Train for a career as a Dental Assistant at SJVC

Train for a career as a Dental Assistant at SJVC

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I actually am a past graduate of SJVC
of the Dental Assisting Program. My instructors had such a huge impact on my
success I wanted to do the same and bring the same environment to my
students. So I chose to come to SJVC because I had some friends come here and
they really enjoyed the program. They recommended it. They said that the
environment was cool and all the teachers are really awesome. So today I
was assisting one of my classmates while she was taking x-rays on some patients
and it was actually really fun just seeing how cool the anatomy of her teeth
were. It is a state certification course where the students have to take x-rays
on clinical patients and so they find their own patient and they take a floor
mat set of x-rays which is consist of 18 film and that’s what they were doing
today that class is radiology class. So we practice on mannequins first and then
we work up to practicing on each other and then we start bringing in patients
people from just the community or people that we know to come in and be our
patients. Everything we teach you’re going to use at some point if you go
into the dental field so I feel that San Joaquin Valley College has so much to
offer to its students in so many different ways. My job is also not only
to be an instructor but to be a mentor in their lives and to try to help them
as much as I can in any way that I can to become successful to go out into the
field and become a registered dental assistant through the state and to be
able to provide a life for themselves and for the children if they have any.
It’s it’s huge impact when I see my students succeed and and that’s all I
want from every single one of my students is for them to become
successful. I came in here already expecting you have a great experience
and it’s just been even better than I had imagined at the beginning. I just
have a lot of fun I feel like I’m learning everything that I need to learn. It’s been really fun. I’ve liked all the instructors. I’ve liked all of the
classes, they’re really interesting. I’m super excited to go work with real patients
and a dentist and being in an office.

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