Tips for First-time mothers | Common questions & doubts every new parents have

Tips for First-time mothers | Common questions & doubts every new parents have

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Hello friends , Welcome to my channel… In this video, I am going to share some helpful tips for first time mothers. Most new mothers have lot of doubts & questions regarding your baby. So I am going to answer one by one. 1). Why is tongue becoming white in newborn babies? Is it normal if their tongue becomes white? Babies drink only milk and this milk will get deposited in their tongue. We dont clean babies tongue like adults do. So there is no sign for any problems if their tongue becomes white. While bathing your baby, you can use your thumb finger to clean your baby’s tongue. It is not mandatory to do so and its not harmful if their tongue is white in colour. 2). Why is my baby’s naval looks bulged? How to stop this bulging? Normaly, Doctors would have prescribed to apply ointment or neosporin powder when the umbilical cord falls off. Powders are not recommended nowadays. So apply ointment when the cord falls off. When applying this ointment, use your little finger and gently press inside. If you do not do so, then air will get inside and naval will become bulged. We can cure this once bulged. Your child’s naval will be always look bulged even if they become adults. So, once the cord fall off, the wound should always be covered in ointment otherwise air will get inside. While pressing gently, some blood might come and its not a sign of danger. It is absolutely normal. Clean the naval and apply it more often. Do not forget to press while applying ointment, Otherwise naval will get bulged. 3). Why is my baby always crying? Baby is crying even if he/she is well fed and not hungry? Normally, babies around 0 to 3 months will get gas pain even if they are burped after every feed. They will have stomach discomfort because of this colic pain. If you think your baby has stomach discomfort, give tummy massage. This will relieve pain only for sometime. The best medicine to cure this gas pain is colic acid drops. Give 0.5 ml of colic acid drops thrice daily till your baby feels fine. 4). Why is my baby having hiccups often? Should I give water for hiccups? Its completely normal for 0 to 3 month babies to get hiccups often. Its perfectly healthy. The hiccups will stop after sometime. If you want, then you can breastfeed or give formula but do not give water until 6 months. Even doctors are advising not to give water till baby is 6 months old. Water is not at all needed. Breastmilk or formula milk will do fine. 5}. Is it necessary to massage babies before bath everyday? Give oil massage before bath for atleast 6 months. There are many no. of benefits if given oil massage. Baby will be able to sleep properly which helps in gaining weight. If slept well, their metabolism will be good. Massage is really good for their skin & bones. 6)/ When can I give water to my baby? You can give water along with solid foods. If you have started solids, then give water. But it is recommended to give after 6 months. Breastmilk or formula milk is more than enough for hydration. 7). My breast is not feeling full or heavy? Is it because of low milk supply? Is my breast milk reducing? If you are a first time mother, then initially breast will feel heavy and tightened because the breast is growing to store enough milk even after the baby is born. Once your body recognizes and breast is grown to its maximum size to store enough milk. YOUR BREAST WILL BECOME FLEXIBLE AND KNOW HOW MUCH MILK TO STORE. When your body got adapted to lactation, breasts wont get heavy or tight. It is not because of low milk supply. Even if you are not feeling full, you are lactating perfectly. Its just your body knows how much milk to produce and your breasts have become more flexible compared to the early stage. If you dont feed your baby for about 8 to 10 hours, then your breasts will become heavy and tight. 8). When should I stop breastfeeding my baby? At what age? It is mandatory to breastfeed for 6 months. If you like to continue even after 6 months and baby is also feeding well, then continue as long as you want. Some mothers are breastfeeding even if their child is 2 or 2.5 year old. You can do so, bu take iron and calcium supplements for yourself. 9). What is the best diaper rash cream for babies? For 0 to 6 months, Himalaya diaper rash cream will do fine. After starting solid foods, baby’s urine will be more acidic. So change diaper rash cream after starting solids. Dermadew diaper rash cream is really good and affordable. 10. How to give fever drops or vitamin drops for babies? Keep your baby in feeding position and use this filler for giving drops. Wash this filler after every time after giving drops. Do not put the filler straight into the throat, it might cause choking. Put the filler at either of the side along the cheek and gently press. Do not empty the filler in one go. Give 2 or 3 drops for one press. If Your child is not taking drops by filler, then use measuring cup / spoon. 10). In my multivitamin drops video, I said i will share what are the vitamin drops should be given when baby is completed 6 months. When my pediatrician checked my son for any iron or calcium deficiency, I was told to give the same multivitamin drops and no need for extra supplements. Ask you baby’s doctor if your baby needs extra iron & calcium. Doctor will check and will suggest if needed or not. When solid foods are started, babies tend to get iron & calcium deficiency. If proper iron & calcium rich diet is given, there is no need for supplements. 11). How to maintain baby’s dry sheet? Gently scrub the front side(sponge area) and do not scrub the back side. If the rubber material is gone, then dry sheet will start leaking. 12). When can I give cow milk to my baby? I recommend to give milk after 10 months. You can add milk into their food while cooking. Introduce very slowly and a small amount initially. If you are not able to continue breast milk and formula milk,then wait for atleast 6 months to introduce cow milk. If you are giving cow milk before 6 months, then have colic acid drops with you. Because babies in early stages wont be able to digest cow milk and will get gas pain. Some of you are asking if you can give packet milk. Yes, You can give. Initially give low fat/non fat milk. If your baby is able to digest and doesn’t seem to have any problem, then give full cream milk. Allergies (Lactose intolerance) are very rare nowadays because of cow milk. If your baby doesn’t take cow milk well, then stop immediately and try giving cow milk after some days. All these are very common doubts which every first time mothers have. If you have any other queries also, leave a comment below this video. I will surely revert back. Thank you for watching. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL

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