What Causes Your Poop to Stink?

What Causes Your Poop to Stink?

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foul-smelling never got it alright listen the bottom line is alright a bottom line poop smells because it’s crap if it smelled good we’d put on our bottle and sell it as cologne you know so I’m joking but the point is that poop is bacterial residue and it’s always going to smell bad so it may smell better to you because it’s your food times you go all the way laughs like sometimes you don’t want to be in the restroom with your peaches and flowers okay but a lot of it is dependent on what you eat also so nowadays when people are trying to be very healthy and eat a high-protein diet and some of the protein supplements protein can be deadly all right as far as changing the smell of your poop speaking of eggs the salt for this container knives can also make things smelled worse yes protein right to meet my protein broccoli and sulfur as well but as long as as long as it’s not a concerning unique smell then is there any reason if you’ve changed your diet for the better you may end up having more gas and you’re right coupe could smell a little bit worse but for your overall health benefit just shut the door turn the fan on and this is the other thing why do people read the newspaper while they’re in there because like let’s get in and get out be careful lighting that match I don’t read the newspaper I’d text you actually text yes yes I Regas the phone stays out of the this is why a couple of times it has been in the toilet the bottom line is if your stool changes somehow have you had something to consider normal and then it’s suddenly smellier or runny or change is something that you may need to follow up with a very good point you

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  1. Doctors my brother didnt take ashower for 3 years i vomit when i be close to hem psycholigist said he suffers from no single desease what is wrong with hem ,we are from middle east

  2. my dad takes a clip board, and a practices his greek writing with a pen, paper and a book on ancient greek .

  3. Why does gas sometimes have a smell of tar and a consistent level of death even as it fills the room it doesn't lose any power??

  4. And how come pooping is so addictive? Who loves that feeling of pressing out a long huge fat loaf and just getting a high off it??

  5. after switching to a plant based diet my poop stopped smelling bad. it has a distinct smell but doesn't stink …..

  6. Personally, I love to walk into a restroom that was just nuked by a really old or unhealthy person. I DELIGHT in the FUNK of their sickness and bad dietary decisions. I try my best to FILL my LUNGS and nasals passages with this funk for as long as possible. I simply want to become ONE with the shitter who was there before me. If you are one of these people please call me at 904- 549-3949

  7. Well even babies poop stink and they're just drinking milk sooooo if their poop stink, you know an adults poop smell can knock you out. 😂

  8. LOL I’m pooping right now and I’m thinking why does shit stink? So here am I commenting watching the video

  9. Everybody thinks their own poop doesn't stink but everyone feels other peoples' poop stinks bad.

  10. I ❤️ye ole poop text 😂 It’s a good time to get in touch with you true emotions and say what you really feel 😆

  11. I know this is a weird statement but when my mom was younger her brothers used to call her lumberjack because her poop smelled so bad because she ate salad.

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