Tomato Head (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial


Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial. Today we are going to create the skin Tomato Head from Fortnite. For most of you this tutorial is not a big surprise, as you decided in the last poll in the Clash Royale tutorial, that I should create Tomato Head and as I really love this guy I was happy that he was the winner of the poll. So, let’s get started. I’m using the aluminum wire as always. Well, I think, yeah, for all of my Fortnite creations, except the Battle Bus and the Llama of course. Now the aluminum skeleton the armature is almost finished and this is the normal pose, but we want to go with this special pose. Is there a word for this typical pose? It looks like an Italian guy telling you a story and using too much or at least he’s just using his hands while speaking. Some of you have seen it on Instagram that last night I just finished this creation so it was just in time and I asked you if I should take break or if I should finish it and this was really nice. Most of you told me on Instagram ‘Hey, dude you should go to bed, you’re tired and just relax’. Thanks a lot for that. I finished this creation this morning. I had to create the head again and something went terribly wrong while recording. So this is unfortunately, I can’t show you how I created the head in detail, but I think we have enough great footage which I can show you about this creation. Tomato Head, yeah. I’m wondering while creating, I was really wondering why he is called Tomato Head. Well, of course it is obvious. He has a tomato on his head or it is his head, but as there are so many pizza references on this creation this guy should be called Pizza Guy. This is what I think my honest opinion about that. But maybe there will be a Pizza Guy in the future in the season four in the upcoming season four. It’s just a few more days, so I’m really excited what will be happening in Fortnite. Will the meteorite… Is it called meteorite? Will it destroy tilted towers and will there be some aliens? Well who knows we will see in a few days. I’m excited about that. So I will not make a poll in this tutorial. I will create the next skin or whatever I create will be from your suggestions in the comments, so that we can react directly when the new season has started and we can just create from clay what’s new. I think this is way more fun than just to create another poll. Okay, meanwhile we created the dirty shoes. There is some tomato sauce on them and maybe you’ve noticed this on the trousers, as well. I made them a bit dirty by using brown clay. Well this is for the shoes and we will also work on some details on these shoes. It was a bit tricky, but I think this was the best way to go with these big boots. And now let’s take some red clay and this will be for the leg protection. Well what’s it called? Armour, I guess. Here we go. Cutting away with my scalpel. Yes, this even reminds me of pizza. I can’t tell you why. But I think it’s the purpose of this guy to look like pizza and tomato. I’m really a big pizza fan. I think in the world everyone prefers either pizza or a burger. As I’m a vegetarian I prefer pizza of course. And did you know that each Friday I am making my own pizza? So we are having some friends over and most of the time I’m creating the same pizza right after I finish this video. So right now I’m a bit hungry and I’m looking forward to eat some pizza in a minute. Then most of the time it is the same pizza every Friday the same pizza with different kinds of cheese, with onions, with mushrooms and I guess that’s it, yeah. But it really tastes delicious. It’s all about the sauce, so this is really delicious. This is the belt buckle from our guy. I can’t tell you why, but most of the Fortnite skins are wearing two belts. Maybe one is for the backpack and the other one is just for the trousers. This would make sense to me. He’s wearing this red shirt and there’s also some bright yellow connection part to the arms. So this is why I put in some yellow clay as well and now we will cut open the part where the head will be attached. The tomato, excuse me. Yeah, there’s a white outline and now let’s place these stripes right onto the red shirt. By the way is this guy really a living tomato or is it just a tomato head and I’m not really sure about that as we have seen so many different skins in Fortnite, so both would be possible. Slicing the pizza and placing it right onto the torso. So here we go. Now there is this color and it has the same color as the gloves, the two gloves he is wearing and you can see the fingers. This is why we are preparing or why it looks a bit short right now, so we will just put it right on top of the gloves. Here we go. Don’t make the same mistake as I did by creating these gloves and don’t make the hands too big. It happens too quickly that you create the hands too big. It should have the size of a regular human face so you can try that out while watching right now. You open your hand and put it right in front of your head and it should be the same size as your head. This is some orange detail on the gloves as well and now we can place the tomato, the red ball on top. So let’s create the Tomato Head and I told you unfortunately there was a problem while recording. I can show you how to create the mouth and then it failed to record. I’m really sorry about that. I’m a bit angry. Maybe I should switch my camera. I’m not sure about that. Well, let’s put in some teeth and after that there’s the mustache of course. And the eyes, these are the missing parts. There’s this brown outline under the teeth as well. Here we go. Some more details for the face expressions and we are placing the finished head onto the torso and there are some details on top. These leaves, tomato leaves, and it just looks nice. Now the backpack. This is easy to create. I’m just slicing red and grey clay. I think these grey pieces are pizza boxes. Yeah, I think so and there’s a very thin layer of red clay as the closing mechanism of the backpack. A bit too long. Shortening this a little bit. Now some tiny dents and wrinkles. Black outlines for the backpack It just looks so typically. You see the guys on the bike delivering pizza and most of the time it looks like this. Like this backpack. Well actually in our town there are more drivers for pizza delivery guys and cars. This is cheese, right? Cheese dripping out and this is not the last detail, but we will take some more green clay. This is the computer on the wristband, and we are finally ready to go into the oven. Freshly baked pizza guy! Tomato Head. It is standing! And now we will glue the backpack right onto the back. This is easy. Here we go using superglue for that and now my transparent polish. I can put a link into the description if you want to buy this polish. It’s really great to highlight some of the body parts and just make them a little bit shiny. And this is also the last working step for our creation and guys I guess that’s it Tomato Head! AKA pizza guy. This was skin number four for me. I enjoyed the process a lot. Let me know which skin should be created next and write it down in the comments. Guys I guess that’s it for today. I hope you have a great weekend. Take care and bye! See you next week also. So who is the coolest? It’s me, Tomato Head! No Fish Man. Well, I lost my harvesting tool.

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