Two Days, $1.5 Million in Free Dental Care at UMD

Two Days, $1.5 Million in Free Dental Care at UMD

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The lines were long outside the University
of Maryland Xfinity Center where people line up up as early as 1 a.m. the basketball season hasn’t started yet. Hundreds of people were waiting desperate to receive free dental care that they otherwise could not afford or access. Thanks to the Mission of Mercy and Health Equity Festival Organized by University of Maryland Center for Health Equity in the School of Public Health in partnership with Catholic Charities and the Archdiocese of Washington. Many underserved, underinsured, and uninsured adults had the opportunity to receive free
dental care and preventative health services from cleanings and fillings to flu shots and
vision screening We have set a new standard of excellence in providing emergency dental care to people in need There is a great demand for dental care nationwide. According to a recent survey from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 20% of Marylanders
have not visited a dentist within the past five years. I’ve been almost two years without
dental insurance, and I was offered this opportunity. I’m here because I do not have no medicare and I am not working and they are here with free dental and free help, free care so I come to get some help! This is a blessing and this is something that’s needed they can get a little bit of education, they can fix their teeth and you know, hey, the world would be better if we all smile a little bit more right? In addition to improving people’s smiles, and serving the community The Mission of Mercy and Health Equity Festival helped raise awareness about the national dental crisis that leave so many without access to affordable routine
dental care. With our many partners the School of Public Health is advancing a better state of health in Maryland and beyond who efforts to prevent disease and make health care accessible to all. If you ever are asked: “Do good things still happen in our community, in our state?” Look here and you see it. Nobody can do it alone,we have to bring together the educational sector the private sector, the public sector, the faith community sector and together we will much better serve the
larger community.

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