Top 10 Scary Dentist Stories

Top 10 Scary Dentist Stories

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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today
we are talking about the Top 10 scary Dentist Stories. I HATE going to the dentist – but dental
hygiene is so important…. In fact I would say dental hygiene is pretty
key for your health and attractiveness… nothing grosser than plaquey old teeth! There are a few gross things on this list,
as well as some real spooks. Are you afraid
of the dentist?? 10 – Dentist Left Girl with Brain Damage. In December 2013, a three-year-old girl , Finley
Boyle, was left in a vegetative state after a trip to the dentist in Kailua, Hawaii. Her parents filed a law suit against Lilly
Geyer and the Island Dentistry for Children for negligence and dangerous conduct. It seems the toddlers parents were told she
needed six fillings and four root canals. Finley was given improper medications with
incorrect dosages, which lead to cardiac arrest during her procedure. Her parents allege that, on top of that, the
little girl was left alone for 6 minutes and nobody was there to resuscitate her. Sadly the outlook looked very bleak for Finley
and her family. 9 – This guy went to the dentist got permanently
stuck in 2005… William wishes he never went to the dentist
on the 14th March 2005. Why? Because he is always there. William’s internal clock is jammed at 1.30
– the 14th march 2005 in the middle of a dental appointment. What happened was that he had dental surgery
with an anesthetic and something went terribly wrong. In an interview with local news publications
he said : I remember getting into the chair and the dentist inserting the local anaesthetic,”
he tells me. After that? A complete blank. It seems he had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic
and it caused his brain to haemorrhage. He now wakes up and constantly believes its
2005. What a horrifying story. 8 – Maggots
An article in women’s health magazine has horror stories written in by dentists. One of them, by Dr Gary Glassman, really got
me….. I’ll read it. A little boy jumped into the dental chair
and was actually excited to have his first trip to the dentist. His parents explained to me that he seemed
to be rubbing one side of his mouth a lot with his hands. When I looked inside, I noticed his gums were
very swollen—and found maggots in the area. After clearing them out, I taught him and
his family about proper dental care. URM. NO THANKS MATE. If I had ever thought about a life as a dentist
that one really has shot the whole idea to hell. 7 Dentistry of the Past
Look, if you think that these dentist stories are bad, just imagine what happened in the
past. What went on might not be document but get
a load of these legitimate devices of torture. Look at this here bow drill from 7000 BC,
or the Dental Pelican of the 14th Century… hip hip horray for the dental mouth gag. Do you want to know what they did with a dental
key? Probably not. While looking at these, you may also want
to bear in mind that anesthetic wasn’t invested until around 1800…although they did have
drugs such as opium….when someone is winching out one of your teeth with a dental key, I
bet you needed it! 6 – Chopper the Ghost
This is actually kind of one of my favourite stories of all time. Chopper was a ghost that plagued a dental
office in the city of Neutraubling in Germany. In 1981, Chopper made himself known by pestering
patients and dentists In one Bavarian office. The haunting begun exclusively by telephone
when Dr Kurt Bachseitz or his dental assistant, Claudia, would speak to patients on the phone. The so called telephone ghost would spew insults
and slurs in a distorted voice. The ghost then began to taunt patients in
the dental office itself, with its voice coming from a spittoon. Chopper was a nasty male who spoke in vulgarities
except to Claudia, to whom he was lovely. Eventually Dr Bachseitz called the police
because he thought the ghost was too much of a pest. When the police came to investigate, they
too heard the voice, which had begun emanating from plug holes, wash basins and chairs. Becoming convinced of the ghost themselves,
police 55 neighboring apartments, made ultravoice measurements in the sewers and even high-frequency
physicists built up their measurement devices. However, they all could only record the voice,
but not discover its source. The German media went mad for the story, with
a lot of people becoming interested in Chopper! Eventually, one shrewd policeman noticed that
Claudia always turned her back when Chopper was speaking. He observed her in a mirror and her lips were
moving in accordance with what the dental ghost was saying! It seems she and the dentist were in it together
and used voice projection skills to create the ghoul. Claudia admitted she invented the spook to
relieve the monotony of work and to get publicity. She eventually changed her name and became
a recluse. 5 – Goodbye all teeth
There have been so many horror stories of dentists pulling out all of a patient’s
teeth. It happens way more often than we would be
comfortable knowing. My mum had a wrong tooth pulled out by a dentist
once…but image all if your teeth! Healthy teeth! In 2014 a 23 year old sued a dentist in Clayton,
Missouri for extracting all of this teeth because he had an abscess. Dr Mark D Meyers or Eat Right Dentures told
him all his teeth needed to be removed and charged him 5 thousand dollars for the work. Skylar King reluctantly agreed but afterwards
he learned most of his teeth were recoverable and the abscess was treatable. King’s lawyer said: the plaintiff has subsequently
learned that the X-ray showed that plaintiff had at least twenty-eight (28) recoverable
teeth imbedded in good bone and gums with a few fillings; and that one of said teeth,
the lower right first molar, had a treatable abscess. I guess that will teach him to get a second
opinion. King was forced to be toothless as he couldn’t
afford dentures. 4 – Calculus Bridge Formation
Want to know what is terrifying? Calculus Bridges. That is what. These appeared on one of my old Things You
Shouldn’t google lists, but it turns out I can’t protect you forever because they
have to appear on this list as they’re one of the scariest things Dentists ever have
to face and one of the scariest things that could happen to you. If it does happen to you, though, you brought
it on to yourself. These nasty looking build ups of hardened
dental plaque happen when you don’t brush your teeth. Once plaque has hardened like this, you can’t
remove it with a toothbrush. Instead, a dentist needs to use ultrasonic
tools….sometimes the smell of it is vile, and sometimes removal of these disgusting
bridges makes teeth fall out. erg. 3 – Death by Extraction
While it certainly feels like I am going to die sometimes at the dentist, I generally
speaking try to use my rational mind to dissuade me from thinking it will happen. But it might…. And then what. In 2016, Hayley Drinkell died a week after
visiting the dentist. The 49 year old from Grimsby, UK, died from
Septicaemia after having a tooth removed at a dental practice. The telesales manager had multiple injections
before the extraction as a result of some kind of complication. The postmortom concluded that Hayley likely
contracted some kind of infection from bacteria after her dental treatment. 2 – Murderer
Oh, great… your dentist turned out to be a murderer. Less than ideal, really. Tony Protopappas was a dentist from Costa
Mesa in California. In 1982, it seems he decided to turn to murder. On the 30th September, he injected 23 year
old Kim Andreassen with 9 lethal doeses of anesthetics as he removed her wisdom teeth. He then killed 31 year old Catheryn jones
in February 1983. 6 days later he killed a 13 year old girl. What an absolute sicko. When a dentist goes to give you a dose of
anesthetic you trust them, not suspect they’re going to kill you. I kind of want to end this list
1 – You haven’t seen horror until you have seen modern day Dental Training Equipment
This picture was posted on Reddit and Jesus jimmy Christ the cricket I am terrified. Who is this villain! Redditor isProbablyarepost wrote: Tried to
make it less creepy. Didn’t work. I love some of the comments – one person
wrote – is that the British Ambassador…. Which… lol. Anyway, this led me to wondering whether or
not dentist have other scary training instruments and mate…. They do. Why….why are they all screaming. Why are they all looking directly at you,
and if they aren’t, why are their eyes glazed over. Some of these are half humans, half robots
and I am categorically not cool with it. Also….WHY ARE THEY HANGING UPSIDE DOWN. MY sad story of the dentist. Comments from the Top 10 Scary Alone in the
shower stories: Epik Faylurs saidL I’m never taking a shower
again. Ellen McAllister said: This is one of my greatest
fears. You are so vulnerable in the shower. That’s why I take baths.? Queen_UnicornLol : Yasss of course I sing
in the shower! I sing “shower” for some reason, it fits
with my mood in the shower?

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  1. I’ve been a registered dental hygienist for 31 years and we actually get a little excited when we see a nice thick calculus bridge, it’s rewarding to see massive chunks of calculus break off. Very often though, there is considerable gum disease under all that mess and the teeth can be mobile. We often hold in the teeth with on hand and scale the build up off with the other.

  2. Those fake practice heads are a must have. They actually have cadaver upper and lower jaw bones in a silicone head. We learn to take xrays on them. You couldn’t practice xrays on a live person, it wouldn’t be safe. We named him Dexter (that’s was long before the Dexter television series).

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