what causes bad morning breath and how to stop it

what causes bad morning breath and how to stop it

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hi and welcome to biteawayTV I’m Nora a swiss dental hygienist since 16 years and the founder of biteaway dot com and in this video I’ll show you what causes bad morning breath and how to stop it morning breath can be so unpleasant and embarrassing but what causes it to be so smelly and what can you do about it everyone suffers from morning breath to a degree of course but how bad this is depends on your diet lifestyle and the care you take over cleaning your teeth you know you have that morning breath when you wake up because your mouth is dry and you’ll have nasty taste in it but it’s worse for the person you wake up with because they experienced a bad smell of your breath more than you that can be pretty embarrassing right so what causes bad morning breath one of the most obvious major cause of morning breath is not cleaning your teeth and tongue well enough or at all no no before you go to bed we’ve all had late nights where we were too tired to care about cleaning our teeth normally after a few glass of wine I can hear you another fact that contribute to this overly stinky morning breath is an unhealthy diet full of meat and sugar and alcohol consumption if particles of food remain overnight because you haven’t cleaned them off or remove them from in between your teeth they will turn into plaque and possibly tartar both of which are major causes of bad breath of course alcohol is also a diuretic which contribute to the dry mouth your experience and also lead to bad breath also known as halitosis so let’s check how you can stop bad morning breath always make sure you see your dental hygienist at least once a year she will remove the stinky tartar which you can’t clean away with your toothbrush the best way to avoid inflicting your bed partner with pinky morning breath is to have a good daily routine to clean your teeth and to make sure you always do it before you go to bed the two biggest tips i give to my patients are to clean the bacteria of the tongue with a tongue scraper and to use interdental brushes instead or on top of using floss this is because interdental brushes are now known to be far more effective at removing the plaque build up between the peace building these two oral care hacks into your daily dental routine will also help to prevent more serious conditions from developing including whiten gum disease periodontitis cavities and tooth decay at biteaway we advocate the following daily teeth cleaning routine this will keep your mouth and teeth healthy and reduce the severity of that morning breath so let’s go biteaway’s bad breath busting routine step number one use interdental brushes once a day in the evening instead of loss to clean between your teeth step number to clean the bacteria off of your tongue with a tongue scraper twice a day step number three brush your teeth for two minutes once in the morning and once at night please step number four to complete your routine use mouthwash once a day in the evening for 60 seconds morning breath is a fact of life but you can stop it getting really bad simply by taking a bit more care over your daily teas cleaning routine so resolve to spend a little bit more time cleaning your teeth every day and you’ll avoid inflicting your bad partner with morning breath that smells like bad drains in the summer give them a fresh breath confident kiss instead go for it so now i would love to hear from your experience how do you try to avoid bad morning breath any embarrassing situation you like to share maybe not please leave a comment below or get in touch with me if you like this video click the like button below as you know sharing is caring so share it with your friends and be sure to subscribe thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video bye and take care

7 thoughts on “what causes bad morning breath and how to stop it”

  1. I've been married almost 10 years. Morning breath doesn't embarrass me anymore! HA. But yes, teeth get brushed every night before bed. I can't go to sleep without doing it.

  2. I love you bring us back to the routine!!! Thanks for sharing the key ones… Yes, fresh breath with one peppermint essential oil drop in my water!

  3. My partner snores terribly and I'm certain that gives him bad morning breath! It's refreshing that someone actually talks about it though 🙂

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