28 thoughts on “What Budgies should smell like? The glorious smell of Budgies”

  1. Me: shares this video to my mom
    Mom: Yes… well… my old roommate had a bird.. and it smelled
    Me: Then it was not a budgie, there was rotting fruit, or it was sick
    Mom: but that’s his opinion
    Me: and that’s your opinion
    Mom: ……
    Me: Ple-
    Mom: no

  2. I don't know how to describe my buggie scent but this is as close as I can get. They smell like feathers and seeds. I like the smell of it and when I smell it, I think of winter I don't know why

  3. My mother says that she doesn’t have 70 dollars for every time the bird gets sick, if you know how often budgies get sick, could I be informed? Also, are there ways to get around having to get an avian vet?

  4. My budgies smell like seed, but in a pleasant way.

    My conure smells like nail polish remover, not strongly, but I like it. No clue why because I never have pet my nails or used it near them.

  5. Sometimes my budgies breath smells like milk or something like that (I don’t give them any milk obviously). Is this normal?

  6. Getting a bird on July 1st 2019. I love this!!!! Your videos too. You gave me tips I need and now I am ready! 😀

  7. You tube Marlene Mc Cohen and parrot sniffers… its a “thing” you know. Parrots have a good smell and it’s very nice. You smell it right after they settle in post cage cleaning. Big parrots too.

  8. I have this yellow budgie but I had two one died and she was alone for a while but I got her a new buddy but they are screaming at eachother what does that mean ??

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