Trump’s AG And VP Exposed For Routing Money Into Trump Hotels | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Trump’s AG And VP Exposed For Routing Money Into Trump Hotels | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Trump’s AG And VP Exposed For Routing Money Into Trump Hotels | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC”

  1. Barr must resign,what is going on , history is going ask ,our children and grandchildren are going to ask what we did as a country to protect them from a grim future!!! This country will be scared for life from the fraud , humiliation,and loss of respect and standing on the world stage!!!! We are a laughing stock, because of this Mentally disturbed man !!! When it is read about years from now, we will look like a weak country,that stood by and let this good for nothing moron laugh all the way to the bank, exactly how dictators are born!!! He has made it look quite easy,and Russia is watching us be total pushovers!!! It will be no problem for them to control the US

  2. Trump: hey Mike since your going to Ireland,why don't you just stay at my hotel?it's less than 200 miles away and you can stay in the presidential suite with your whole family. Make sure the sheets are changed though. Pence: Mr president,I think that's an excellent idea.

  3. This guy needs to go back to sleep take a nap and wake up oh my God have you lost your mind he suggesting something is not running a company people are all just jealous

  4. Dems just can't handle any honest, truthfull conduct from any party!
    Do they expect more freebies from Trump on top of a zero salary?

  5. Compare to The Bush administration. Invade a country that was not a threat to us (USA), torture people, bring about the deaths of 50,000 to 100,000 innocent people (conservative estimates). Those are war crimes. Trump is obscene, but he has yet to blunder us into another war.

  6. I want to hear Nancy Pelosi and Schumer and all the Senators are they go to standby and get away with it stealing the public money? Sound like corruption to me? Before I forget investigate Bill Barr.

  7. How do Trump and his cronies manage to get away with this in- your- face graft? I'm surprised they're not printing truckloads of money for themselves. Speaking too soon?

  8. Investigate these Mofo’s, Trump running His business and the W.H. will most definitely end
    Cataclysmic. He’ll take His sons down with Him by any means necessary.

  9. So 'Impeachment', is just a word and has become meaningless when it comes to Teflon Don, and his many illegal mistakes and violations of power!

  10. You guys u should worry more abaut 4. 8 billion dollars you giving. To israeli terrorist goverment insists to use hier at usa for infrastukture and our military or iven billding the woll

  11. Alot of hot air which goes no where. We all know this is happening. What's not normal has become normal. But for some reason the emoluments clause does not apply to a White Republican President. Conflict of Interest does not apply, corruption charges does not apply, ethics does not apply. Check and Balances are a joke.

  12. For another so-called RiCH GUY, the 30k Barr's dropping on Trump event is chump change. But for president who owes payments on his "richness", he'll take it. Guess BRIBE THRESHOLD even lower than the "average corrupt bear". Why can't he just PROVE how honest he is.. how they're all LYING about him? Not just reporting what they find or logically infer? Should be easy, right? LOOK NO BLOOD. The hate in his heart is only thing.. really all that media got wrong. Gave him too much credit for his RACIST leanings. Took too long to actually say he was bigot.. in deed.. as well as rhetorically.

  13. The companies will be run by my sons, but my name is the entire brand, and I will be doing advertising spots for the company during my international meetings. Oh, and the money from the company goes into my pocket. Thanks taxpayers!!! You work for me!!!

  14. I don’t understand why we are allowing this evil 👿 man to continue to break the law. He gets away with everything. Perhaps he is of satan and nothing sticks to him. He is destroying our country while the people in Washington sit back and do nothing. Trump is so so sick. He brags like no other person. Come on Washington get him out of there.

  15. Ari, when you point at the camera and say "YOU"; does this indicate that you don't pay taxes? Personally, I find it rather condescending.

  16. So glad to see Richard Painter. He nails it in so few words with smarts, looks and attitude to back them up. He's awesome!

  17. Nobody has mentioned the fact that pence had to have had previous reservations which he canceled to stay at trumps hotel. I'm sure the cancellation for all the rooms needed for his dog and pony show cost's us tax payers also, adding to the overall cost.

  18. Trump is manipulating the stock market. He's telling his intermediaries or directly phoning his family and friends before dropping trade war bombs. I'm quite sure that they (his organization) has made tonnes of money off of etns and etfs shorting the indexes. Investigation is needed.

  19. Ahhh leave poor trump alone he has to take what he can cause he’s not going to be re-elected!!! He has ripped us all off for the last two and half years you don’t really expect anything else!

  20. Stop complaining and do something about it! Sorry I for got we just complain and don’t ever actually do anything to stop it! Nobody is stopping him so to be fair why should he stop making money for himself


  22. Beavis and Butthead? I guess they could run it, about as well as somebody with six bankruptcies, numerous closures, many casinos, and other businesses that was run in the ground, businesses that didn't have a licence for business. So yes, it would be like daddy dearest robbing charities, and stealing from the public.

  23. Exactly what Trump* did with his "charity" self dealing scam.
    (*) Like athletes exposed for doping, Russian Doping in this case, victories and titles are be stripped and his name forever shown with the *.

  24. Isn't this a blatant and open violation of the EMOLUMENT law that states that he CAN'T use his position as potus for financial gain?!

  25. Imagine all the American children who go hungry every day how many could be fed with all this money these people are lining their pockets with..🧚‍♀️

  26. King   Donald  J . Trump  is the Commander and Thief  !  Stealing from the American people to with his crony capitalism way .  And our worthless government  dose  nothing about !

  27. This is ridiculous. But also the dems have no spine. All these “probes” are the equivalent of an angry letter to a manager. Spineless

  28. Just amazing how this CLOWN tells everyone how rich he is. Yet he Wants everyone that comes in contact with him to stay in his hotels??? And oh BTW ITS OK OUR TAX DOLLARS WILL PAY FOR IT ALL!!!

  29. Does this religious bigot Mike Pence . I hope he knows he will never be president of the United States it will be known as a man that followed Satan and not God. Mike pence not a man of GOD a man who serves satan

  30. remember jeff sessions didn't allow robert mueller to investigate why the FISA courts OKd the surveillance of the trump organization in 2015.
    whats known is that carter page ran the 2015 trump election campaign committee of russia from the ROSNEFT bureau offices inside the kremlin.
    1). why did trump need a campaign committee in russia?
    2). why did trump hire carter page to be the chairman of the russian committee?
    3). why did trump demand carter page run the campaign committee of russia from the ROSNEFT bureau offices inside the kremlin?

  31. I think if they put movies out. On all this corruption. Call it lying and dying to the end. Staring Donald trump push rewind, to when the lying started.

  32. Y'all voted for it, now enjoy. I'm not a political person, I hate this system that's been in place since slavery. So karma is coming and Trump's part of that karma coming for America.No rest for the wicked

  33. 🤔👥🗣💰💵🐻🐻🐻🐻trumpys mafia is on the move 💰💵💰💰💰💰loyalty to the. Don buddy system milking the taxpayer 👎🖓👎🖎🤔😲😲😲😲😲

  34. Ari no use your msnbc has been dubbed by orange trump as fake news. Your broadcast twisted international news especially about Hongkong and trade war with China your broadcast only serve the USA politicians purpose
    American people knows this but rural America doesn’t know because trump is a good artist

  35. I'm pretty sure he's been making money from his weekend golf trips too. Secret service and other government staff is likely taking rooms in his golf resort. The government covers the cost of those rooms, which goes into Trump's pocket.

  36. I'm pretty sure he's been making money from his weekend golf trips too. Secret service and other government staff is likely taking rooms in his golf resort. The government covers the cost of those rooms, which goes into Trump's pocket.

  37. I consider myself a centrist, so I tend to find myself in varied comment sections. I can tell you with certainty that the more left leaning threads are written much more cohesive, and tend to be lacking the very basic spelling and grammatical errors that I find in more conservative comments. I think it’s insight into the bigger picture.

  38. Get rid of Trump before this sort of thing becomes the norm. Sick dogs licking Trumps hands for the crumbs that he throws them.

  39. All these are fun but I can watch these on TV. Youtube is getting boring. People have to fun out this criminal or we get what we deserve….I personally can't take any more Trump reality TV…

  40. Love how that dude says that the trump administration is billing me. I’m not American bish lol. I do feel bad for all the American that have to live under this buffoons leadership. Even more so for the buffoons that still support this buffoon.

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