean down a little bit, good, and then come up, and up over toward my hand, good. and again now come down breathe keep these, and come down, good. How’s that feel? OK? If you can, what I want you to do when you’re coming down, come down almost like bend forward a little bit, when you get down, so that again it’s getting a little bit more of the different, good Lean forward, like that cause that’s gonna be harder for you. Is it OK if I don’t, yeah, yeah. You see that is a little bit harder because again we’re just initiating muscles that are weak. Good nice that it, that’s it push it you got it you got it, you got it, nice look at those muscles twitching. Awesome and come up go, go, go, go, nice, you ok? One more in you? Sure. Alright good come up nice and slow, good. Go ahead and come on down, good don’t forget to breathe. Tighten, good and come up and feel it in here, back here you are going to feel it, nice and then come on down.

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