Vitamin A Benefits That Will Dramatically Improve Your Health

Vitamin A Benefits That Will Dramatically Improve Your Health

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Vitamins are essential nutrients for our body,
each one having a specific and vital function. However, our body isn’t able to produce them. So, knowing where to find vitamins is important. The deficiency of even one of them is enough
to cause many diseases and affect the condition of your eyes, skin, and even mental health. One of them is vitamin A. It is part of the group of liposoluble vitamins,
and can be found in foods of animal origin (eggs, milk, chicken), in the form of retinoids,
and in vegetables, in the form of carotenoids, like beta-carotene. This vitamin is present in colorful foods
and has important functions, such as: Improves vision, helps growth, helps with
teeth formation, and collagen formation, and is also a necessary vitamin for cell renewal. Did you know that? Even though vitamin A is present in many foods,
one third of children under 5 years old suffers from vitamin A deficiency. According to a study by World Health Organization,
the deficiency of vitamin A in children can be fatal. It is also considered the cause of infant
blindness in some countries in Asia and Africa. Do you want to know what benefits vitamin
A offers to your health? Learn them now: Good for your eyes
Your mom has certainly said to you that eating carrots is good for your sight. And she wasn’t wrong. The vitamin A found in carrots helps your
vision because it protects the cornea, part of the eye that transmits and concentrates
the light received by the eye. Not consuming enough vitamin A results in
difficulty to see in dimly lit places, and also causes eye changes. In extreme cases, it can lead to complete
blindness. Improves immunity
Lack of vitamin A can leave you susceptible to diseases. You must consume vitamin A to keep the mucous
lining of organs such as: eyes, intestines, lungs, and genitals. Besides that, vitamin A is great for the development
of white cells, that are responsible for fighting infectious diseases. Contributes to growth
Vitamin A is essential for the proliferation and cell division, generating the formation
of the growth hormone, GH. Important for your skin
If you suffer from acne, consume vitamin A. Did you know that it prevents acne development? Now that you know all the benefits of this
vitamin, you must be asking: What foods should I eat to get vitamin A? Cheese, milk, eggs, sweet potato, mango, papaya,
orange, pumpkin, apricot, carrot, broccoli, spinach, and peach are great allies for those
who want to naturally improve their levels of vitamin A.

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