20 thoughts on “TOP BREATHING TECHNIQUES | Sonia Choquette”

  1. this is utter rubbish. i dont stop breathing when i get stressed. If anything my breathing rate actually increases substantially.

  2. Really good video – thank you. Thanks for the extra techniques – I had never heard of the fire bellow breath.
    Be well,

  3. There is no place for breathing in the corporate world? You clearly do not grasp this lesson: learning to center yourself by the use of various breathing techniques is an ancient practice and the world has obviously grown since its "discovery" centuries ago, not collapsed due to slackers.

  4. Thanks for posting this; I teach people how to breathe to relax for greater mental and intuitive clarity.

  5. thank you beautiful creatures! you keep evolving my being every day, and I'm forever greatful for that. Love and Light

  6. Thanks Lilou! I've been studying with Sonia for about a year now. She's so awesome and helpful! I hope to one day actually meet her in person but for now, books and videos are great! Namaste

  7. WoW Lilou, thank you! Wonderful breathing tips in this video. Sweet & simple thank you Sonia, funciona mucho asi', gracias! Todo mi Amor to both of you as well…Namaste

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