Vlogging During Timeout – Comedy Sketch | DVD #7

Vlogging During Timeout – Comedy Sketch | DVD #7

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Doo, doo, doo, doo… ♫Well, I was born in the middle of a ranch,
then I gave birth to a cooow♫ And now, ladies and gentlemen, we celebrate!
(annoying noises) (grandma-like sound)
Hey, who do you think you are, Tony Sock? I told you not to ride that scooter in the
house! Uhh….. (turns quickly and walks away) Hey, get back here or I’m gonna make you massage everything on my body. Hey hey hey, nonono, nobody dances but me! You know what, go to your room, now! (mini-tantrum) (crying from poking himself in the eyes) Dear Diary, my mom never lets me do anything fun. I mean she says she’s my mom but I think she’s
actually my long-lost father, but I really don’t know. I mean my he acts pretty feminine, so everything
seems like so suspicious man! (dad walks in) Umm, excuse me… (does long sassy gesture)… You’re wrong… (more sassy) I am not… (isn’t he just majestic?) GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! David, where’s your father? He’s in the closet! Oh, he’s been in the closet
for a while (laughs), seriously where is he? No, I’m serious, he’s in the closet! Get out of the closet! I don’t want toooo! (mom is mesmerized by
pan) (continues writing) Either way, he/she needs
to understand that sometimes I need to destroy the house so that I can get views online! WHAT DID YOU SAY?! Go sit in the corner! But MOM, there’s dog poop over
there! I don’t care, go sit down! (rolls off bed angrily and crashes into wall) (takes out selfie stick to film timeout vlog) (well, it seems to be stuck) (It’s cool, I got it) (prepare to film in 3…2..) Oh my God guys, my mom/dad just put me in timeout. I mean, I’m 34 years old, when is she gonna realize the only timeouts I take are voluntary timeouts?! And the only poop I wanna sit next to… is
llama poop! Hey disgrace, you forgot your scooter in the kitche- (…busted) (tries to stuff it down pants…) (prepares to unleash mom-iness) (half of stick
still shows) David, are you making a dog? …You mean a vlog? No.. How many times have I told you… you cannot
keep making pogs… and destroying my house… without putting me in the video.. Uhh… do you wanna be in my video!? GASP! Oh Lordy, is it true?! My son is good for something! Yaayyy! (sits tight) Are you going to come so we could make the
movie or what? Uhh… I’m in time OUT! Oh you know, I was gonna let you get up, but
I guess you don’t want to so… bye! (leaves) Wait no! You better sit down or you’re gonna massage
everything on my body AND yours… (crashes back on floor) That’s right… ha ha ha… he he he… (throws poop at mom) WHAT THE… DID YOU JUST THROW POOP AT ME! (David) nonono I’m sorry! I’m sorry!
(mom) OH, I’M GONNA GET YOU SO HARD! (mom having time of her life) Oh Mom good job! Yeah! (mom slowly tips over) Gasp… oh wow…ouch… yeah… oh my goodness.. man David, you’re not gonna post that, right? (yes, he’s still in there)

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