We Bought A GIANT Goodwill Mystery Box!

We Bought A GIANT Goodwill Mystery Box!

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These videos are going off the rails. Oh, I thing goes wicked fast, I’d get a black eye easy. Oh wow- oh my AHHHHH *Intro Music* What is up you buncha Silly Billies, welcome to Dope Or Nope This is the show where we rate products Dope Or Nope *sing-songy* ORRRRRRR We get sick and we get stomach aches These two both are battle- I don’t have a stomach ache He does He said “sick or” This is gonna be the whole entire video Matt’s gonna be a little bit stand off-ish [Mattias interrupting] NO I’m not stand off-ish!! SHUT UP -and I’m gonna bring the heat everyone I got a lot of sleep too I- I- Today’s video is we bought a giant Goodwill mystery box So we got like 10- 15- 20- I don’t know how many items That are just a bunch of random things from Goodwill and we’re going to be going through them to see if they were worth it and if they work and they function or if they are just b- [Mattias interrupting] bro, they’re gonna twerk it Yeah, work or twerk Comment down below for each product please

30 thoughts on “We Bought A GIANT Goodwill Mystery Box!”

  1. Do they not realize that Goodwill has a system where they go through the stuff donated where the trash is thrown out and the kept things are tested and cleaned to an extent? (At least my Goodwill does that)

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