West House Dental Pinner

West House Dental Pinner

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I think it’s a very natural progression as
a dentist that you want to own your own practice. We’ve been looking for a practice for about
5 years and for whatever reason each opportunity didn’t work out and actually I’m so glad it didn’t
because we were able to build our own. West House is a family private practice
covering all aspects of dentistry. So when you come to West House Dental
you’ll notice that it’s very different to a normal dental practice and
the location actually lends itself to that. It’s very community based,
we’re based next to a museum,
in a park, above a cafe. We have onsite parking, so it’s very convenient. One of the key things we wanted to bring to our practice was a patient being able to be very comfortable. We wanted the patient journey
to feel like they had an experience. From the beginning when they
walk through the door to when they left. That they felt at ease.
That they felt they understood everything. That they went away feeling they’ve been
to a practice where they’ve been listened to, where we’ve heard them and where we’ve
been able to deliver what they wanted from us. I am really patient focussed and I also wanted
to treat patients like I want to be treated, how I want my friends and my family to be
treated and I’ve always kept that standard. In our practice we’ve tried to
make everything as easy as possible. It’s very, very common for a patient
to feel nervous before they come, even if they’re not generally a nervous patient everyone feels a little bit anxious
when they come to the dentist. So we just tried to make the environment
as calm and serene as possible. The team are geared towards having our own
special interest and if you come to the practice you’re able to get exactly what you need. I do a lot of prevention, even though I’ve
trained to a very high level and I’m very happy and competent
to do high end dentistry, I think prevention is key. Nowadays people have too much disease
and a lot of it is preventable. So I want to educate people to
have the best smile they can but also prevent them from
getting the disease in the first place. If you don’t have healthy functioning teeth
you’re not going to get the nutrition that you need. Your body won’t work in that way. It’s that greeting that people first see. Your smile is the first thing
that people will notice. A smile is a smile, it’s what frames your face,
it lights a room, it’s beautiful, it’s natural. West House Dental enables me to
provide dentistry to all my patients in an environment that I’m very,
very comfortable with. The reward is being able to go home knowing
that I’ve done that everyday, in my practice. West House Dental is a practice that is ethical,
patient focused and a practice you can trust.

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