Top 10 Most Common Cycling Injuries

Top 10 Most Common Cycling Injuries

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Concussion Crashes are a part of cycling, and unfortunately
so are head injuries.  Concussions are a form of brain injury resulting from a direct
blow.  Wearing a helmet significantly reduces the chances of injury, but cannot completely
prevent concussion. Achilles tendinitis If you’ve got pain in the Achilles through
cycling the it’s likely to be Achilles tendinitis, which is an inflammation commonly associated
with overuse.  It can also be brought on by poor bike fit or an issue with cleat position. Patellar Tendinitis Tendinitis of the knee.  This is commonly
associated with  having your saddle too low, or if you grind a big gear and your glute
muscles aren’t working as hard as they should be. Broken Clavicle Otherwise known as a broken collarbone, this
is the most common ‘break’ in cycling, commonly caused by putting your arm down to
save yourself in a low speed crash.  Once you impact the floor, the collarbone is often
the weakest link of the chain, and first to snap.   Pro tip: try to keep hold of the handlebars
when you crash! Broken scaphoid If your collarbone isn’t the weak link in
a fall, then your scaphoid bone often is.  The scaphoid is one of the carpal bones
on the thumb side of the wrist.  Often not visible on X-rays, this fracture is frequently
mistaken for a simple wrist strain. When the scaphoid breaks it can cause significant
problems because there is only blood supply into one end of the bone.  Left untreated,
if there is a fracture, it can lead to avascular necrosis, which, effectively, is cellular
death of bone. Fractured pelvis If you don’t put your hand down to break
your fall, the first point of contact with the ground when you crash is often your hip.
 Pelvic fractures are common amongst amateur and professional cyclist alike, and as fractures
go, this one is particularly painful.  It normally doesn’t lead to any major complications,
unless it was a particularly bad break. Saddle sores Basically, saddle sores are a skin disorder,
and the biggest cause appears to simply be long hours in the saddle.  However, not riding
with a chamois, riding in dirty shorts, having your saddle too high or using a cheap saddle
can also cause this unwanted irritation.  Plus wearing any items of clothing under your shorts
will not help! Lower back pain You’ll often hear cyclists complaining of
this when riding.  In addition to feeling twisted or ‘blocked’, the discomfort often
means riders are unable to get full power through the pedals. It’s often caused by
a bad bike fit, long hours spent in an un-natural position, and the constant vibration coming
from the road. Lower back problem can lead to feelings of
a-symettry in the pedal stroke.  It’s important to make sure these issues, if they continue,
are addressed because if you continue riding it can lead to problems elsewhere such as
your knees. Neck pain Similarly to lower back pain, soreness or
sharp pains in the neck can normally be put down to spending a long time in a fixed position.
 This leaves the neck in extension for long periods of time which can impinge the neck
joints leading to irritation.  Equally, a faulty bike fit can lead to the same issues. Numbness of the hand Officially known as Thoracic outlet syndrome,
or TOS, this is a condition where the blood vessels or nerves are compressed as they pass
from the neck region to the arm, resulting in numbness and/or pain in the arms and hands.
 This is often a result of tight muscles around the neck area, and can be relieved
with proper stretching, which will in turn promote circulation in that area. The typical area that can cause entrapment
of the thoracic outlet is the neurovascular bundle (which is the nerve and the blood supply)
which can get trapped by the scalene muscles and the first rib.

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  1. back wheel slides out and my right leg went straight through between my big ring and chain leaving 14 punctures and now I have 7 scars that looks like a shark bite.

  2. fractured both elbows, with the left requiring surgery and also fractured my left scaphoid all in one accident.

  3. femur compact fracture+ broken clav after my teammate in front crashed going about 64Kph, I went over my bars word has it I flipped like a rag doll and hit the median, I can tell you I cant remember anything form that day in 2009. But 1. I have rambo scars, and I still ride like I stole my bike!

  4. went down on gravel at 40kmh. Embedded my sunglasses lens into my eye socket. Still finished the race

  5. Rear tire slipped out from under me almost went over the handlebars somehow turned in a lowside and slid 5-6 feet into a wooden fence partially tore my acl on right leg, bruised right shoulder and forearm

  6. my left elbow is pretty buggered, my entire left side is cut and bruised half of the time, ALWAYS UNCLIP WHEN YOU STOP CYCLING!!

  7. Crashed with 40km/h while trying to take a U-turn and my bike just got away from under me. More than half of my arm's skin was missing and big part of knee skin too, but hopefully nothing serious. Not able to walk for a week and not able to ride for a month + broke some parts of my bike.

  8. Went over the handlebars when I was 7. Hit the top of the bar with my from teeth and broke both. Now nearly 50 and still have broken front teeth

  9. I was riding in winter
    and when I was heading home, snow started to fall, and fog covered everything. I was at maybe 30 kph, and suddenly 90° turn appeared 3m in front of me, I fell over the iron fence right into bloddy cold river. I broke 2 toes and 1 finger,2 ribs(bones on chest) and got ill for 2 weeks. front wheel was wasted, bike got some scratches but fortunately those days I used to ride a second hand cross bike

  10. Accidents? biggest one so far is not related to bike failure, and no one knows what caused me to fall. I just know I woke up 5 – 6 hours later in the hospital with pains all over the left side of the body:
    – Scapula fractured
    – Zygomatic bone (the one under the eye) fractured, had a red eye ball with the natural black eye
    – Road rashes in left side (face, arm, knuckles and leg)
    – Brain contusions all over the brain.
    Funny memory (just a flashback) I got the next day, I only remember to woke up in the ambulance stretcher and asked about my bike, when they told me the bike was fine, I just remember falling unconscious again with the though: "bike is fine, all good, no worries"

  11. I somehow destroyed my handlebars about 5 years ago on some bike I had… that was interesting. I also have a nice scar on the back of my fuck you finger because I was being a dumbass trying to do neat-o jumps. I was so dumb.

  12. my hands slipped of the handlebars pushing my weight forward and i fell onto the rough road and i scraped my entire left arm on my knuckles wrist and elbow and scraped my knee down to the bone

  13. Went over bars, full force landed on side. Ambulance took hour and forty to arrive. Broken collar bone and 2 broken ribs. Much profanity and moaning!

  14. I crashed about a month ago when a dog ran in front my bike, I went flying over the handlebar. Thankfully I was not going too fast and only sustained road rash and a swollen knee.

  15. broke my femur clean in two after a car pulled out in front of me going at 45 km/h. out of cycling for 6 months. now got a foot long scar along my thigh

  16. My wife got hit broadside by an 18 wheeler going 55 mph 30 years ago. Dislocated jaw, 3 broken ribs, knocked helmet off and impact opened a massive hole in the back of her skull, huge huge road rash on her legs and butt. She flew 150 feet in the air. 30 years later a few aches on rainy days but no worse for the ware. The bike went under the semi and was broken into many pieces.

  17. I've broken the scaphoid, curiously, not actually riding a road bike, but crashing on a folding bike rented in a hostel 😛 Plus, I have patelar Chondromalacia (which is chronic), which, combined with a complete rupture of the LCA (which I got skateboarding) is currently making my knee hurt a lot whilst riding. Numb hands are also constant. Considering the amount of injuries, one could think I'm a very experienced rider :p

  18. broke my collarbone 4 times and fractured my skull … not that much … but I hope it suffices for many many kilometers of cycling to come 🙂

  19. I have a big nasty scar on my lower stomach area…..I crashed into a poll…😂 how?..I honestly don't know! 😂😂😂

  20. i was off on a morning ride last week trying to do a quick 50km before I heard out to do some charity works then guese what? it wasnt a pot hole but a lump of road that had made a hump due to heavy goods carrying tracks stopping near the rail line. i was moving in a 40km/h speed when off a sudden i realised i was not feeling any power in my legs. "the bike was flying air bone and only to hit the tarred road. i hdld ob to my bike and trast me. my clothes got wripped and i had scrtaches on my left hip. my head was protected by the helmet because the bang could have killed me.

  21. Watching the video with a broken collarbone from a descending crash last week and glad to learn there are so many worse injuries that I could have gotten. Have to say watching GCN is the best pastime when grounded.

  22. When I was riding in Hawaii I wrecked flipping over my handlebars and face planted in the road. I had to have facial reconstruction and stay in the hospital for 6 days. Good times for me.

  23. Once as a kid I really hard. I had just gotten a new bike and I was riding my first race on it. At first we had a time trial that I rocked, which was already quite uncommon since once I go in the peleton I just got so scared. So after the time trial we had a normal race. I started in top position. And the first turn was my last one in racing. I flipped over my bike making a salto and landed on the ground. But the ground was made out of cobbles and I whooshed a few meters over it. Then I hit a lantern with my head and was knocked out for a few hours. When I got back up I had my full legs and arms turned into one big abrasion. And well, when I got home I had to shower off all the dirt from the cobbles. It felt like I was being burned alive.

    I tried to get back to racing again afterwards, but I just couldn't do it.

    Now I finally started again three days ago, motivated by the pro's. After around 8 years haha. I'm 19 ATM :p

  24. My worst biking injury was when I was biking down a road/street too fast, hit the brakes, went flying over the handlebars, and skidded for about 5 or 6 feet

  25. hi my boyfriend watches you guys and bikes alot, he got me to start and we took a five hour bike ride through the trails but half way through going down massive turning hills i crashed and got a wooden fence post right in the chest but its made my shoulder behind the chest hurt so bad, its been 6 days and its getting worse instead of better..although i felt the whole ride first two days haha

  26. My bike drive train broke and other parts of my bike because of the stupid 1 small Road barrier that doesn't even help. I hate Philippines! And I have many scars on legs, arm, Eye lid, butt. Now I am watching this video because I have serious wound, and relaxing in my house and crying because my bike broke.

  27. I was going down a massive hill and hit a log which made me do a front flip and the rear axle split my helmet in two

  28. I just happen to cycle onto the pavement and my bike just slipped and toppled over on the slippery wet leaves on the pavement hitting my right side on the hard pavement bruising my ribs. Very painful but after a week feeling much better most pain all but gone.

  29. I crashed on MTB. Actually I don't know, how it happened. The last thing I remember before the accident is, that I was riding downhill on a path in the forest, and everything was OK. The next thing I remember is, that another MTB rider, who had found me, was handing me over to the casualty ward at the hospital. In some way he had helped me to the hospital – I don't know how. Fortunately there was less than 1 km from the place I crashed, to the hospital. I got some injuries in the face around one of my eyes, probably from my glasses, and I still have some scars, but fortunately nothing happened with the eye itself. I also broke two teeth.

  30. I've just had the most stupid crash last saturday at maybe 3kms/h. Fell just over my hip and brike femur's neck. Got surgery same day and I'm right on therapy. I just hope bone's getting fixed properly in order to get on my bike soon. I bought it less than a month ago. Do yo guys have recomendations on this kind of accidents and fractures?, if so, I'll really appreciate any words of support. Cheers!!!

  31. I'll call this the pool noodle incident. I was riding my bike down a hill towards my house at the bottom the the hill. My young self was enjoying the breeze. Little did I know that my brothers had planned to throw a pool noodle like a harpoon towards me. As fate would have it, the pool noodle got caught in the front wheel sending me head first over the handlebars and onto the pavement where I proceeded to roll and get asphalt burns everywhere.

  32. Broke wrist in three different place then had to get an operation with a wire in my arm oh yea that was because a pedal fell of AND IT WAS A BOARDMAN ONE

  33. Crashed when unable to unclip on climbing a somewhat 30° hill. Crashed and scratched my elbow and knee. Got up, and check the bike instead

  34. I was wearing a heavy bag during riding on my back what caused a bad herniated disc … Please take care of having a right back position like to make it more straight and make less kilos on your vertebra column .

  35. 1)Got a 12 stich from my 1st ride when I was 6🤕
    2)Broke my left arm the next year 💪
    3)Twisted my left leg angle at 9
    4)Broke right leg at 11 when trying to do bunny hop IN MY WAY🐇🐇


    5)(war results of 13 to 14.½)
    *A wound on right wrist with 3rd stich
    *A cut with 1 neat right elbow
    *A 1 inch long wound on left. Elbow .
    * And a lot of wounds and scratches which I don't have a accurate number of. 😊😊

    Now I'm 15.¾ years old and a few weeks ago i entered into the world of road bike 🚲 s.
    And who knows what kind of BLOODY😈😈 wounds🤕 i will end up facing 😍😍.
    Well the only thing which can stop is 💀💀, or smthing similar to 💀.😈😈😈😇😇

  36. The 1 only i hate of getting injured or broken or anything is not the pain or the suffering.
    But it takes a hell lot of f*** time to get healed.
    And it makes me mad😠😠 not being able to WHEAL THOSE WHEELS 😍😍 FOR SUCH A LONG TIME

  37. i clipped in for the first time and my foot slipped of the pedal and the chain ring went straight into my leg still got on though

  38. I have a sprained ankle right now… But I ride BMX, so I guess ankle injuries are a lot more likely to happen.

  39. I've fallen while descending at +60 km/h, I've been hit by a speeding car and I've been in a major pile up, but I've never had a broken bone or any serious injury. Since then, I heeded the warnings and stopped pushing my luck.

  40. Went full speed on my BMX through the woods, got suddenly catapulted by something on the mud road, flew 3-4 meters and got 4cm long cut on my lower leg. An a ton of cow shit. Whole emergency part of the hospital could smell me 😀 And I have no idea what cut my leg.

  41. I took both hands of the handlebars as I was drinking from my water bottle and a freak gust of wind made me lose balance. It was the worst crash I've had…I lost consciousness for 3 seconds and came to in the middle of the road…landed on my upper left thigh and nearly lost my right thumb. Nearly three weeeks later and I still can't walk properly.

  42. Crashed into a car yesterday for the first time. No bad breaks. I have an AC separation. Spent my July 4th in the hospital.

  43. I once was riding with mr grandpa and i went into some gravel and slipped and ground off my nuckles

  44. I crashed my bike a few weeks ago at an event. split my top lip, burst open my chin, knocked out 4 teeth and pulverized my maxillary and broke my jaw.

  45. I watched this and decide as a motor cyclist in london and competitive sports guy. Cycling is a piss poor excuse for people who think they are above anyone else because on the road we are all equal. But as sooo many cyclists this video is biast

  46. Currently in the recovery room at a hospital watching this.. Broke my pelvis/leg cycling in the rain. Made a turn and the bike went from under me. Now I have a metal rod in my leg. Sucks.

  47. i just broke my left collarbone crap ton of road rash and lacerations to my head last night ugh now i cant ride for few weeks

  48. My worst cycling injury was just a tendon damage in my elbow, I went right over the handle bars and it hurt like HELL. I thought my arm broke for a minute…

  49. i never had a scar, cuz that one time i crashed i guess what, the bike fall over and i just like fall on my feets like a cat cuz a was a slow speed crash

  50. Fell of my bike a couple of days ago and bruised my knees. Is there any knee protective gear I can use while riding,y road bike ???

  51. I just fell today on the left side because I slipped away with my grail on some stones on the gravel road and maybe ruined my left Shimano ultegra shifter and my assos trouser. Came here to feel better with my cuts, scratches and bruises and now after Reading the comments I definitely do so xD.

  52. My crash is kinda funny because at the finnish line i go out of my bike and my ass hurt and i fell and rolled like Neymar but with no hurt

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