UB scientists use light to treat a painful side effect of cancer


[Dramatic music] [Hands holding light and dental equipment in patient’s mouth] [Text: UB scientists are using laser light to treat one of cancer’s worst side effects] [Hand open in front of sun] [Text: How? Light has the power to heal] [Graphic of human head revealing skeletal structure beneath] [Text: Oral mucositis – a common but painful swelling of the mouth] [Computers showing human body before radiation therapy equipment] [Text: Caused by damage to tissues by chemo and radiation therapy] [Laser cutting metal] [Text: At higher powers, laser light can cut and destroy] [Hands holding light equipment over patient’s mouth] [Text: But at lower levels, lasers fuel healing in tissues across the body] [Collage of dentists and dental equipment] [Text: The therapy is used across the world and is picking up steam in the U.S.] [Woman holding mouth in pain] [Text: It could prevent mucositis from developing] [Woman wearing scarf smelling flowers] [Text: No painful swelling. No delays in cancer treatments] [Group of prescription pill bottles] [Text: And an end to prescribing addictive opioids to treat pain] [University at Buffalo logo]

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