vlog # 10 How I treat baby’s colds | DIY steam treatment for baby Taglish

vlog # 10 How I treat baby’s colds | DIY steam treatment for baby Taglish

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so today i’m gonna show you how i treat my baby’s cold with steaming the both of us so don’t mind my face it’s really oily because I put some caster oil and olive oil on my face so that i also treat my face with this treatment it also works as a spa treatment for mommy and anti cold for babies so this is the materials you will need for this so aside from the mommy thing actually caster oil and olive oil can remove white and blackheads if you put it and do this steaming so and then anyway back to the point if you do the steaming for baby with cold right you have cold? you’ll know he have colds when you hear his breathing louder than the usual so what you will need is this DIY water boiler and a place to stay and the blankets so we will cover ourselves in the blanket including the steamer both me and the baby so that I would know if the steam is not too much for the baby so while we are inside the blanket I get to have the controls on the steamer so I can turn it off if ever the temperature is too hot too much steam can burn your skin beware of that sometimes when the baby is inside the blanket I will feed him if he cries so that he will stay calm if ever he is not calm, I will just breast feed him so that’s it, I’ll cover the both of us in the blanket with the steamer the blanket are too long what baby? oopsie so we are inside the blanket here’s the baby so here you can see the steamer and the blanket on the floor did you enjoy baby? did you enjoy baby? you don’t like? so guys that’s how you do the DIY steam bath for your baby with cold This is baby after the steam bath I also did the sponge bath for him and ready for sleeping and your skin will be also beautiful after you just have to wipe it out with a towel and you can sleep after that because of the moisturizing effect of the olive oil so me and baby want to thank you for watching this video and like and subscribe see you and the next one bye! feeling better what can you say about your steam bath? did you like it? you are ready to sleep good night world bye everyone

5 thoughts on “vlog # 10 How I treat baby’s colds | DIY steam treatment for baby Taglish”

  1. Long time no video sis.. Nga pala sis, BF din ko ke baby, may times syang hindi ma burp kahit 2omins na ata kaming nagpapa burp sa kanya, kaya tendency hihiga ko na sya tulog na din naman kasi. Ayos lang ba yun hindi na sya na burp??? Or kahit breastfed babies need din iburp??? Ilan minutes ba dapat??? Salamat! 😊

  2. Hi sis. Its me again haha! May sipon din si baby pero di sya runny. Wala ko makitang nalabas pano kasi maingay rin pag hinga. Nahawa lang din samen.. Pede ba yung kakukulo lang den lagay ko nalang sa mangkok? Ala kame steamer na ganyan takure lang. Salamat sis!

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