What Are We Smeeling? ft. Amy Schumer and Bill Hader

What Are We Smeeling? ft. Amy Schumer and Bill Hader

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– What am I smelling?
– What am I feeling? (both) Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Give a Good Mythical Morning welcome to Amy Schumer and Bill Hader! Thanks for
coming in, guys, on our two-dimensional – Thanks!
– Good Mythical Morning home. – (Bill) This is cool!
– Had you noticed that yet? That this was – two-dimensional?
– We are at the YouTube Space, so we – created this.
– We thought that was a home. (Bill) I thought that was a collage a
kindergarten class made. – (Rhett and Amy laugh)
– That’s so rude. No, but it looks great
for them, Bill. Trust me. – Oh good.
– It’s not collage-ish at all, right? Well, we decided to have you guys here.
Congratulations on your movie. – Thank you!
– Oh, thank you. (Rhett) Trainwreck,
this Friday, July 17th. – (Bill) Oh, yep!
– (Amy) Yes! We’re gonna play a game called “What
am I Smeeling?” where one of you will be – smelling and one of you will be feeling.
– That sounds great! – You guys are going down.
– I haven’t been smeeled since college. – It’s time to play…
– (Rhett & Link) What Am I Smeeling? All right, okay, we’re reading to smeel!
At least I am. I’m really smart. Oh, there’s a scratch on my upper right
cheek. No, that’s my ear. That’s actually my ear. Okay. I don’t know why I’m doing
that. Okay, here’s how– I need to put my blindfold on. Let me see if i can get that
situated. Ohh, okay there. It went a little bit too low. Maybe I could– there
it is. Right there on my eyeballs. Okay. Bill and Amy, this is how
this is gonna work. – (laughs) Work?
– (all laugh) Chase is going to bring in three items for
our Round One. Link– this is actually – not just me. Link is behind me.
– (both) Oh! – I’m right here, guys.
– That makes sense. – Yeah, my arms are actually–
– That’s crazy. – My arms are right here.
– You have glasses. – This is not a belly.
– He’s the glasses, he’s the… – Nose plugs!
– You can’t smell anything. Oh, I see. – He can’t smell anything.
– Right. So Link’s gonna be feeling, – I can’t see, either.
– I’m gonna be smelling. We’re gonna be working together as a team and there’ll be
three items. We get one point for every item that we correctly guess. Those items
are written on a sheet over there that you’re gonna be looking at to make sure
you tell us when we get one right. – (Link) We have, yeah, pick that up.
– Wait, do we– can we look at it? – Can we look at it?
– Yes, you can look, just don’t say it. Just think it to yourself. Okay, is everybody ready for Round One? (bell rings, bubbles pop, dramatic music) – (Link) Okay…
– (Rhett laughs nervously) – That’s attached to somebody.
– (Link) Are you– oh, wow. – Okay. Is it coming in?
– It’s gonna be so messy! – (Link) Oh, no goodness! What?!
– I think I just opened liquid. Eugh. It’s really mushy on the bottom but
super, super mushy on the top. (Rhett) But what was the spillage?
What was the spillage? – Is this about me?
– Did you unscrew something? – It spilled. It did spill.
– Amy, get outta there. – (Rhett) Ohh…
– (Link) It’s like plastic bag on the top – and really mushy. It’s like a brain…
– Hold on, let me waft it to myself. – (Link) Okay.
– (Stevie) One item is a plastic bag. – Oh, look at that! One point!
– (Link) A plastic bag. Look, you guys gotta be ready
for that over there, judgers. – Right outta the bat.
– We’re ready! – We’re ready.
– (Rhett laughs) – What’s it smell like, man?
– I smell a creamed corn. – (Rhett) I smell creamed corn.
– (buzzer noise) Ehh! – Is it poison? ‘Cause it went in my mouth.
– It is poison. Ding ding ding! – Ding ding ding ding ding ding!
– (Link) All right, listen– – (Rhett) I feel like I need to spit.
– You have five minutes! – (Rhett) Should I spit or swallow?
– No, no, no, no, no! Okay. – Where is it?
– Like, you know those things– – Is it in this hand? What is that?
– This is horrible! – (Link) It’s in my both hands. Listen.
– Yeah? It’s mushy like the stuff
you get outta your tonsils. – Like Lil’ Fellers?
– That’s helpful? What? How would anybody…
is that what you do for a living? – Think about what they did–
– Why aren’t you doing that? – Like that– ooh!
– Oh, oh, oh, oh! – I’ve broken through!
– Grits? I just saw the movie
Mad Max, and now this… – (Bill) And this is… yeah.
– (Rhett) Is it butter? – Butter!
– You got butter! – (Link) It is butter.
– Yeah! I said butter in a plastic bag! – (Amy) Plastic bag, butter…
– (Link) Okay, one more thing. – (Amy) One more thing.
– (Link) We can do this, we can do this. – We can do this. Okay.
– (Bill) Relax, relax, relax. – What’s in the plastic bag?
– What’s in the plastic bag? – (Link) Feels like tofu…
– (both) What’s in the bag?! – What’s in the bag?!
– (tearfully) What’s in the plastic bag? – Uh…
– It smells like butter, I’ll tell you – that much right now.
– It’s like breadish… – We already established butter.
– (Bill) You’re smashing it up. – (Link) It’s mushy. I’m smashing it up.
– (Rhett) Is this a feel game or a smell – game at this point?
– It’s not tonsils. – (Rhett) It’s cake!
– It’s like pieces of tofu. – (Rhett) Is my nose actually feeling it?
– (Bill) No. – (Link) It’s like…
– (Rhett) I think that’s cheating. – (Bill) It’s kinda tough, actually.
– The butter’s all in your beard. – (Bill) Again!
– What’s like little beans that are mushy? – I’ve known a couple in my life!
– (Rhett) Couscous! – (Amy laughs)
– (Link) I’m inside of the bag. Ooh. – (Link) Smell that.
– (Rhett) Some kinda soup! – (Bill) Oh, gosh.
– (Link) Oh– – Alphabet soup! Alphabet soup!
– (Rhett) Oh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh! – Is it alphabet soup?
– Link, it’s kinda close. – Should we give it to ’em?
– (Rhett) Dog food! – I mean, that’s pretty close.
– They’re so close. (Stevie) It’s up to you guys.
– It’s, yeah, alphabet soup, you’re right. – Beanie Weenies!
– SpaghettiOs. – (Amy) SpaghettiOs!
– SpaghettiOs! Yeah! SpaghettiOs! Woo!
All right, let’s move on. (bell rings, bubbles pop, dramatic music) Hi! I’m Amy Schumer and I’m
ready to smeel my tushy off. – (Rhett & Link laugh)
– Let’s bring it in! Amy’s hands, you – should probably put Amy’s mask up.
– Hands, put my mask down. – (Bill) Oh, okay.
– Okay, I got it, I got it. – No, that’s enough!
– (Bill) Yeah, okay. All right. (Link) Okay, hold your
hands out, Bill? Or just– – Don’t get it all over me!
– (Bill) Can I– Pick that up, there, right in
front of you. There you go. Okay. (Amy) I can’t believe I
put you with the hands. – (Bill) Eugh… what? Wait…
– (Amy) Okay wait… – Keep it out there.
– Okay, you’re touching it? – (Bill) Yeah.
– (Amy) Okay. Yeah, I would put it back
down and just feel all over it. – Feel all over it!
– You smell anything? – Ew, it smells gross. Is it–?
– This is bread. – It smells like cleaning product.
– This is bread. – (Rhett) Ding ding ding ding!
– More specific. – Windex.
– This is– this is a… – Okay, Windex yes.
– bread bowl! Bread bowl! – Bread bowl, yes!
– Bread bowl, yes! So you got one more thing. Oh wow, you guys are quick!
It’s bread bowl and Windex. – (Amy) Wait–
– (Bill) This is a bread bowl. – (Bill) The thing I’m holding.
– A Red Bull and Windex and we have one more? – Bread bowl.
– (all laugh) – Bread bowl, not Red Bull.
– Bread bowl and Windex, okay. – (Bill enunciates) Bread. Bowl.
– Don’t shout at me! Bread bowl is what I’m holding and
then there’s something in the middle. – Okay, so Windex bread bowl.
– You gotta get one more thing here, okay? (Bill) Is it like some
seashell thing? Or like a… – Wait, hold it to my…
– I’m gonna tell you right now that I – would never get this.
– Hold it to my face but don’t– wait, – not that close.
– Is it like a sponge or something? – Yes, you’re on the right track.
– More specific. – What are different kinds of– a loofah?
– All right! Three points! – That’s it?
– (Link) Yeah! – Did we really do it?
– There it is, check it out. – Ew!
– You guys… – It’s so gross!
– It’s tied up going into Round Three! (bell rings, bubbles pop, dramatic music) All right, I’m really celebrating with my
hands right now and massaging myself – because… the pressure’s on!
– Don’t do that to me. It’s tied up, people, and we gots to
knock this outta the park. Bring it in. – (Amy) Jesus!
– (Bill) This is, ah… – That was my effort at raising the stakes.
– This is something… – (Amy) That was good.
– (Rhett) Well, I feel a teddy bear. – (Link) Ooh!
– (Amy) Yes! – (Bill) Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!
– Teddy bear! – (Rhett) I’m all over that teddy bear.
– I smell it. Bring it up to me. Bring it up to me, hands. Ooh!
Not– Ooh, it smells like stinky… – It feels–
– It smells like… if a teddy bear… – I feel like a bean.
– soiled itself. Is that a bean? That– dude,
I know what that is. – Ew!
– (Bill) What? – That’s freaking cat food.
– Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! – (Amy) Yeah!
– It is cat food! – You have one more item.
– One more item! – And… so, a teddy bear, cat food, and–
– There’s something in the nether region – of the bear.
– I don’t smell anything else. Oh, wow. Hold on, I’m going deep.
I’m going deep into this bear. – (Link) Perform surgery, man.
– Sir? – Perform surgery.
– Ah, this is– – (Rhett) Oh!
– That’s where that is! – Ah…
– Ah… okay. – Did you get something outta the bear?
– (Rhett) I sure did! – (Bill) Guys…
– And is it… – (crew laughs)
– Who comes up with these things? – Is it soft or is it…
– It’s very soft. It’s soft, yeah, and it gets
and it gets… even softer. – (Rhett) Hold on.
– Are you guys touching it too? – No, we just know.
– No… no, but if you come across one of – these, someone’s lying to you. (laughs)
– (Amy) Shut up! – What does it feel like, Rhett?
– If you’re a guy and you come across – one of these, someone’s lying to you.
– (Rhett) I think it’s a Christmas ornament. – (crew laughs)
– Ah… – Oh, you know what it is?
– I don’t know what kind of house you – grew up in.
– In a very poor house, it could be a – Christmas ornament.
– Tell me what it feels like. You know what it is? You know what it is?
It’s one of those hypnotism things. – Ohh!
– Again, in poor places in the world, very poor places, they use them
for a lotta different things. – It could be a pepper with a long stem.
– Stop touching me in the chin with it! (Bill) I don’t know about a pepper…
I’ve used it as a pepper once by accident. I’m just trying to avoid what I feel to be
the obvious answer. Do ladies use this? – Yes we do!
– (Rhett) Every 28 days? Just about that! Are you
some sort of doctor? – (crew laughs)
– Is this… is this a… a tampon? – (Rhett) Oh, wow.
– (Amy) Yes, tampon! – Oh my goodness!
– Is this ’cause I’m on? – Cat-food-soaked tampon.
– Oh, my goodness. – I wish we got this one.
– I need to let go of that right… – Where did Bill go?
– We got all three points! – He’s going where I’m about to–
– Sometimes when you win you really lose. – (crew laughs)
– All right, guys, it’s your turn. (bell rings, bubbles pop, dramatic music) – Hey, it’s Bill, and it’s round… two?
– (laughs) Four! – Oh, it’s Round Four.
– Two for you, four for everybody. It’s Round Four! Looks like I’m gonna be
smelling, and it’s gonna be DOPE! – (all laugh)
– I’m gonna do one! …Wait, come on… Come on, hands. One: my favorite thing is
gonna be smelling things. Two: my second favorite thing is having Amy, ah, feel
things! Five! (all laugh) Just keeping you – on your toes, hands. All right.
– You should probably put on the blindfold. – We’ll smeel however we want!
– Yeah, we’re gonna smeel – how we smeel, bro.
– I just don’t want you to see. – Four! Oh, okay.
– Okay, that’s good. I’m happy now. – (Amy) Okay.
– Bring it in. Let’s go! – All right.
– (Rhett) Oh, wow. Don’t trip, Chase! – (Amy) Okay, it’s like a huge bag…
– Feel that, Bill hands! Hey, get your head outta
there. Let me feel first. – It’s like soil or fertilizer or something.
– Oh, okay. – You got it.
– Potting soil. We’ll give you that one. – (Amy) It’s potting soil!
– All right. (Amy) Okay, potting soil. Okay. Now I have
to dig in this. I’m really grossed out. – Ew, what is it?
– Eugh! Oh my god! (Rhett) I don’t know. That’s
for you to figure out. – (crew laughs)
– Is it doody? – What does it feel like?
– It feels like poop. – No, that’s the potting soil.
– Oh, okay. Cool. – Oh, that’s Link getting back at me.
– (all laugh) Get our head outta there!
Get your head out! – Okay. What is it?
– This is like a cardboard thing. – (Bill) This also smells like potting soil.
– This is just like a cardboard piece. – Like a coaster?
– (Rhett) No. – (Link) Give him the shape of it.
– It’s shaped– Get outta there! – I’m trying to feel it with my nose!
– Oh, it’s a disk. Like a floppy– – Yes! Floppy disk. All right! Okay!
– Floppy disk. – So let’s go back to the last one.
– (Amy) Okay, so now we need the last one. – You guys can tie it up if you get this!
– Ew, this feels so gross. What is it? I’m trying to break it up.
It’s like… squishy inside. – (Rhett) Mmhm.
– (Link) It is food. – Is it shrimp?
– Crispy on the outside, – Ooh.
– slimy on the inside. – (Bill) Is it…
– Crispy on the outside, – slimy on the inside.
– Is it a chicken finger? – No, it’s like really slimy on the inside.
– (Rhett) Mmhm. – And it feels like a worm on the outside.
– (Rhett) Yep. Is it like kind of a… like a
rare kind of Basque dish? – (all laugh)
– Onion rings! – (both) Yeeah!
– ♪ (triumphant music) ♪ You guys wanna know what you win?
You can keep the smeeling shirt! – Yeah!
– Thank you! You need to give us back
the blindfolds, though. – No!
– You can keep the gloves – and the onion rings.
– But I lost my dignity, that’s the problem. – (Link) That’s true.
– (Amy) I have dirt on my arm. – We lost ours years ago.
– I have dirt on my arm! – It’s bound to happen sooner or later.
– All right, guys, this is where we say, “Thanks for liking and commenting on this
video!” You say, “You know what time it is.” (both) You know what time it is! My name is Demetrios. We are flying above
Hedenburg, Sweden, and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! Remember to check out Bill and Amy’s movie
Trainwreck, coming to theaters Friday, – July 17th!
– Friday, July 17th! Click through to Good Mythical More where we’re
hanging out with Amy and Bill and – having an awesome conversation.
– Quite a spin, Link! – A little amped up.
– (Rhett, Link, & Bill) Overusing air quotes. – (Rhett & Link) Hey guys.
– Hey. – Hi!
– What’s up? – How’s it goin’?
– It’s great to be here. – I think this was really great.
– You guys seemed like you had a really – good time, if you know what I mean.
– Yeah. – Such a good time. Whoa. Whoa! Look!
– Oh my god! I’m levitating because I’m
overusing the air quotes! – It’s like Up! It’s like the movie Up!
– Ahhhh! Look! Look! I’m gone! – I’m outta here! I’m air quoting away!
– Okay, do you need a new cohost? – Do you need someone new? Can I–
– We would like to– – Okay, look, I could do it too.
– No, no, I could do it. I can do – impressions! I can do impressions!
– Do Link! Do Link! Do Link! – Okay, okay.
– Okay. (shouts) Do what I say! – I’m mean! I’m really mean!
– Do what I say! I am from North Carolina! – Listen to me!
– You will do what I say! – I’m the boss!
– Yeah, thanks for explaining – my world to everybody.
– Do what I say, Stretch! – Hey guys?
– Stretch… (laughs) – Oh!
– I’m still here. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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  2. I heard about this video and I read the comments first and it made me think that they were gonna be straight up assholes, it really wasn't that bad tbh. Maybe they just didn't like the game or they were tired, they're humans after all and they were trying their best.

  3. I don't know why people are hating on Bill and Amy, I thought they did alright and they seemed to enjoy being there. Good times all around.

  4. There is literally a whole episode of GMM where they make fun of Link. It's called "Link is a Tyrant." The jokes they were making about Link is basically the premise of that video.

  5. bill hader just left in the middle. seriously? they were keeping up appearances but for real, rhett and link, you guys are way better than these guests

  6. Bill is literally the nicest and funniest human ever, i can't stand y'all hating on him. Amy on the other hand tho… Yikes

  7. I never watched this episode until just now in 2018, and I've got to say I could have continued to live on without watching it. This was definitely a low point for the series. People like that don't deserve to be guests on the show. I don't have a movie or anything and I would have handled that better and been more deserving than they are to be there. I think both of them regretted having them on but Rhett was definitely having a harder time hiding it than Link. Overall just gross.

  8. This matchup of a family friendly show and two very…. adult comedians did not work at all. THese two pairs have wildly different senses of humor.

  9. You guys commenting are so stupid don’t you know that Bill Hader and Amy Schumer are both comedians and they are satirical in almost every appearance they make?

  10. Rhett and link i love you guys but amy and bill were certainly a trainwreck i still gave this video a thumbs up because i love this channel but please dont invite them again unless they actually dont wanna be sticks in the mudd

  11. not only is amy schumer one of the least funny comedians in the shes probably one of the least funny people

  12. Amy and bill seemed like they'd rather be anywhere else.
    I kept watching because I love Rhett and link but man Amy and Bill really brought this down. They just had an attitude or something. Hope they never come back.

  13. I feel so bad for Bill & Amy. Pretty sure they were on a press tour which had to be exhausting and then having to do something stupid like this.

  14. I don't think they were that horrible. Just seemed they weren't very familiar with this relaxed format. I know Americans all hate Amy Schumer, and I can't comment on that since I haven't ever watched her perform, but she seemed to be enjoying herself here! The guy was pulling faces a lot but I don't think he meant that as an insult to the show itself. But it seemed very obvious they weren't familiar with the gmm format.

  15. I'm late to this comment section but this seriously irked me. Amy isn't the best comedian but we can't just say being bad at being funny is bad at being a person but seriously? I'm pretty sure no one enjoyed that. At all.

  16. I was watching GMM on autoplay when this came on. I usually skip episodes with guests, but I was busy folding laundry and just thought "eh, I'll give it a chance"

    Worst decision ever… I love Rhett & Link, I can easily spend over an hour a day watching their show… but this was just awful. They were so rude? The guy put down Link right at the beginning saying something like "why didn't you do that instead of this for a living?" I'm only 5 minutes in and I don't know if I can finish it.

    Edit: Alright… finished it. Watching this doesn't make me want to watch episodes with guests at all… At least don't bring comedians on… they were just trying to steal the spotlight the whole time instead of sharing it. I watched one other episode with a guest and it was okay, he was like a food critic or something and wasn't trying to upstage Rhett and Link at all… it was very chill. This… was not. It's actually brought my GMM daily binge to a close, I think.

  17. I am honestly heartbroken by this episode. I love Rhett and Link. How dare they act so disrespectful on a beautiful show that brings joy to a huge community.

  18. am I crazy? I came here and expected to see a couple of divas bugging R&L and I didn't see any of that. They did what was asked for, didn't see any weird faces or bad attitude. Why is it everybody trying to find reasons to be offended or hyper sensitive.

  19. Everyone seems to think Bill was really rude in this episode. I just think he isn’t used to doing stuff like this. This isn’t his type of humor. In all of Bill’s interviews that I’ve seen he’s very respectful and funny.

  20. Something I noticed – people were overly critical of Padma on the episode when she appeared, to the point that R&L had to step in and make a long comment about the disrespectful nature if the community. But on this episode, where the criticism of the guests is vastly worse, nothing is said. Personally, I think that truly shows that even R&L realized the rudeness of their guests this time.

  21. Bill Hader hates having to do impressions. Interviewers are constantly asking him to do them. (Unintended consequence of accidentally being the best impressionist in at least a generation.) Even on Ellen he was so uncomfortable when she basically "made" him do them.
    So kids, this is the only time you're gonna see him literally beg to do one.
    This is rarified air we're breathing. No matter how much you liked or didn't like this video.

    Amy: I can do impressions!
    Bill: I can do everything!

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