100 thoughts on “Watch Chris Cuomo’s full interview with Sarah Sanders”

  1. No, I've answered it, you just didn't like the answer 不不 says alot about CNN 不不 17:24 from there till the end. she just told um how to do his job. 不不 Cumo not happy because it's TRUE. 不不 I give you credit Sanders for going into the Lions den. Wish it could be vice versa. That would be entertaining.

  2. she has quit knowing what is coming! she has been part of destroying the US, no matter if she has resigned, she deserves to be in jail! she has so much to answer for, she knows a lot, if she confesses the crimes that trump has done, I MAY forgive her, if she continues to act dumb and think the US citizens are dumb, lock her up, her day is coming just like the rest of them!

  3. I love Sarah Sanders she's right!!! I am a Conservative because of CNN I did my research…I opened my eyes to the truth…We need to backup our President..CNN divids people ..

  4. Sarah you did a great job! CNN Cuomo is pressuring you to say what he wants to hear…thats right Cuomo it is a WITCH HUNT! THATS WHAT IT IS. The Economy is better every where I go Businesses are hiring I haven't seen this in 20 years,,

  5. Fredo is a moron …lawyer our not one of the problems in this country is Lawyers in politics. They know how to break laws without getting caught !! Chris Cuomo is a pure bold face liar 丰

  6. Working for CNN is like working for a propaganda network that is obviously democratic. They would rather not talk about democrats that continue to break the law .

  7. Could you imagine how little damage Obama would have done to our country if he was hounded like this. Trump has finally put America first. Why does every hate this so much. Because the goal of the moveon globalist is power and USA is the last, most important holdout of the take over. America's focus and conversation have been driven by these nuts and it's not WHATEVER. These guys get into power and it will be the apocalypse.

  8. Bottom line…she talks down on her boss,she loses her job,just like everyone else has.When in history can you recall a president removing and/or having his own appointees resign with the frequency of this one?

  9. She's right unless your crazy and a democrat,it's easy not to care for a democrat these days, for being against guns you are shooting yourselves in each foot,each leg and your arms,how Dow you expect to have any kind of a future for your party standing in a room with your pants down showing your asses at every given chance? Your actions against this sitting President will go down in the history books as your decline.

  10. this lady should go back to school and learn how to not talk like trump. okay in how she,s doing her job, like lying/slipping of the tongue. she did say ya'lls didn't like veterans, smh. i'm not even a Democrat i come from a strong Republican family and this current administration is one big game of SPIN the bottle. the bottle being THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. Growing up on Guam i looked up to the process of Constitutional Rights(being 2nd class citizen, cause can't vote for President) Trump's Dump makes me embarrass of being part of this nation…a circus is in town and sets up on 16 Pennsylvania Ave. in the great words of Stan Lee "'NUFF SAID"..

  11. God bless Sarah. Brilliant patriot who served our country so well. She handled Fredo just like he was the weak little brother. Poor Fredo he was obviously teased a lot as the weaker brother. Its sad.

  12. She lies and all she wants to talk about is the great economy Obama gave them.

    I hate this woman she is perfect for a chaotic administration. Ask her evil azz about why the Russian got her boss elected?

  13. He who is without sin throw the 1st stone?? Fredo, it's alright to be contradictory, it's ok to believe in something or someone, As human beings in the greatest country in the world we can believe anything we desire, but you just have pure hatred for republicans, independents, and yes!!!!!! yourself. You truly are the 'GEMINI MAN'

  14. Cut to the CHASE, and answer the question. I am so glad you are GONE. You should have been a baseball player, you are doing good playing Dodge the question. Girl BYE.

  15. What credibility? She's rents her mouth and soul out to the highest bidder. Another Trumpian 'verbal' whore, like Kellyanne and Giuliani.

  16. Here in 2019 I think theres proof Sarah knew what she was talking about. Chris Cuomo is so biased its almost unbelievable. CNN does nothing but fabricate if they dont have facts. My mother used to watch CNN all the time. Shed turn over in her grave if she knew how theyve. distorted the facts.

  17. CNN and credibility doesnt belong in the same sentence.How many lies have they been caught in?There are so many its not even funny.CNN is noticing but a partisan hack that hates on Trump every time they get a chance.

  18. I may be a Republican … but I would hope to be classified as an intelligent American Patriot. Ms Sanders is such a disappointment to the American Public. Just like her Father … they are relatively intelligent, however … they use their intellect to "blow smoke" and not to do anything whatsoever for the American Public … but, for their own special interests and to line their own wallets. Sarah will say whatever is needed to assure her future with this administration and any "group" who supports her. We really cannot believe anything she says … and that is voiced by folks across the board Republicans, Democrats, Independants, etc. No matter how "temporarily good" the economy might be … this President creates hate and divisiveness to "vitalize" his base and determines everything that happens in decisions being made … is for his and his wealthy friends benefits. These are certainly not opinions … but hard, cold facts. To constantly back all the lies this President spews every single day … not only makes folks like Sanders complicit … but it makes them an embarrassment to our Beloved Country.

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  21. I'm going to try what Sarah suggests the media should do, if I get pulled over for speeding I'll tell the cop why don't we talk about when I drove the speed limit rather than when I was speeding! Lol.

  22. Aaaaay Fredo, why u godda be such a goddam jerkoff fuckface asshole scumbag dickwad shithead? We all understand you're the semiretarded stupid little brother, but if you would just report the news straight, instead of your weak attempts at your libtard spin, you wouldn't look nearly as dumb!云. How's your denial of the spying charges looking today. , asswipe?

  23. I refer you back, blah blah blah…witches running around hunting high and low, same spin over a year later Oct 2019, mind you this woman got out between then and now

  24. I honestly do not agree with anything Sarah says, but she holds her own pretty well. I would certainly break in my tone, the face I make, etc. She certainly does a good job there.

  25. People are so lame. Fredo in every other comment because you know its something that triggered him in the past. Its so pathetic.

  26. 3 years into the presidency – still no sign of Trump cutting the deficit. it just keeps growing under his presidency.

    How much do you guys wanna bet that once a democratic president takes office again that the deficit will be one of the biggest issues for them again? That and healthcare. lol

  27. "Over 3 million jobs created…"

    I often wonder where those numbers come from? Does anyone know if these stats can be accessed by the public, or do we just have to take them at their word?

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  29. Bitch you are a liar shut your fat ass up your trash just like Chump don't bring up President Obama you Mutha fucker's always have to say something about him leave him alone he is at home and don't give a damn about any of y'all and you are paid to lie that's all y'all do is lie!

  30. Hes a lawyer..do me a favour..hes a clown…fredo..go home.sit and reflect for 5 minutes putting your hand on your heart.ask yourself why do you lie to your clown viewers..shes running rings around you…trouble with this goon..hes got trump with s 99 year lease in his head

  31. Anyone who has been in pres Trump's side, together gang of democuns labeled them a bad person does care whether being righ or not, as long as oppositing of their polical point ,please Just looking back what they did during their presidentcy comparing with currently president ,what bill clinton did ,what obama did, bill clinton did the shameful thing in the White house , obama spent a few hundreds billions on Iran's matter ,is there any news media made the big things about these ,or ignoring never shown it to public ,now pres Trump did nothing bad ,but they joined with each other twisted any into terrible thing in order defame, mocking in front of world ,democuns have defamed USA ,as well as theirs, are they ever really feeling shameful of themselves ???

  32. Sarah has been lieing for trump for months until she left. She lied at the cost of her kids. Because her children will be bullied. Is and was it worth it.

  33. Chris it is very obvious that you got your job because you are who you are, not because you are smart, so just go to they gym and shut up. It is a shame that you at CNN represents Clinton News Network, I remember when it was great, not any more its a partisan shame and people over seas even know that, do you travel?? Trump 2020 this is why.

  34. EVERY person on trumps team sounds illiterate and like a bafoon. They dont have answers thats why they go round and round. If your president told the truth we wouldnt be here. Sarah an idiot. They are ALL idiots and ALL liars. Proven time and time again. Notice how all they all talk the same way.

  35. Just watched this interview for the second time. I know it is about a year old, but this lady should be very ashamed of herself.
    Wonder if she would ever hold a job as the one she gave up.
    America will get over this disgraceful administration. The world must be laughing hard at us in the U.S

  36. maybe, cuhomo you'd like to lead an investigating reporting squad on the DNC and the previous administration that ripped off the people.

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