Upset Stomach Indigestion Natural Cure Remedies | Natural Treatment & Home Remedies

Upset Stomach Indigestion Natural Cure Remedies | Natural Treatment & Home Remedies

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Upset Stomach Indigestion Natural Cure Remedies feeling you get in your gut when you eat
a heavy meal is generally a symptom of indigestion some of the symptoms include
frequent belching nausea heartburn stomach pain and general discomfort in
the belly all of us have had it at some time and have reached for Toms Orest
some pepto bismal to see the discomfort next time you get the Pink’s try
something natural it may just see the discomfort and use the indigestion
without the meds it’s not a bad idea to keep these foods fresh herbs on stock
they are probably are in your kitchen already natural foods for indigestion
ginger helps to prevent nausea and vomiting it also helps as a mild
digestive ingredient fresh ginger is my preferred form slice three or four
pieces and speak into hot water or your favorite herbal tea drink as often as
you need when the slightest pains of discomfort start juicing an inch of
ginger with two or three apples makes a tasty digestive drink kind of like
natural ginger ale you may take ginger tea after a heavy meal at restaurants
fennel / fennel seed this is an ancient Steve used extensively in Indian and
Middle Eastern cuisine it can help fight gas cramps acid indigestion and help
ease spasms in the intestinal tract it has been used to treat infant colic in
some cultures in the form of grip water or water mixed with fennel powder you
can see a few seeds in warm or cool water and make sure no water which Jesus
digestion I grew up on fennel water and believe me it’s really good it has a
mild sweet fresh taste which is one of the reasons the seats are used as an
after meal mix at indian restaurants chamomile and peppermint tea both of
these piece through the bloated gassy tummy they also help to rehydrate when
you have diarrhea fresh peppermint steeped into hot water would work too
peppermint leaves in cold water make a refreshing mild detox drink that soothes
the gutter that infuses some hearing magic probiotics these are little gold
nuggets when it comes to rebalancing gut after a bout of diarrhea or vomiting probiotics soothe the stomach and
release healthy bacteria into the gut that counteracts the effects of the
stuff that upset the balance in the first place they strengthen the blood
and rocky’s the bowel flooded with healthy flora you can take probiotic
pills or if you prefer to go even more natural take two cups of more of plain
Greek yogurt cafe or any other yogurt with live cultures goo GL this is a form
of licorice that can be used to treat indigestion and heartburn it acts by
increasing the mucus coating in your stomach and intestinal tract thus
protecting those tissues from irritation by stomach acid it suits the stomach and
help shape the symptoms of GERD don’t confuse ppl with the candy licorice it’s
available at most health food stores in a powder or pill form just check with
your doctor before taking DGL because while DGL is great for anyone who
suffers from heartburn it is not recommended for anyone was I BTW this
high blood pressure or a history of heart disease i hope you enjoyed
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