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alright here we go guys to one he looks
like he can breathe right now looks like our duct-tape seal is not a
hundred percent this thing is leaking air at the top I know what’s going on
everyone it’s fall for Jake and we are back with a brand new video and today
we’re doing another challenge video Logan the wheel of challenge no more do
we have to decide our own videos Logan no no we have a wheel to do that for us
and today’s challenge will be decided by this wheel by you spinning it Jake what
why does it only say one thing we don’t know what we’re gonna do yet until you
spin the wheel of challenge Logan breathe underwater I never would have
thought of such an amazing challenge the wheel has spoken
Logan it looks like we’re doing the breathe underwater challenge today Jake
you want to breathe underwater in our hot tub Logan that would be ridiculous
breathing in a hot tub would be extremely impossible because it’s super
hot no we are gonna build ourselves a pool and then we are going to make our
very own degree how are we gonna build a pool well a shovel and a lot of time
okay guys so it looks like what we need to do now is go and get some shovels
because we are gonna have to do Oh what just fell behind me Logan I think our
Lord and Savior PewDiePie has blessed us with a pool we don’t have to take it
anymore buddy we kill one all right well scrap the whole shovels we got our own
pool so I guess we need to set this thing up over there and then we can
start this challenge but looking this is a challenge me versus you whoever can
last the longest underwater with their homemade breathing device will win this
challenge and the only catch is you can’t use a real scuba tank or a snorkel
all right well let’s set up this pool cuz we gotta fill this up with water so
we can start the challenge all right well we got everything I know it doesn’t
look like much but guys this is the pool well it will be the pool the only
problem is I cannot find the instructions so once we figure out how
to put our pool together then this video is officially started hey guys so far the pool is coming along
it’s actually starting to look a little bit more like a pool it is a bit small
though I mean it’s definitely gonna work for this challenge but Logan I’m
thinking in the future especially for summer we should go Baker aye Jake I
don’t know if you’ve noticed but this backyard I think actually I guess it
could fit a bigger pool how about this if we get 25,000 likes on this video I
get to buy a massive pool backyard with your credit card online oh hey guys
how’s it going just enjoying my brand-new pool love this thing just swim
around the pool together yeah this thing is actually pretty big we just built the
pump system which kind of looks like a crazy mad scientist experiment we are
officially ready for the water all right build a pool is a lot like watering
plants you just keep doing it so I’m gonna be out here for the next seven
hours this is gonna take quite a while I just felt the drop of rain but we need
all the help we can get Logan yeah this is gonna take a really long time
like it might take a full day okay guys so we just showed up at the store and
now we’re grabbing all the supplies we need for the underwater challenge I
still don’t exactly know what I’m gonna be doing for this Logan seems to have
kind of an idea but we’re not telling each other what we’re doing just get in
this big barrel here and just take it underwater
I could make an underwater submarine well so far I got a breathing tube a
little hose to put your air hose on this and then just eat air into this a G this
doesn’t look like the safest option okay I need to start putting my thinking cap
on to figure out what I’m gonna build right now I’m trying to find some
snorkeling gear definitely getting closer to this Oh
there’s jig what do you have don’t even trip dog super secret super secret
smooth where’d you get that we got the goggles and the snorkel you
guys so I have most of the stuff that I need to build my underwater device the
only thing I don’t have is hosing and I’ve been looking around for something
to like supply me air it this looks like it’s the fish tank section so it’s good
enough for fish it’s good enough for me okay guys so we are back home now from
Home Depot and we have all of our supplies ready to start building our
underwater breathing devices Logan has a bike pump oh that’s a problem Jake I
thought this was a bike pump it’s I don’t even know J dirt – when you do
this it sucks the air in I thought I needed air to come out but the pool is
officially ready guys you can kind of see it out there it is completely filled
up it’s also freezing cold so this is not only gonna be a challenge of
breathing but also surviving hypothermic water this is all the stuff that we have you
probably take the pop Jake how are you gonna make underwater breathing devices
all of this honestly I’m not entirely sure it’s gonna be a lot of trial and
error but I’ve got some pretty cool ideas up my sleeve and so far I have no
idea what Logan’s doing I don’t even think he’s knows what we’re doing in
this channel nope and remember guys the challenge would be who can survive the
longest underwater so it doesn’t matter if your device breaks if it breaks and
you have to come up even if it’s awesome to still lose the challenge do not try
this at home that is correct guys you do not want to
try this at home leave it to the professionals that’s me because I’m a
professional and do not under any circumstances try to repeat this at home
one of our first problems Logan did not check besides me this is so tight he’s
gonna break off here though we are making some extreme
progress and I’m actually so confident I’m making two different devices that’s
how many cool ideas I have some sort of weird instrument okay guys
so my design is coming along pretty good so check this out currently what I have
right now is a little pump system here so this is actually just an air pump
that’s electric power little noisy and it pumps air all the way through and out
this side here so now what I need to do is get that flipped up to my scuba mask
and I should be able to directly pump air down into my mask
the only issue I’m gonna have is there might be too much air so I don’t really
know how to regulate that okay guys so I think is trying to make like some sort
of underwater submarine and we don’t have a cutting tool so he’s going to try
to drill a head hole don’t try this at home like definitely you don’t try this
at all okay so if we increase the size of that by about yay big you should be
able to stick your head in there I think we got a long way to go okay guys we’ve
been cutting for a while and we’re at the end once we get that off you’ll
officially have your own little scuba helmet thing okay guys we finally got this thing to
toss let’s see what it looks like masturbation innit yeah I have my sub
done Logan he’s gonna finish up his and then it will be the true test guys let
us know in the comments section down below though who do you think right now
is gonna win the challenge will be Logan simpler yet will it be my air powered
ventilation systems let me know down below Jake this looks kind of crazy yeah
it might be a bit crazy buggin but I’m gonna win this challenge once it’s
pressurized you’ve got some good underwater fashioned air can’t breathe if I don’t press the
button I can’t breathe okay guys so we have my breathing device kind of done it
looks like we have all three of our underwater breathing devices ready I
think it’s time to gear up in our wetsuits and head outside and start this
challenge okay for some reason we chose the coldest day right now it is
definitely not the optimal swimming weather in fact that is like ice water
it’s like a nice pool so we are gonna warm up in the hot tub get as warm as
possible and then start the challenge oh my gotta get out of here Mike Peters
like my theater or game how are we gonna do this video I’m hot waters surrounding
my body so I can actually dive down but the exposed parts like my hands with my
feet it’s literally iced water okay guys I’m gonna attempt the ice water
challenge guys guys this water might be too cold this oh I don’t think we can
film this today oh it’s so cold my legs are going numb oh I gotta get out I got
get out actually too cold for us to go into I can last like a couple seconds in
this pool it is so cold try to jump the gun a little bit here it is still April
in Canada we have the pool set up and we have our pool videos ready to go but uh
I think it’s still a little too cool it’s way too cold guys we might have to
attempt this in the hot tub the only way we can get into the pool and it’s
literally feeding hot water into our wet suits and it’s acting is like a layer of
hot water but the problem is even though our bodies are warm two seconds in this
water and literally your feet start freezing up your hands stop working like
it is ice water guys to the max oh we might need to do this challenge in the
hot tub which means we won’t be able to go as deep and we won’t be able to
really move around but at least we’ll be able to continue the challenge I mean
it’s not gonna be as deep but we’ll still be able to test and make sure that
the water works and guys like I said I do want to get a bigger pool so maybe
we’ll revisit this challenge later on this summer but if you guys have some
crazy pool ideas do not forget to comment them down below but I think it’s
time we set these things up and start the challenge
item will be my compressed air here which using this air feeder here so what
I need to do is get this bottle and compress it with using this bike pump
lock it in and then I’m gonna fill it up to 80 psi any more than that and this
bottle will explode which we don’t want this will give me at least I’d say four
or five breaths of air and guys under no circumstances do not try this at home
yeah I know we’ve been saying that a lot recently but seriously bottle is fully
compressed like that mass is going on once I go underwater the timer will
start guys I don’t know it doesn’t really look like a real breathing device it looks like Jake’s taking two baths
right now guys he’s been underwater for a pretty long time it totally worked
I tried to hold him as long as possible guys this thing totally worked but I did
not anticipate how little air comes in this thing I got like two breaths of air
and then it was completely out of air I gotta say this design worked out
pretty well and the actual air compressor here holding it down like
this did feed air into here I was thinking I was gonna get like two big
breaths but it was like the smallest amount of air coming out of this but
Logan I think it means that you’re up next
all right guys it’s just time for round two okay this might also acts as a blow
horn it’s round two oh my god take this in like the ocean
and of a shark tried to bite your head it wouldn’t work all right well I’ll
give you under with this so basically we’re not even using a pump he’s just
gonna use this hose as an extra long snorkel and because of the water
pressure I’m actually gonna have to hold him underwater so Logan I can do not try
this at home guys and in the event Logan you do need to come up keep going one
small step for man guys all about this all right Logan you’re going under the
timer is going to start are you ready yeah three two one that did not work the
entire thing filled with water guys we’re missing some physics here
something is not working below sea level it’s working he’s below sea level okay
guys so far I this looks is looking a lot better than me he is below the level
of the actual pool hello know if you guys can hear that it
is leaking air it looks like our duct-tape seal is not a hundred percent
this thing is leaking air at the top I don’t know how long do you hear me down
there I don’t know if he can hear us down there guys he might not be able to
hear us but I do hear the air leaking out of this we got to keep an eye on him
here make sure that he is okay nobody looks like he’s got a nice little fresh
thing of air down there guys this is insane I can’t believe how long he’s
coming this is a longer than me I’m gonna really need to beat him on this
next one he’s still going I don’t know how much air he’s going in there man I
don’t know what I don’t know how long that was we’re gonna have to watch the
replay but dude you might have just taken this challenge I can’t believe
this I spent so much time developing pressurized capsules of air attaching it
to the top of my full face head mass distributing the air using a PSI powered
pump hello goons can’t beat me in a half cup
of water sometimes simple wins the race that’s why for my final attempt in my
final chance to beat Logan I have my second invention here we have the oxygen
powered pump inflated north check that out this thing is being fed
as much air and I need for as long as I need which means I should win this
challenge alright guys this is my final attempt to
beat Logan you’re gonna need to turn on the air supply and then I can go
underwater gang guys don’t try this at home
this looks much a very strange contraption I don’t think this is you
know work or is it he looks like he can breathe right now I am genuinely impressed right now all
right I guess I’ll just take a seat oh and here is Jake that was only 20
seconds but I’m just kidding I think I think you beat me that actually worked
as a legitimate scuba mask I could have stayed down there forever guys when we
get the bigger pool I’m not even kidding I don’t know how deep this could go but
guys I couldn’t stay down there forever I mean I didn’t adjust the mask
perfectly but I was getting a perfect amount of air Glee and honestly it was
like super fun I could move around I could swim around this thing is awesome
think it’s safe to say that Jake won this challenge the air powered school
mask Logan I gotta admit I liked your design and my first design didn’t
exactly work but guys this is really sick and like I think this design is so
good though we could use it in future videos ever ever dude a box for it in
the pool and we need to go down and do some repairs scuba style just pump this
thing up it works like a real scuba mask guys if you liked this video make sure
to smack the thumbs up if we get 25,000 likes
Jake’s gonna buy a bigger pool I guess husband Papa Jake and lo quano and we’ll
see you guys next time for another awesome video yeah last one in the pool

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